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Web tease: Circus brings clowns, acrobats and tigers to Ohio State

Asst. photo editor / Brittany Schock

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“The Greatest Show on Earth” took over the Schottenstein Center Thursday.

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circuswhich is scheduled to run in the space through Sunday, featured a variety of acts, including clowns and acrobats. One performance featured more than ten tigers and a trainer.

The two-hour show seemed to never stop pleasing most of the crowd, which cheered along and didn’t hesitate to buy the circus’ cotton candy, priced from $12-$20.

Some fans were doing flips over the circus’ performance.

“I had never been to a circus before so I was really excited,” said Cale LeRoy, a third-year in visual communication design. “It was a lot of fun, a lot of what I expected, but also a whole lot more.”

Ringling Bros. performers came from all over the world to join the circus’ lengthy roster of acts. One clown from Chicago even ran away to the circus with a girl, but said he found a different love, one unlike any other, for the circus.

While the show was aimed at children and families, Ohio State students weren’t scarce in the crowd, which filled up about 80 percent of the Schottenstein.

Circus tickets ranged from $11-$78.

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