Construction of $346K entrance in the works at Ohio State 12th Avenue parking garage

April 10, 2014
A construction project at the 12th Avenue Garage to construct a new entrance started March 31. Credit: Stacie Jackson / Lantern photographer

A construction project at the 12th Avenue Garage to construct a new entrance started March 31.
Credit: Stacie Jackson / Senior Lantern reporter

CampusParc’s latest project to renovate the 12th Avenue parking garage has begun, and some people on campus hope it helps speed up the flow of traffic.

The process of constructing a $346,000 north entrance to the 12th Avenue Garage started March 31 to allow access from John Herrick Drive.

“The new entrance is being added to improve access to the garage and create a more efficient traffic flow to the area,” said Alison Hinkle, a spokeswoman from OSU Administration and Planning, in an email. “12th Avenue is heavily trafficked and functions as a service corridor to the (Wexner) Medical Center campus, the new entrance to the 12th Avenue parking garage will be used to help circulate traffic to John Herrick Drive and reduce traffic on 12th Avenue.”

Hinkle said the 12th Avenue parking garage exit will still remain on 12th Avenue because of the access to state Route 315.

The project is expected to be completed by August, and students shouldn’t be heavily impacted by the construction, Hinkle said.

“There will be very minimal impacts to students, only that the pedestrian walkway will be re-routed to the sidewalk on the north side of John Herrick Drive and to the east side of the 12th Avenue parking garage,” she said.

David Mock, a campus parking employee, said he thinks the additional entrance will help with traffic flow.

“Anything that is going to make access to the garage quicker, faster, more convenient is better,” Mock said. “So I think it’s a great idea.”

Jennifer Leazier, supply coordinator at the Medical Center, works across the street from the garage. She said she parks in the 12th Avenue Garage about two times per week for her day shift, and thinks the construction will help.

“It’s a good idea. Actually, I was just thinking this morning that it would be nice if there were at least another exit, or something, because this one kind of backs up sometimes,” she said Tuesday. “I usually don’t have a problem coming in, it’s leaving that takes a while to get out.”


Isabella Giannetto contributed to this article.

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  1. John Kalmar says:

    Reducing the flow of traffic on 12th Avenue is a good start, but serious consideration should now be given to making the segment from Neil to Cannon one way to the west. Pedestrian traffic from the Garage or elsewhere along this busy stretch could then focus their attention on traffic coming down the slope from Neil. Yes, there’s a stop sign at the Garage walkway, but vehicles frequently ignore it from both sides. An important added benefit would be to simplify traffic flow at the dangerous split intersection of 12th and Neil.

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