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Former band member disappointed in Ohio State for using suggestive calendar against Waters

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A photo of the cover page from a 2007 calendar university officials found in the office of former OSU Marching Band director Jonathan Waters, depicting semi-nude male band members in seductive poses. The page reads, ‘For Jon Waters’ eyes only.’ Credit: Court records
A photo from a 2007 calendar university officials found in the office of former OSU Marching Band director Jonathan Waters, depicting semi-nude male band members in seductive poses. Credit: Court records
A photo from a 2007 calendar university officials found in the office of former OSU Marching Band director Jonathan Waters, depicting semi-nude male band members in seductive poses. Credit: Court records
A photo from a 2007 calendar university officials found in the office of former OSU Marching Band director Jonathan Waters, depicting semi-nude male band members in seductive poses. Credit: Court records
A photo from a 2007 calendar university officials found in the office of former OSU Marching Band director Jonathan Waters, depicting semi-nude male band members in seductive poses. Credit: Court records
A photo from a 2007 calendar university officials found in the office of former OSU Marching Band director Jonathan Waters, depicting semi-nude male band members in seductive poses. Credit: Court records

A former Ohio State marching band member who was pictured in a suggestive pose on a calendar OSU officials found in former band director Jonathan Waters’ office said he’s disappointed in the university for using it as legal defense.

The  2007 calendar found in Waters’ office depicted mostly nude photos of male band members in suggestive positions. Students posed with instruments and other band propaganda and in at least one case, a male band member was shown with only a small marching band flag covering his genitals.

Jonathan Picking, a 2007 OSU Marching Band assistant squad leader, was one of the authors of the male calendar, according to a Friday release from TBDBITL Alumni Band. He said the calendar was satirical.

“The absurdity of seeing me and my fellow band members in these poses merely reflects the absurd objectification of women present in similar calendars plastered in dorms and bars across campus,” he said in the release.

He added that it was intended to point out the ridiculousness of those calendars, and was given as a joke to Waters.

“This calendar simultaneously critiques gender-based discrimination and invites any inappropriate comments to fall on us — males, who have been the inadvertent beneficiaries of a patriarchal society,” Picking said.

OSU filed a motion in federal court Wednesday to dismiss and respond to the lawsuit Waters brought against the university. The university also filed new evidence, which it said included the calendar and highly sexualized videos that were shown to the band during an annual event called “Fesler Night,” when newly selected band members were introduced to current members, staff and traditions.

OSU said Waters was terminated July 24 because he knew of a problematic, sexually charged culture in the marching band and didn’t address the problems, according to a Thursday release.

Picking said he didn’t think the calendar contributed to a sexual culture in the band.

“It is disappointing that Ohio State has willfully misconstrued this calendar as somehow contributing to sexual misconduct,” he said. “OSU literally implies that juvenile humor is evidence or a source of serious sexual misconduct.”

OSU spokesman Chris Davey did not immediately respond to a request for comment asking if the men featured on the calendar were notified that it would be used in court.

Picking also said the calendar was a way to make himself more relatable to the other members of the band. As a leader, he said he could be intimidating to incoming members, so he wanted to eliminate any trepidation.

“(I) worked constantly to make myself accessible and be supportive to each and every member of my row. The calendar specifically contributed to this goal by making me the butt of the joke,” he said. “If a first-year member saw that I was not quite in the formation, I needed to create an environment where that individual felt comfortable giving that feedback.”

Waters — who filed a lawsuit Sept. 26 in the U.S. District Court against OSU and two of its officials — said the university discriminated against him on the basis of gender. He also said OSU did not provide him with due process after the investigation into the band found that he was aware of or reasonably should have been aware of the sexualized culture.

Waters said he will sue for a minimum of $1 million in compensatory damages in addition to seeking punitive damages, attorney fees and reinstatement.

Former Ohio Attorney General and Board of Regents chancellor Jim Petro signed onto Waters’ legal team to assist in the effort.


  1. Seriosuly, these pro-Jon Waters people need to MoveOn.org

  2. Ew. Any person in a position of authority over students and potentially minor aged students should not have something like this 🙁 It’s kind of creepy and gross. Not because it’s homosexual but because it was created by students for someone in a position of authority OVER them. That is always wrong whether it’s male female or male male.

  3. These are college students, not minors. Did either of you even read the article, or did you just click through the slideshow before gracing us with your opinions? Seriously, people who have never been part of TBDBITL can’t even begin to comprehend what it means to be a part of something that special. If you’re not an OSUMB member, alumni, parent, booster, or even participated in Summer Sessions or gone through Tryouts only to get cut, then you should really just STFU. You can’t possibly grasp that of which you speak.

  4. Buckeye in the West

    I just wonder how far both sides will go, before this even makes it into court. Right now, the lack of professionalism is certainly with the administration of Ohio state. From the very beginning, the administration, did not want to stop at firing Jon Waters, but to destroy him and his career.

    There was no point to release the initial report, with the two appendixes on the internet. Ohio State promoted more of a sexualized culture by doing so. This material is now available to anyone, even those under 18. Now, Ohio state goes further with the release of the above calendar. If an average citizen did this, on an open internet web site, they could get arrested for being a sex offender. Why? Because it is not restricted to just adults.

    Fine, they wanted Jon Waters out. Their law suit, in federal court, is based on the premise that a person working “at will” can be terminated for any reason. That is true. However, Ohio state should have just terminated Jon Waters and kept all this material private. They chose not to, and in the process did a great deal of whole sale damage to the reputation of Jon Waters, the band, the band alumni, alumni, in general, students, researchers and anyone else associated with Ohio State.

    I hope that those who site on the Board of Trustees, President Drake, Archie Griffin, etc. are very good at damage control. Because, this latest foray further sinks them in respectability. The lack of professionalism here, to make a point, destroys any credibility of the Ohio State Administration. I bet the founders of Ohio State, are now turning in their graves.

  5. Satirical or not… That’s just weird…

    I was in A band for two semesters and always thought Waters was creepy AF. And he barley taught the class!

  6. When you take something to a court of law the gloves come off and the objective is to crush the other side. I always feared it would come to this. And this is the first round the longer this goes on the worse it will get. The rumblings are the university has more to release the longer this goes on. The sad part is I don’t he will get far in his lawsuit and in the final sum both parties will be less then when they started.

  7. TBDBITL is not the end all be all. You didn’t join the Navy seals their unique culture is not an excuse for this behavior. Waters choose to take it to court well what did you expect. He should have taken his firing and moved on. I’m sorry Band alumni you are not the unique and special snowflakes you thought you were.

  8. So when it’s a calendar of attractive male or female college students that is sold ON CAMPUS, it’s perfectly acceptable. But when done as a private and satirical joke, it’s creepy and somehow more sexual than the others? Do I have that right???

    As for Move On, millions of YouTube hits and weekly national coverage seem to contradict your comments about not being unique.

    We will not move on until Ohio State ceases it’s smear campaign against thousands of us. If you’re tired of this story, don’t click the link next time.

  9. Buckeye in the West – very well said. Maybe there were some things in the band that still needed correction, but the manner with which the administration has treated the band is astonishing. The claim that they are committed to the best interest of their students is absurd. They are committed to their own agenda, namely dodging their true title IX issues with this farce.

  10. The argument made in the article is laughably disingenuous. I call bull*%($ No matter how you feel about any of this….this is a ridiculously bad case Picking is making in this article. You thought you were helping new band members feel more at ease?????? You’re an idiot if you think anyone is buying that bs.

  11. What is quite comical is for The Lantern stating “Editor’s Note: The following photos might be offensive in nature.” Offensive to who? This isn’t the 1950s.

    The locker rooms in high school (football, basketball, track & field) and college (football), the showers in a military barracks (army), the bar scene on a guys night out are all I (and I’m sure many others) have experienced through the years and this is rather timid in nature. Guys being guys.

    But as expected with our university paying $900/hr (or whatever the number is) to defend against this lawsuit, these overpriced lawyers have to come up with something “controversial”, right (?) and then blast it all over to the local media. I told myself I would wait until the end when the dust clears but more and more I am really struggling to justify giving any future donations to this great university due to the actions of our leadership.

    Go BUCKS!!!

  12. osu faculty/alumni

    FYI, Ohio State contracts are very clear about the ‘at will’ nature of termination. the only way you can fight it is the unversity didn’t keep some important part of the agreement.
    I feel that Waters did open Pandora’s box by filing the lawsuit.
    If he wanted to keep a 2007 calendar like this, it should have been at home and not in his office 7 years later. He at least should have cleaned things up in May when he knew investigation was going on.

  13. osu faculty/alumni

    FYI. here’s more info. Walter’s referenced the calendar in his lawsuit. Also, he apparently was offered a hearing, but did not show. Watchout for these videos to be released next.

    ABC NewThe university filed a 65-page response with voluminous exhibits, as well as a motion to dismiss. Besides the fact that Waters served at will, Ohio State attorneys told the court the school offered Waters the chance for a name-clearing hearing but he never got back to them.

    The filing says Waters was aware of — and even sometimes appeared in — videos for a band event called “Fesler night” that contained inappropriate content, but failed to bring them to the attention of investigators. The videos featured a band member who was topless, sex jokes and, in one case, a female student simulating performing oral sex on two male band members while singing, the filing said.

    It also details a harassment complaint brought to Waters in January by a female band member who said male band members were tweeting inappropriate, sexist and offensive comments (as) they sat in sexual harassment training.

  14. Looks like a Fraternity Prank. I see no difference with the Greeks I knew on Campus.

    Why is this a cause for firing? Beats me. I’ve seen a lot worse things on High Street and in Frat Houses. This also could have been photo shopped. Where is evidence that this is real? This means the students would have to testify. If this is so, then I think all social organizations like Frats must also be searched for their party pranks. And this would include all OSU Institutions.

  15. uh yeah sure John Rapach….I’m sure everyone involved will now start investigations at all OSU institutions per your post this morning. Thanks. Also, just wondering are you still drunk from last night? Go back to bed…the game doesn’t start till late. Then you can get drunk again and make another completely insane statement about this situation. I can’t wait.

  16. WTG Move On: I respect your opinion. I kept saying that there was more to this. I think we are going to find out. I have been trying to keep up with all of it, but so much going on. One of the things I can’t quite understand are the parents of the students marching in their underwear (minors) why they haven’t they filed charges against Waters. Standing there and watching is another type of his sickness. If it was my son or daughter I would..I have been told by several band members that they would speak out, but have been told what happens in the band stays within the band and I can understand that to a certain point, but when it is something like this it should come out. Where was the alumni when the actual rapes and sexual harassment went on by band members? Poor girls could have used some support., don’t you think? They have to carry this the rest of their lives. Sad!! My heart goes out to them..

  17. I think the OSU administration is being way too rigid and moralistic for today’s culture, and I am an old lady. 18 year olds are adults. Teachers are not in charge of law enforcement. I really think a lot of these stunts are quite creative, and expressions of free speech. The new president tried to make a big splash by going after Waters, and it has back fired. I was SO proud of the OSU marching band, like most Ohioans, and they are trying to take that away from us. I want the OSU administration to stop the witch hunt and admit they are wrong.

  18. The pro-Waters camp needs to stop. Marching Band is considered a COURSE at The Ohio State University. If it was a frat/group/student org then their arguments may be somewhat viable. I dont expect to walk into my calc course and have the professor allow this type of behavior.

    As far as OSU slinging mud, Waters sued and turned to public opinion and created the circus. He could have left and just sued but his lawyer made the media circuit (and TBDBITL Alumni didnt help). So now what they may have left out of the report (to save him some face or because it wasnt very important) is going to come out.

  19. A quick search of OSU’s course catalog shows that varsity football is a class taken for credit, yet the people who sign up for this are forced to be in a sexualized environment filled with profanity every Saturday during the fall semester. Should the instructors of the varsity football class be fired?

  20. More true confession from the band alums. If this were ONLY about a calendar, or ONLY about some songs, or ONLY about stunts, or ONLY about some nicknames, or even ONLY about one drunken party, then perhaps they might have a point. But we have ALL of these things, coupled with a number of reports of sexual assault (and one of harassment), only one of which was handled appropriately. Add to that the culture of denial and it is clear that there are issues. And yes, the same issues exist in the Greek system. Perhaps some have read about ongoing efforts to clean up campus hazing throughout the country–or the high schools that shut down their footbal program mid-season. This stuff, and its pervasiveness, is not OK. And for it to occur within an academoc context only heightens the University’s responsibility.

  21. I think the band is excellent. That is not the issue. I think every one feels that way. This is about Waters bringing all this out . To me it wasn’t because he cared so much about the band, it was because he took advantage of the situation to get his point out in his favor first. There wasn’t a chance for the others to come out to speak their side. If they would have been allowed maybe without the hanging group then maybe we all would have a better understanding. I will say waters was smart doing that. He did wrong and my opinion he took it to far and now things he did not want to come out, are. Money will make you do strange things. He played on people’s sympathy. I agree in every situation there will be two sides. What I believe is we the American people, especially(Ohioans) need to prioritize the people who have seriously been hurt ( true victims) and work on never letting this happen again. Imagine those three victims could have been your sister, daughter or a close friend.

  22. It’s hard to believe OSU actually thinks hazing is a serious problem when one of its official Facebook pages shared a link featuring one of its former basketball players being demeaned by a professional sports team because of his “rookie” status.

  23. It is a serious problem along with sexual harassment. You let it happen to you and see how serious it is . I am happy that OSU has stepped up. OSU needed to do this and they did. Other universities will follow.

  24. Which is why it’s a shame that OSU is allowing its official social media accounts to endorse hazing.

  25. I have never seen anything like that. Going to the office to tell them what you have seen would be a start

  26. Since the band members are close to being minors, Jon Waters seems to be a sex offender. I am personally appalled and ashamed of OSU. It’s upsetting to hear this news. It has nothing to do with being against homosexuality.

  27. YouTube hits are clearly an example of great significance. You want to be right up there with Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball another YouTube Classic. I’d tell you to get your head out of The sand TBDBITL alum but clearly you have stuck up a part of your anatomy.

  28. Yikes! The most offensive thing about this “sensuous” calendar is that the photos are under the banner “OSU.” Why not use TBDBITL. Yuck. Shame on Mr. Walters, the alleged adult in the entire fiasco. I agree with all the other writers who stated he should’ve moved on. Liable telling what other perverted BS will be exposed by the time all of the dust has settled. Double yuck!!

  29. Very disappointing and disturbing that there would be something like this.

  30. I also agree with most of the people above. It would be very hard to be in charge, so I respect everyone who is trying to put a stop to this.. I do not think that their intentions was anything to do with going after Waters. He chose that path. They have standards at OSU and things like this is not exceptable. He did not do his job.
    Yes Alum, 18 year olds are young adults and everyone has to experience things in life.(that is true ) that is what takes them through each step from(infant,teenager,young adults,adults and to elderly) BUT it changes when your expressions and creativeness with freedom of speech hurts others. Waters was hired then fired because he did not do his job. For instance, What does this calendar say that was given to this grown up adult? Creativeness and expressions didn’t put nice thoughts in my mind..Someone needs to ask this question: Million Dollars or helping the band members to move on without anymore embarrassment? What is more important?

  31. Aristophanes once said youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, drunkeness is sobered, but stupid is forever.

  32. Sad story, you seem so wise

  33. It is hard to believe that Move On, Sad Story, and the rest are really adults. The calendar was a JOKE, people, and a spoof on the real pin up calendars that could be purchased in the OSU Bookstore then and now. But it is one more drumbeat in the University’s incessant attempt to paint Waters and the Band as some kind of depraved blot on society. With the exception of the delusional individuals mentioned, the administration, and the Trustees, the whole world has seen clearly through this charade, and the derision with which OSU’s unveiling of this “calendar” has been greeted everywhere simply indicates how far out of touch and reality they are. There will surely be more – after all, you don’t pay an attorney $450 an hour to uncover the truth, do you? No, you pay them for anything that might take a shot at your opponent’s credibility, however pathetically feeble the attempt is. So, yes, there will be more, and I am sure that Move On, Sad Story, and the rest will continue their wailing, but just as there is no doubt where public opinion resides on this issue, there is also no doubt that Ohio State has grievously miscalculated the long term damage their chicanery has done, and will do, to the public’s perception of the University. The consequence of that will be seen and heard in the loss of goodwill, and the resounding “slap” as wallets all over the state and beyond snap shut for good on donations to the Ohio State.

  34. I am surprised everyone assumes these kids are 18. Many start college at only 17 (some even younger) which would make them legal minors. That should always be considered and regardless of minor status it’s still an authority vs insubordinate issue.

    How would the story be read if this was FEMALE band members sending out a calendar like this to a male band director?

  35. I’m so glad that I live in the real world, and not on the internet like most of these Waters-bashers. I haven’t personally met a single person who doesn’t think the university is being childish in this matter. The administrators need to own up to the fact that they screwed up and give Jon his job back

  36. Peter Olesen Lund

    Reggie, you have not met or spoken with me and a profoundly large population of folk 180 degrees from your view on the OSU administration and their decision to dismiss John Waters.

  37. Everyone who commented on this article is an idiot.

  38. Well Regie,it really sounds to me that you do not get out much.!!! Maybe we all see things that you don’t,

  39. I also wanted to say that I agree with Peter and Hmmm.

    Leave a reply that was really mature.

  40. Read the complete response from the band member involved.


    Jon Waters had nothing to do with this calendar.

    I find it interesting that the University thinks it is OK to publish these photos, but not OK that they were taken.

  41. I have had and still have strong opinions in favor of rehiring Jon Waters and aired them here in the past. Nothing has changed. I do believe he was a scapegoat.

    Don’t know the full story about this calendar situation, and even if I did know more, this 2007 ‘activity’ occurred long before JW was the band director, making me say HMMMMM.

  42. For the university to be pretending that they are “protecting” these students is a joke when you look around the rest of the campus. The Freshman Welcome; the Oval; the coed dorms and bathrooms; the Officially approved clothing items found anywhere…… it’s a joke. They are distracting us from some very real safety problems and hoping that the feds won’t look any further into the real problems and possibly take away the federal dollars.

    You really think that firing Waters made the campus safe? Oye. I guess this is what happens when so many have been raised by Montel, Oprah, TMZ, or whatever replaced The National Enquirer. Cheap, poorly done investigation had to immediately be followed up with another one. To me, that demonstrates that no action should have been taken other than maybe probation while a full and accurate investigation was completed.

  43. Lifetime resident of Columbus

    I was never in a marching band nor am I an OSU Alum. Just a lifetime resident of Columbus and loyal Buckeye fan who has followed this story closely from the very beginning. I’m appalled by OSU’s actions in regard to Jon Waters and TBDBITL. Firing Jon Waters and smearing the reputation of TBDBITL was just a means to an end, which was to apiece the Title IX folks after the firing of the OSU cheerleading coach, Lenee Buchman, in Nov 2013 wasn’t sufficient.

    Andrea Goldblum served as OSU’s Title IX coordinator from April 2013 until resigning in December 2013. She said she chose to leave because of internal problems with the Office of Compliance and Integrity, where her position was based. Goldblum said she felt the office wasn’t doing enough to support her in a way that fulfilled the university’s obligations to Title IX.

  44. Why is the comment I made last night still marked as “awaiting moderation,” while comments made after mine have been posted?

  45. I had posted a link to the band member’s full response. Since it is not posting, please look for it online, read the entire thing. Also, think about this interesting point: the University evidently thinks it is OK to publish these photos, but not OK that they were taken.

  46. Really? I’ve seen more nudity at Mirror Lake jump in! (Ex. A guy covering himself with only a plastic water bottle on his genitals.)
    This is nothing new to college life. Honestly, I find the calendar pretty funny.
    OSU is scraping for something to use against Waters. This is desperate attempt for public attention in favor of his firing. This calendar doesn’t even fall within the timeline OSU was “investigating” Waters in their report. Why the delay?
    Looks like this is what their $885/hr investigation bought them… a satirical calendar and a comedy video falling outside of when Waters was even director.

  47. First to the Anonymous person who claims that Jon “was creepy AF” during your time in A-band. Would you care to elaborate? I have been involved with the Athletic band since fall of 2010, and Jon’s incredible sense of humor (I do not ever remember sexual innuendo of the very least during my time) was part of what made the experience great.
    To the people who want Jon’s supporters to go away and accept what is going on, we will not until you people understand the real facts, not the propaganda handed to you by the university. Was Jon involved in the making of this calendar? NO! Do you have proof that it was hanging on his wall all this time for him to look at? NO! Don’t fill in the blanks with the university’s lame claim that “Well, this isn’t a surprise given the ‘sexualized culture’ and all.”
    Also, is the university not guilty of similar actions? They used to, and probably still do, sell “Men of Ohio State” calendars in campus book stores with more offensive content than this; this “Men of T-Row” calendar was a spoof of that to ridicule the culture in which we live. And two official Ohio State Facebook pages are glorifying the public hazing of Aaron Craft at a Golden State Warriors event; it was cited as a part of a “rookie talent show.” The two pages that celebrated this hypocrisy were Ohio State Buckeyes and Ohio State University Men’s Basketball. Check them out. Or is it not hazing because the NBA is making money off of it?
    Everybody, back up and look at the big picture. We live in a world rampant with rape culture and “sexualization.” TBDBITL and Jon are NOT what is wrong with the world.

  48. I can understand why people who have only heard OSU’s side of the story feel this way. Please know you have been lied to. I strongly encourage everyone who thinks this is inappropriate or who agrees with OSU’s treatment of Jon Waters to read the TBDBITL Alumni report, which is about 4 times as long as the Glaros report and carefully takes apart all its lies and distortions. I also ask that you read the statement of one of the men in this “calendar” (it wasn’t even a full “calendar,” just the four pages… BECAUSE IT WAS A PARODY) who explains the full context of this situation and points out that this was created before Jon Waters was ever director.
    As for Jon Waters “bringing it on himself” by filing the lawsuit, what else was he supposed to do? The man has been slandered. So has every single member and alum of TBDBITL and all of OSU. No one was hearing the facts of the matter. The comments here attest to that.
    Please know the full story before you judge. It is unconscionable that Ohio State is treating its own highly dedicated people like this.

  49. Let me say first that I have read most of the documentation on this case–including the alums “report.” I have also read some of the research into campus hazing practices across the nation, gender-based assaults and harassment and attempts to combat each of these, as well has having some professional knowledge of the role of drinking, particularly binge-drinking, in fostering some of the above–and multiple additional dangers associated with it. So, allow me to point out a few things.

    First, hazing, as a rite of passage, always includes some acquiescence on the part of the hazed, who also typically become hazers themselves further down the line. Many fervently believe that the hazing contributes to a sense of shared experience and heightened camaraderie contributing to life-long (and positive) alliances. However, as they say, it’s all fun and games until someone ends up in the hospital, or dead. And the research sparked by some incredibly tragic outcomes does not fall in line with the notion that this is an issue of degree–that a little hazing is OK (or positive)–but that it is important to keep it controlled so nobody gets hurt or killed. Despite this, Waters seems to have bought in to the minimalist school of thought. He continued Midnight Ramp, but cut out the (official) drinking and provided staff presence. He told student leaders to soft-pedal the nicknames and tricks, but did not challenge the practice. He changed the name of rookie. He told line leaders that when they send their rookies for snacks that they had to contribute something financially to the cost. He raised during the investigation interview his own question about whether nicknames ought to be done away with, or just the ones that cross the line.

    I do not know how band members and alums have come to draw a distinction between “on” and “off” band-time or on and off campus as being critical to the determination of acceptability. However, Waters used the same distinction himself when interviewed as a part of the investigation, raising in my mind a question about whether this was something of a nudge-nudge-wink-wink acquiescence to a boys-will-be-boys atmosphere continuing to exist out of sight and out of mind.

    In addition, questions are beginning to be raised about the whole concept of Universities’ internal handling of student on student assault overall. Should campus rapists who are students be diverted into a system by which their worst possible consequence is expulsion, while non-student rapists face jail time and a life-time labeling as a sexual offender. According to the testimony of one band member (I believe it was in the Alumni report), Waters demonstrated his benevolence to her report of an assault by ensuring that she would not have contact with her attacker.

    All of the above raise serious questions about Waters’ ability to move in an anti-hazing, anti-harassment, anti-assault direction. And frankly, it strikes me as irrelevant how many others may have gotten away with things in the past, because frankly, so has Waters. This is a new day and a new time. We have a DOJ finally willing to take these kinds of issues seriously, and a University President and Board of Trustees (for whatever reasons) willing to follow suit.

    The University has twice offered Waters an opportunity to walk away with his reputation intact. Twice he has turned them down, acting instead out of some belief that he is entitled to the position of band director.

  50. Out of the Box – let us clear some things up here. First, even Mr. Glaros, for all his distorting of facts, was not able to claim hazing by Band members in his “report”. Only the University tried to do that by careful innuendo – something that is a transparent failure. Now you resort to the tired old and patronising ” well victims of hazing don’t realise they are being hazed, and accept it” cliche. Really? Have you really paid attention to what these articulate young women whose privacy was so totally disregarded by OSU had to say? Believe me, any one of them would deal with you, and any Band member who tried to victimze them, in a heartbeat. It takes something special to succeed through the try out process and get into the Band, and these are, indeed, special young people.
    Since you seem to base your narrative around proof positive of hazing, it really loses all credibility. It has almost as little validity, in fact, as some of the harassment claims being referred to. If you learn the whole story behind them, you’ll find that they are not cut and dried cases, but that Waters handled each appropriately, with the advice of the AD in at least one case.
    I do, however, agree with you about the incongruity of universities handling sexual assault cases internally, usually by a committee of people with no training in such matters. These should go straight to the police, even though at least one of the cases in this matter did not do so because the victim was too drunk to remember what had happened.
    Finally, Waters hasn’t got away with cases like this in the past. I might remind you that he has been in charge of the OSUMB only since mid 2012, and Jon Woods was the Director before that. Making such unsubstantiated implications has been the University’s modus operandi throughout this sorry episode; don’t fall into that trap.

  51. Out of the Box, first, I would like to know why you classify the TBDBITL report as a “report.” It was prepared by several distinguished alumni, among them the first female drum major and a former president of the Ohio Bar association. Unlike the Glaros report, everything was carefully documented. What about this has earned your sarcasm?
    Also, you are assuming that what happened within the band was indeed hazing. It was not. It was juvenile behavior, sometimes, but I heard Jon Waters with my own ears before he was even director give a stern speech to the new band that everyone has a choice to participate with what they wish to participate in, and that if anyone was given one ounce of trouble, to come to him immediately and directly.
    Now, while there was not hazing, some of the band’s traditions were on the juvenile side. Jon Waters was working a great deal to eliminate or tone these down, to the point where the students were calling him “the fun police.” Really, the more I think about your response, the more it is clear that you probably don’t know what you think you know, which is understandable, as OSU has gone out of its way to humiliate not only Jon but the alums and the varsity band. I invite you to read ALL of the TBDBITL report (not just “most”), as well as the excellent statement from Jon Picking, who was involved with the “Boys of T” parody calendar.
    Finally, “The University has twice offered Waters an opportunity to walk away with his reputation intact. Twice he has turned them down, acting instead out of some belief that he is entitled to the position of band director.” This is incorrect as well as demonstrative of someone who doesn’t really know Jon Waters. OSU smeared him from the second this started by releasing the Glaros Report, which was clearly outcome-based, and by even making the accusation that he presided over a “sexualized culture,” which I assure you from personal experience he did not. He was not given a chance to even look at the Glaros report. He was not permitted a name-clearing hearing. What would you do if your employer very publicly fired you from a job from which you’d received excellent reviews, then smeared you and everyone connected with your work? Would you just slink off into a corner and say “Oh, well”? Please do not blame the victim here.
    Finally, no one truly loved Ohio State or had a greater appreciation for the band than Jon Waters. After interacting with him a great deal, I never saw him act as if he was entitled to his position. Ever. He was a humble servant of Ohio State and TBDBITL, and this is how his alma mater is repaying him: Slander and violating the FERPA rights and human dignity of his students.

  52. Appropriate Action

    Wait a minute…understanding your loyalty to the band and it’s former director…but failing to understand your goal. Is is for the admin to cave and reinstate Waters? That’s clearly not going to happen. Is it to provide documentation so that Waters can win his lawsuit and be awarded justice in the form of a monetary settlement? I guess we’ll let the judge decide about that. I’m doubtful the university will lose on this but you never know. Imagining a negative outcome in court for Waters…what will your next move be?

  53. Peter and HWGA- Obviously we run in different circles. Thank GOD, because your circles seem far too uptight and closed-minded, not to mention being the human equivalent of lemmings running off a cliff.

  54. These are totally inappropriate.

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