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Thrash-metal band Oozing Wound to bring ‘gross’ sound to Columbus

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Thrash-metal band Oozing Wound is slated to play at the Summit Oct. 26.  Credit: Courtesy of Joe Martinez

Thrash-metal band Oozing Wound is slated to play at the Summit Oct. 26.
Credit: Courtesy of Joe Martinez

“Gross” is decidedly the word of choice from the members of Oozing Wound when attempting to depict the band’s sound.

“It’s a little bit of funny, a little bit of gross, sort of conjures up a lot of images,” said Kevin Cribbin, the group’s bassist. “We feel like we’re into the idea of sonically and mentally wounding people, but we want to ooze across. It covers a lot of metaphors and similes and everything. It’s definitely a good name.”

The Chicago-based, thrash-metal crossover act is slated to “ooze” over show-goers at The Summit Saturday, when it comes in support of its debut release, “Retrash,” released Oct. 15.

Oozing Wound is set to open for Thrill Jockey label mates, The Body.

These unanimous lovers of Nirvana and the Melvins often come across as a heavier band than they intend, said primary vocalist and guitarist Zack Weil.

“A lot of people are pegging it as a thrash (sub-genre of metal) and crossover, which we totally get, and it’s not exactly like we avoided it, but the mentality we’ve taken towards it is more like a rock band,” Weil said.

Weil and drummer Kyle Reynolds were a part of sludge metal band Cacaw back in Chicago, Weil continued.

Rather, the band considers itself more of a “loud, crumbly rock band” as opposed to a “metal thrash band,” Reynolds said.

Oozing Wound was born out of “pure luck,” when it came together about two years ago, Weil said. After he had difficulties with his drum machine in anticipation of a solo show, he enlisted the help of Cribbin and Reynolds to help in his performance. When the show garnered such a positive response, they decided to continue writing music as a band.

Summit and Cafe Bourbon Street booking agent Kevin Failure said underground acts such as Oozing Wound are typical of the types of artists that perform there.

“Bourbon Street (and) Summit is pretty much the premier bar for truly underground music,” Failure said. “We have a lot of up-and-coming bands. A lot of the bands in town that end up playing bigger venues start playing shows in our bar.”

The subject matter of Oozing Wound’s lyrics consists of passing, bizarre thoughts to inside jokes, Cribbin said. Words also come secondary to songs’ composition, he explained.

“Maybe some sort of idea, like bath salts were all over the news. Let’s write a song about that,” Cribbin said.

This trio of loud rockers is fun, but it is not a joke band by any means, Weil said.

“You know (English rock band) Motörhead, they’ve been doing the same thing forever and they don’t really take themselves more seriously than they have to. It’s not a joke to them, but they’re not trying to write a ‘We Are The World’ kind of jam,” Weil said. “I think it’s the right way to go about it.”

The Summit is located at 2210 Summit St. Admittance is $7 at the door, and doors open at 8 p.m. Oozing Wound is playing with Beneath Oblivion, Vit and Strep Torso in support of Portland-based metal act The Body.

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