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Opinion: ‘Draft Day’ doesn’t portray passion, misery of Cleveland Browns

April 17, 2014
Walking into the movie theater, I had a very clear checklist outlining my hopes for “Draft Day.” “Accurately portray the passion and football misery of the city of Cleveland, make it as realistic as possible and give NFL fans an in-depth look as to what goes on behind closed doors in a real NFL front office,” I thought to myself. “If it does all those things well, this film should be a classic.” After nearly two hours in the theater, my checklist was of little to no use, my thoughts were jumbled and I couldn’t wrap my mind around my opinion of this film. Part of me thought it was… Read more

Opinion: Selfies reach presidential level upon Biden’s presence on Instagram

April 17, 2014
Guys, I told you: selfies weren’t going anywhere. Joe Biden — THE Joe Biden, vice president of the United States of America — made an Instagram account Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, this launched the Internet into a frenzy. “Seriously, his first post is utter perfection,” “Time” pop culture reporter Samantha Grossman wrote Wednesday. The shot — which features Biden in the background reading over something that I probably don’t have the clearance level to touch, and, in the foreground, his iconic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses — promised a future filled with pictures of one of Pennsylvania’s best exports and his stylish eyewear. And the future is now: In true Instagram fashion — seriously,… Read more

Ohio State baseball looks to end 2-game losing streak in weekend series against Murray State

April 17, 2014
In order to finish out the final month of the regular season the way it wants to, the Ohio State baseball team needs to regroup in a series away from conference play. “It’s very good for us right now, we need to have some non-Big Ten play,” OSU coach Greg Beals said. After losses at West Virginia Tuesday and at home against Ball State the following day, the Buckeyes (21-17, 4-8) are scheduled to continue their non-conference slate with a three-game series against Murray State (16-18, 9-9) over the weekend at Bill Davis Stadium. Senior pitcher Greg Greve agreed with his coach and said the Buckeyes have to use this… Read more

Opinion: Necessity of a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ sequel doubtful

April 17, 2014
As if Hollywood couldn’t shell out anymore sequels from the past — your favorite Scottish nanny is set to return to the big screen. “Mrs. Doubtfire,” the 1993 film starring Robin Williams in the title role, is set for a sequel from “Elf” writer David Berenbaum, according to “The Hollywood Reporter.” Directed by “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” director Christopher Columbus, the original film earned more than $400 million worldwide and an Oscar award for best make-up. The dramedy follows the story of Daniel Hillard (Williams), an actor who disguises himself as Mrs. Doubtfire, his female Scottish nanny alter ego, in order to see his children held under custody… Read more

University Senate chair recommends charging Ohio State students for May Session

April 17, 2014
While Executive Vice President and Provost Joseph Steinmetz said the future of Maymester needs further evaluation, others have already decided that the program is costing the university too much. Richard Dietrich, chair of the University Senate fiscal committee, suggested at the final University Senate meeting of the academic year Thursday that OSU should start charging tuition for the program. “The provost has not yet taken up the recommendation, to the best of my knowledge. I’m scheduled to meet with him next week to discuss it,” he said. May Session was created during the conversion from quarters to semesters, and allows students to take up to three credits with waived tuition… Read more

Opinion: ‘Game of Thrones’ provides commentary on modern day dwarfism

April 17, 2014
I don’t usually watch “Game of Thrones,” but when I’m invited over to eat pancakes and watch TV, I’m the first one there. In last week’s episode, there was a wedding. I’ve gathered from my friends’ comments that weddings are common on the show. This spoiled, blond brat with a creepily small face was getting married to this seemingly normal lady. The brat would then become king. I think. I was too busy stuffing my face with pancakes to follow the plot line too closely. But one of the wedding festivities did fully catch my attention. The brat brought out five dwarves to re-enact a battle between former kings. Because… Read more