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Neon Trees to practice ‘pop psychology’ in concert

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Neon Trees is set to perform at Newport Music Hall June 30. Credit: Courtesy of Neon Trees

Neon Trees is set to perform at Newport Music Hall June 30.
Credit: Courtesy of Neon Trees

Neon Trees didn’t hide from classic hits and catchy tunes when constructing its new album.

In fact, it studied them.

Tyler Glenn, the lead vocalist and keyboardist of Neon Trees, said the band was inspired by the 70s, 80s and 90s hits and their artists when writing its latest album, “Pop Psychology.”

“Anyone from Billy Idol, to Cyndi Lauper, to Michael Jackson, to Stevie Wonder, to the Clash,” Glenn said in an interview with The Lantern. “We looked at their most popular songs and wanted to know how they introduced them, how were they developed.”

He added that the band also looked at modern hip hop acts for inspiration.

Glenn said the message of the band’s Pop Psychology tour, which is set to stop at Columbus’ Newport Music Hall on Monday, is to embrace flaws and to encourage people to be themselves.

“I went through a lot of growth in the last couple years and I was actually seeing my therapist when we started writing this record,” Glenn said.

And that’s how the album got its name.

“I thought the play on words of ‘popular psychology’ exerted the color of the record and the vibrance of it sort of made sense to me,” Glenn said.

And that energy is something he tries to work into every show, including by crowd-surfing.

“I like it when the crowd is into the show and you can feel the energy,” he said.

Marissa Luther, marketing director for Promowest Productions, said Neon Trees has performed at the Newport Music Hall before.

“Neon Trees always puts on a great show, so we are very excited to welcome them back,” Luther said.

Tickets for Monday’s 6 p.m. show are available online in advance for $22 plus fees and $25 the day of the show. Smallpools and Nightmare & The Cat are set to open.

Glenn said he wants people to come to the show to get away from their problems.

“I hope that people at least escape any of the troubles they have, for at least the two hours we’re playing, and have a good time,” Glenn said. “Remember that we all go through dark times, but there is a lot of color in life as well.”

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