Letter to the editor: Ohio State students hold a stake in Columbus Issues 50, 51

November 3, 2013
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman speaks at a USG General Assembly meeting Oct. 1 at Ohio Union about the Columbus Education Plan.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman speaks at a USG General Assembly meeting Oct. 1 at Ohio Union about the Columbus Education Plan. Credit: Ritika Shah / Asst. photo editor

Letter to the editor:


On Tuesday, the Columbus community faces an important choice on Issues 50 and 51. The decision is simple: we must invest in the future of not only Columbus, but also its children. Each student deserves a quality education, and unfortunately, maintaining the status quo does not grant that luxury. The students in Columbus City Schools deserve the opportunity to attend Ohio State, receive a technical degree, or to go confidently into the workforce. This levy is about the potential of our community and what it can be if we make prudent investments in our schools.

Why are students supporting this levy? At OSU, we see the progress Columbus has made and recognize the promise of a career in Columbus. That is why Buckeyes for New Columbus Schools has been established, to permit OSU students to become engaged in efforts to support the levy. As OSU students, we are part of the lifeblood of Columbus and wish to give students in Columbus City Schools the same opportunities we have been given. We ask you to pay it forward to our schools and our community and vote ‘yes’ on Issues 50 and 51.

On Oct. 25, the Undergraduate Student Government General Assembly approved a resolution support for Issues 50 & 51 with no ‘nay’ votes.


Taylor Stepp
USG president
Chairman of Buckeyes for New Columbus Schools
Fourth-year in public affairs

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  1. jane smith says:

    Mayor Michael Coleman is very charismatic. How many people could “sell” a cost increase of 24% on any expense? If OSU’s tuition rose 24%, bus passes rose 24%, the cost of books rose 24% would that be acceptable? What if those costs rose amid a scandal worthy of the investigation of the FBI? What if it were some were exempt from paying those costs and others were not?

    Mayor Coleman and other Columbus leaders have created unique home ownership opportunities for themselves downtown in the form of tax abated luxury condominiums. Priced at $400,000+ these units are all or in part free of property taxes for 10 years (and some would make it longer. So why would Michael Coleman care if Joe Average had to pay $700.00 a year more in property taxes to support a system that has been corrupted at it’s core. It doesn’t take more money to reform a corrupt system it just takes political will. This is the wrong time to vote for a tax increase.

  2. Concerned Grad Student says:

    USG needs to put all the relevant details out there for their constituency.
    This levy was pushed based on a supposed $19M budgetary shortfall in the Columbus City Schools.
    Turns out that they are actually operating at a $51M surplus, so why the need for so much more tax income from the public?
    Not to mention that the heads of all the local PTAs have unanimously voted to NOT support 50/51…. how often do you see PTAs not in support of more money for schools?
    But, the biggest issue for OSU undergrads is that, faced with over $300 more per $100,000 value of the property, landlords are going to pass on the cost to student renters.
    Even assuming homes in the University district cost, say, $200,000, that equates to $50 more per month out of students pockets in rent.
    How are these points not critical to relay to undergraduate students?

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