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Web tease: Dayglow Life in Color tour brushes up on Columbus

Shelby Lum / Lantern photographer

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The World’s Largest Paint Party stopped in Columbus and made its neon mark on the Franklin County Veterans Memorial.

Dayglow’s Life in Color tour, an event which offers live music, black lights and buckets of neon paint to throw through the crowd, was held at 9 p.m. Thursday at the FCVM.

Walking into the venue past the outdoor crowd chanting “dayglow,” the main room, contained a huge stage with DJ Chuckie toward the rear, venders set up in the middle, and a bar closed off by a chain-linked fence stage right.

Those on the dance floor seemed to be content with the head-thumping house music at the beginning, and then two hours into the event, attendees were permitted to throw paint throughout the crowd.

Neon colors flew through the air, hitting nearly everything in it its path.

In addition to the free buckets of paint scattered through the venue, participants could purchase small bottles of paint for $10 each.

Tickets to the event were priced from $42 to $72. The event was 18 and up.

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