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Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s “Hardball” to be Ohio State Spring Commencement speaker

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Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC political talk show “Hardball with Chris Matthews." Credit: Courtesy of OSU

Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC political talk show “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”
Credit: Courtesy of OSU

Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC political talk show “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” is set to speak at Ohio State’s Spring 2014 Commencement.

Matthews first started his weeknight hour-long political analysis show,“Hardball,” in 1997 and has been at the role ever since, according to an OSU press release.

Before becoming a broadcast journalist, Matthews worked for 15 years at various newspapers, and prior to that, worked for 15 years as a speechwriter during former President Jimmy Carter’s term.

Matthews graduated from Holy Cross College in 1967 and has served as a visiting fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, according to the release.

He has also written seven best-selling books about politics.

OSU Interim President Joseph Alutto said Matthews was a good choice for commencement speaker.

“On behalf of Ohio State, it is my pleasure to welcome one of the nation’s most experienced political journalists as our spring commencmeent speaker,” Alutto said in a released statement. “A longtime public servant, New York Times best selling author and television news anchor Chris Matthews will offer a unique perspective on our country’s history and future.”

At spring graduation 2013, President Barack Obama spoke and guests were required to get tickets to attend. No tickets are required this year, according to the commencement website.

About 10,000 students are expected to graduate this spring and commencement is scheduled for May 4 at noon at Ohio Stadium.


  1. A far left liberal idiot. Best choice since Susan “It was an anti-Muslim Video” Rice.

  2. Just my opinion, but are there any conservatives at OSU anymore. Chris Matthews is so far left it is pathetic. Get some perspective please, or we are doomed in this Country.

  3. Another reason to stop donating money. OSU you better wake up. The guy is a washed puppet of the left.

  4. A good reason to have diploma mailed.

  5. The most vial, disgusting, slobbering, obama pandering idiot. I always thought OSU held its reputation in high regard,,,evidently not. Just another race baiting idiot. OSU,your pathetic.

  6. Robert W. Bentley

    Why, oh why would OSU select this far leftwingnut radical to be its commencement speaker? He’s openly both lied and distorted the news on his MSNBC blatherings, posing as a “jpurnalist”-along with the other rqce baiters and character assassins on that extremist, heavily biased media outlet. Why not sarah Palin? I can well imagine the reaction from a faculty dominated by leftists who are the most intolerant radicals in this country. this is not fair or open minded; hell, why not Valdimer Putin? At least he’s a proven leader, patriotic to his country; way more than we have here!

  7. I would hope those who are graduating are intelligent enough to refuse to attend of petition the appropriate body to have second thoughts on scum bag being the key note speaker.

  8. What has happened to OHIO STATE.

  9. What a mistake! OSU – tell me it isn’t true!

  10. Mathews is certainly entitled to his views, and at least some graduates will see through them.

    Might I ask when next tOSU will have a conservative-leaning speaker? Of course, free speech on campus seems
    only to be welcomed if it is left-leaning.

  11. The only comparison I can think of would be having Michael Savage as commencement speaker. I wonder what liberals would think of that? Hell, they protest and whine everytime a moderate conservative does the campus circuit.

  12. Steve Grzymkowski

    Is this a silly attempt at an early April fool’s joke? As an alumnus, I couldn’t be more ashamed of my alma mater. Seriously? I need not repeat all the thoughtful comments above, which should have been anticipated by anyone, even those completely void of reality. Is OSU trying to tell people to stay home and stop donating to the university? If every comment I have read here is against it, who could have thought this was a good idea?

  13. Last year Obama now this guy sure glad my son graduated in 2012

  14. Matthew’s choice isn’t a matter of politics, it’s a matter of intelligence. This is a very unintelligent and unstable man. Unless everything he says or does on the air is a 180 of his personal beliefs. The university has diminished the accomplishments of its graduates by having Matthews as the speaker. But, by all means, continue the dumbing down of a once-great university. It’s your football, you can determine the rules. It’s why I, long ago, stopped sending any dollars to OSU. I urge other to do the same.

  15. An ultra far left wing nut. Wonder if he will get a “tingle” like Oduma gives him. If this was my commencement I would have my diploma mailed home.

  16. Love Chris Matthews!

  17. This is yet another clear sign that the “powers at be” are pushing a decidely liberal agenda on the students and alumni. Word to the wise, this is a land grant university that is charged with benefiting ALL in Ohio, not just liberals. Before you go and turn this great institution into the Berkeley of the Mid West, remember that you will only alienate supporters and those that could be potential donors.

  18. Wadja expect? Large universities are liberal and control with their liberal professors. Pity the poor kids who are infected with the bacterium of Marx, Lenin, and Hitler.

  19. Donald M. Gettig

    CHRIS MATHEWS: Who ever selected this guy! What a disgrace to my favorite University.will have to remove my OSU decals and cease wearing my OSU gear,its the height of shame.

  20. Now I’m glad my granddaughter decided to go to Cornel Medical school and not The Ohio State University. He has no standing on this 92 year old Alum.

  21. So much butthurt in this comment section.

  22. There’s indisputable empirical data that show educators at colleges and universities are far, far more liberal than the rest of the general public. NOT saying I agree or disagree with bringing Matthews in, but it’s pretty hilarious that anyone is surprised OSU leans left with it’s commencement speakers. And I’ll tell you what, I’m actually a Republican and the facts are that Susan Rice politicized her commencement speech very little and President Obama did so more (duh), but these people aren’t coming to the Horseshoe to ruin your day and spit on your beliefs. Certainly, Matthews knows that this is a commencement speech and he isn’t coming in to send every conservative home pissed off and furious about what you just heard. He knows what state he’s in, he’ll do homework and get to know the audience better than we know ourselves.

    Think about what you’re saying. It’s one of the most important days in the lives of the graduates and their families — and he’s going to come into OUR house — Ohio Stadium — and say incendiary stuff to infuriate half (maybe more than half) of the attendees and graduates??? That’s ridiculous. It’s not a taping of his show. He’ll be himself but he’s not coming here to ruin the day. Public speaking 101.

  23. He was a big backer of George Bush’s war in Iraq.

  24. I really wish tOSU would just not have anyone involved with politics at all speaking at commencements. Susan Rice, John Boehner, Barack Obama, Chris Matthews…having these characters up on stage is just asking for polarization. Chris Matthews is a special kind of idiot and tOSU really screwed up here. Give me the business leaders and innovators and people out in the working world to give us advice, not blowhard politicians and pundits.

  25. He is not even a left-winger of stature. Any sort of lefty would rub me the wrong way, but I could deal with one of accomplishment, even if the accomplishment were only the attainment of high office. But to have a low-level political, thrill-down-the-leg hack is really demeaning to our school.

    Can we swap speakers with Dayton? Whom do they have?

  26. He is not even a left-winger of stature. Any sort of lefty would rub me the wrong way, but I could deal with one of accomplishment, even if the accomplishment were only the attainment of high office. But to have a low-level political, thrill-down-the-leg hack is really demeaning to our school.

    Can we swap speakers with Dayton? Whom do they have?


  28. OSU can’t do anything right. Lose to Dayton, jack up football ticket prices again, spend 250k to hire the next president, bring a liberal clown to commencement. Can’t we find anyone better? Seems they are intentionally trying to drive alumni away.

  29. Why?!? Why would tOSU pick such a polarizing person who is filled with intolerance against anyone who disagrees with him. I have 2 kids nearing college…..OSU may be off the list if this is the ideology they push…

  30. What?!……OSU could find no one better than Chris “I have a tingle going up my leg” Matthews? Unbelievable, new low for the school!!! 🙁

  31. Very disappointed in the selection. I had heard there were others in the mix as possibilities – among them JK Rowling.

    What a letdown. On the upside, I will be there with pride and joy to watch my son graduate. And that’s what counts.

  32. Indeed – this is exactly why I will not financially support the university and feel almost embarrassed in my affiliation instead of proud, as I pay my daughters tuition now. Matthews is a partisan hack who even lacks any semblance of civility to make up for his lack of journalistic integrity. Disgusting choice.

  33. Was Bill Maher and the Rev Al Sharpton busy that day?

  34. What are they thinking? This Obama lemming is the worst choice in the history of speakers.
    Like Chris said about Obama, “I get a thrill down my leg with this choice!” OSU, don’t expect any donations for a while. You should apologize for this terrible mistake and rescind the invitation.

  35. I remember when my buckeye grad reported for an internship in DC and said to the political pundit (his show)”My mom knew who you were because she is a huge political West Wing junkie!!” haha My oldest daughter actually was on the WW set and had them laughing as well with my obsession! I watch Hardball so I know Chris. When I worked at Treasury I walked up to an assistant and said “Hey is that the guy who replaced Russert (RIP)?” She seemed shocked, smiled and said “Yes!” I said “Tell him he’s doing a great job on Meet the Press (WOW if I knew he danced like that we would have jammed until Secy Paulson busted us haha)!!!” I don’t care the political affiliation I’m proud my daughters know to pick up a d@ book, read and KNOW THE WORLD AROUND YOU!!!!

  36. Typically operating through Puppets–including puppets in the judiciary–the right wing has for decades been committing crimes and trying to classify them to cover them up, a move explicitly forbidden by the Code of Federal Regulations. The right has accomplished its political objectives by presenting a fraction of the evidence to judicial officials who, having seen the pattern dozens of times before, could not help but realize that they were being presented with incomplete and inaccurate information.
    If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth, right? the Democrats’ great accomplishment is producing the political equivalent of a Rodney King video, clearly demonstrating the lies of the right, the right Hilary Clinton correctly identified as a vast conspiracy. Confirm by examining Central District of California Cases, 01-4340, 03-9097, 08-5515, 10-5193, US Tax Court 12000-07L –though I think you want to view my US Tax Court Appeal to the 9th Circuit for a good account of their day to day assaults, a few month time slice indicative of a decade of assault, and 9th Circuit case 11-56043.

  37. With either the willfully blind approval or the willful ignorance of the judiciary the right has killed & stolen several of my pets and routinely shoot energy weaponry at me and my pets. Recent harm to animals include: two kittens from a pregnant stray i took in were killed a few hours ago. They shot the eye out or removed the eye of a large really good natured stray at the port, hobbled another cat at the port, shooting it with energy weaponry, and routinely kill and leave dead animals in my path. A few years ago one of them threatened, prophetic, ‘we’ll just kill a cat every so often’, in so many words. This has continued despite my calls to the police, the FBI, Congress, and my petitions in court. In the usual case, it appears that the right goes to a judicial crony for a ruling permitting them to harm animals to retaliate against me for my free speech. There’s no serious argument but that they interfered with my personal life and economic options for 3 decades, so their solution to my noting it is to kill animals. Makes perfect sense right? It does if you’re virtually sociopathic and hawkish. Invariably their lies are exposed and the wrongfulness of the harm is clear to everyone, though not until the animals have been maimed or killed. There is really only one solution, and that’s to disempower them politically.

  38. Shame on you OSU. This choice isn’t even close to be balanced. Fortunately most of the students are smart enough to see through this liberal crap. THE Ohio State University? Not!

  39. A left-wing, liberal, racist, hate-monger chosen to give commencement speech. Despicable.

  40. Maybe the tingle up his leg now is so he can blow the members of the football team. POS democrat scum..

  41. This is a terrible choice, if OSU does not change their mind and allow Matthews to speak, I will have to boo profusely and hope that others in attendance will join in!!!

  42. Will I be thrown out of my own daughter’s graduation ceremony if I boo the speaker?

  43. Does anyone know who and how they decide the speaker? No reporter seems to think it’s worth mentioning.

    My reaction here:


  44. Please tell me how in heck this guy contributes anything to the supposed upbeat nature of the event?? He is the most negative media figure in DC. His political loyalties and ultra-left leaning ideology certainly do not take into account that the crowd make-up will certainly approach the 50-50 number in terms of ideology. Why is it necessary for a major university to feel it appropriate to bring in such a polarizing figure? I am reasonably certain there will be several absentees from the graduating class who just are not interested in hearing this guy’s “bag of wind” I would be one!!!!!

  45. The comments posted do not reflect individuals who have a modicum of decency and/or self-respect. So what if you disagree with the political views of Chris Matthews. Ad hominem arguments serve no purpose. These pithy and vile remarks do not reflect the Ohio State University community at large. Why demonize someone whom you have the choice to listen to or not listen to. But, at least offer a cogent argument as to why you disagree with the selection of the commencement speaker. These statements appear vile and immature. College experience is designed to increase one’s intellect.

  46. Ghost of Walt Seifert

    Ohio State University Provost, Joseph E. Steinmetz, is now on record as the decision maker for this commencement speaker. The chief academic officer of the university. I will leave it at that.

  47. Thank God my son is graduating next year, because if it were this year, we would NOT be attending. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  48. People who have no confidence in the rightness of their views make it a point to prevent anyone with opposing or alternative views to be seen or heard. It is obvious that this is the case with the lefties at TOSU. You have made a joke of scholarship and academic standards. This speaker is the left wing version of David Dukes or Michael Savage. Keeping it classy administration….not.

  49. A lot of ignorance in the world. People getting angry over a commencement speaker. No shame.

  50. Why? This is no different than having Rush Limbaugh as a commencement speaker. Actually its probably worse, students have probably heard of Limbaugh.

  51. My son has decided not to walk, which is fine with me.

  52. Embarassing that this hack is the only one they could find. Better to not have a commencement speaker than such a tool. What’s the point? I hope they aren’t paying him.

  53. Fellow Buckeyes, has this university lost its nut? This liberal hack has no place at the table unless OSU owns NBC/GE stock. This guy is laughable. I bet he will get a chill down his leg at the Shoe for sure. Of all the intellects that could grace this fine university, this is the most puzzling choice. He is a complete sellout to the left wing of the Democratic Party. You might as well have pinko Vann Jones, that slob Ed Schultz, “Tawana Brawley” Al Sharpton, or “Police State” Podesta. Really, what a joke! Journalist? This guy is throw back to Leon Trotsky. I bet this guy will really spur Buckeye Club memberships. What did they pay this purveyor left wing tripe? Woody should be rolling over in his grave. Sure this wasn’t arranged by Karen Holbrooke? Sad day indeed, when you have your finest son or daughter graduating and having to listen to this dreck.

  54. A sock puppet for the Obama Administration. My leg is all tingly.

  55. As an OSU alum, I am truly embarrassed. What happened to this once great university? Inviting someone who pushes hate to give a commencement speech? No more donations from me.

  56. Ghost of Walt Seifert

    OSU ranked No. 37 in average faculty salary among Association of American Universities schools for the 2012-13 academic year with a $110,350 average, according to a University Senate document. Thanks Joe Steinmetz. Great selection on the speaker, too.

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