Blue Man Group to bring ‘youthful energy’ to Columbus

October 29, 2013
The Blue Man Group is slated to perform at the Ohio Theatre Nov. 1 through Nov 3.  Credit: Courtesy of Paul Kolnik

The Blue Man Group is slated to perform at the Ohio Theatre Nov. 1 through Nov 3.
Credit: Courtesy of Paul Kolnik

Columbus might be the land of scarlet and gray, but blue will be the color of choice in some facet this weekend.

Famous for its long-running stage shows in cities like Las Vegas and Orlando, the Blue Man Group is scheduled to perform at the Ohio Theatre Friday through Sunday.

Blue Man Group shows are theatrical experiences featuring men  in blue body paint and black outfits performing music along with a light show, comedy and even some pop-culture references.

“It’s a combination of technology, and art, and experience and music,” said Brian Tavener, one of the “Blue Men” of the Blue Man Group. “It’s everything of our human culture.”

Tavener, a North Carolina-native and North Carolina State graduate, has been with the Blue Man Group for more than six years, working mainly in the group’s Boston show. However, he was with the tour when the group performed in Columbus at the Palace Theatre in February 2012.

While Tavener was tight-lipped about specifics of the upcoming performance, he did say the show would be a combination of many different forms of entertainment.

“The audience can definitely expect something they’ve never seen before,” Tavener said.

While each show involves the same elements, Tavener said each performance is different from the last.

“The show is a new show every time,” Tavener said. “Every night something happens that will never happen again.”

Tavener said his favorite part about performing with the Blue Man Group is the interactions with the audience.

“The show is about the audience … My favorite part is interacting with so many different people,” Tavener said. “I get to see people find their inner child.”

Tavener said capturing that childlike energy is very important to the Blue Man Group.

“Everybody has this youthful nature,” Tavener said. “We bring that energy to the stage … I’m a firm believer in vibes and things catching on — we capture that positive energy and bring it to the audience.”

Some Ohio State students expressed excitement at the prospect of going to a Blue Man Group show.

“It seems like an interesting concept,” said Michael Cox, a fourth-year in psychology. “I would definitely consider going to see a show.”

The Blue Man Group is set to perform five times in Columbus this weekend.

Tickets are still available for all five shows through Ticketmaster, with prices ranging from $38.95 to $92.80 with fees. The Ohio Theatre is located at 39 E. State St.

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