Abigail Wexner, Alex Fischer named newest members of Ohio State Board of Trustees

July 3, 2014

Abigail Wexner and Alex Fischer are the newest members of the Ohio State University Board of Trustees following appointments Thursday by Gov. John Kasich.

Both Wexner’s and Fischer’s terms will last July 3 through May 13, 2023, according to a Thursday release from Kasich’s office.

They will replace Robert Schottenstein and Alan Brass, whose terms expired this year.

Wexner, Fischer and 13 other full board members who were appointed by Kasich’s office will comprise the board along with three charter trustees who were board-appointed and and two non-voting student trustees who were appointed by the governor.

Wexner, a lawyer and philanthropist, is the founder and chairwoman of the Center for Family Safety and Healing, which works to combat family violence.

Wexner’s husband, Limited Brands Chairman and CEO Leslie Wexner, served on the Board of Trustees for 18 years and was chairman for three before leaving the board in 2012.

Fischer is currently CEO of the Columbus Partnership, a Columbus-based civic organization aimed at improving the economic and cultural base of Central Ohio, according to the Columbus Partnership Website.

Previously, Fischer was a deputy governor in Tennessee and later a senior vice president at the Battelle Memorial Institute.

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  1. John says:

    The Board of Trustees is a good ole’ boys club. Plain and simple. Battelle is connected to OSU so why not appoint someone from there? In fact, Jeff Wadsworth, who is also the CEO of Battelle, is already the Chairman.

    Ms. Wexner has her (and her husbands last name) attached to the Medical Center and her husband was a former Trustee himself.

    Ronald A. Ratner works for Forest City Enterprises, which is an OSU donor.

    Robert H. Schottenstein is a huge donor as well himself and even has his name attached to a building.

    On and on.

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