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Album review: Listeners should be ‘Overjoyed’ Matchbox Twenty’s ‘North’ matches old sound with new

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Matchbox Twenty is back, and I for one am beyond excited for its latest album, “North.” Released Tuesday, the band’s fifth album is classic Matchbox Twenty.

With Rob Thomas’ vocals, the songs will have you tapping your foot and bobbing your head as you play the album on repeat.

Some people might say they can’t tell the difference between the older albums and this new one, but I think that’s what makes listening to Matchbox Twenty so enjoyable. The band has changed slightly throughout the years, but the essence of its sound has remained the same.

The album’s first single, “She’s So Mean,” is a prime example of a song that sneaks into your head and doesn’t shake you loose. The chorus, drum beat and guitar give a slight flashback to the 1980s. As the song continues, the lyrics about a girl who’s “Got a wicked sense of humor / Can’t believe what she says / She drinks Bacardi in the morning till it goes to her head” make you stop and think of a friend, an ex or even yourself, making you love the song even more.

“Overjoyed” is an adorable love song that highlights Thomas’ smooth voice and the slow addition of drums and guitar through the beginning of the song. It will most likely be a song claimed by young couples and innocent love.

Though I wish this album had come out earlier, because I would have had this playing in my car all summer, I am glad it is here now so I can have a Matchbox Twenty party.

Grade: A

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