Opinion: Oprah Winfrey brutally honest with Lindsay Lohan, ‘That ’70s’ engagement saddening

March 6, 2014
Lindsay Lohan arrives at the 'Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party' in Beverly Hills, Calif., Oct. 11, 2012.  Credit: Courtesy of MCT

Lindsay Lohan arrives at the ‘Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party’ in Beverly Hills, Calif., Oct. 11, 2012.
Credit: Courtesy of MCT

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Oprah Keeps It Real

After her sixth stay in rehab, Lindsay Lohan takes the screen in a new docu-series on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) — the deluxe-cable-channel I wish I had most.

The series, “Lindsay,” premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. The first episode follows Lohan as she moves from Los Angeles to New York City in order to detox and get back on her (supposedly existent) track to fame.

I know what you’re thinking: Why should I possibly keep caring about the hot mess, train wreck express that is Lindsay Lohan?

Answer: Oprah curses.

She specifically tells Lohan in the series preview, “You need to cut the bulls—. You really do.”

I know what you’re thinking now too: Oh snaaaap!

That Heartbreak

It was announced Monday that “That ‘70s Show” stars Ashton Kutcher (or as I call him, “The Kutch”) and Mila Kunis are officially engaged.

In unrelated news, I’ve been suffering from official heartbreak since Monday.

Return of Conan

The Jimmys (Kimmel and Fallon) have been dominating late night television. But the famous late night ginger coif is set to return to the spotlight soon.

Conan O’Brien is on deck to host the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. “After eight years of intense negations, I am honored to announce I am hosting MTV’s second most prestigious awards show,” O’Brien said in a released statement.

The MTV Movie Awards air April 13 at 9 p.m.

Coke Under Fire

Sometimes I need a little boost to make it through my tiring days of Internet investigations. The little boost I, and lots of women, frequently turn to is Diet Coke. But I wouldn’t call it a vice or me an addict.

But people say new Coke campaigns are pushing otherwise.

Billboards have popped up across San Francisco and New York City with stories of big city dreams. One in New York reads, “You moved to New York with a portfolio, a pair of skinny jeans and strong opinions on hemlines.” Underneath is “You’re On.” and then the Diet Coke logo.

In Coca Cola’s defense, there is a period, a space, and the word “diet” between the two. But people are saying it reads too much like “You’re on Coke.”

Coca-Cola said in a statement, “This advertising is one part of the new campaign for Diet Coke, which is called ‘You’re On.’ It celebrates ambitious young achievers from all walks of life and reminds them that Diet Coke is there to support them in the moments when they are at their best.”

The outrage over this seems far more menial than the absurd outrage of people being upset about Coca-Cola’s “America is Beautiful” ad campaign during the Super Bowl.


For some reason, the world felt that not only was an original, and a second and a third Transformers’ movie necessary, but now also a fourth. The movie is titled “Transformers: Age Of Extinction.” I think a better idea would be calling it “Trans4mers” but I don’t work in advertising or marketing, thank goodness.

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