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Urban Meyer received $330,000 raise in salary after 2013 season

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Urban Meyer is already among the top five winningest active collegiate football coaches, and as of Feb. 1,  he became one of the top five highest-paid coaches as well.

After he amassed a 24-game regular season winning streak to start his tenure at Ohio State, Meyer received a raise of almost $330,000, according to a report from USA Today.

In addition to reporting the nearly eight percent raise in salary for Meyer that officially took effect on Feb. 1 of this year, USA Today also revealed that the package was recommended by OSU vice president and athletic director Gene Smith and was approved by former OSU interim President Joseph Alutto.

Smith confirmed the raise and said it was nothing out of the ordinary.

“It was part of the normal evaluation process we have each year,” Smith said in an email.

Meyer’s initial contract at OSU was signed as a six-year, $24-million deal, but has since undergone various revisions throughout his time with the Buckeyes.

In 2012, the OSU Board of Trustees approved changes to Meyer’s contract that included bonuses of $50,000 for any Big Ten Leaders Division championships. Meyer’s initial contract also included bonuses of $100,000 for a Big Ten Championship, $150,000 for a non-national championship BCS bowl game and $250,000 for a National Championship Game appearance.


  1. Urban needs to win a Championship before a raise.

    Why keep raining the ticket prices and the “fees” to get tickets, when the University keeps
    giving raises to the AD and Coaches?

    I am getting really tired of paying more for just going to the Stadium. I see the game a lot better
    on the Cable. Whatever goes up, will eventually reach a limit.

    Hey, just a quick thought, why not charge for the pregame shows and also charge to watch the games at the Schott & at St John? Could this help keep prices down?

  2. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (OSU), departments are forced to make cuts and staff might get 1% raise if they’re lucky. and that’s on $38K per year. And students continue to pay pay pay out the wazoo. Seems fair.

  3. you want to play….YOU GOTTA PAY….The Heart of the Nation Can only afford the BEST….the rest of you tight wads please relocate to that state up north & Stay There…..Amen

  4. Smith confirmed the raise and said it was nothing out of the ordinary. Yeah, but here I sit, each year, and am lucky to get a 2% raise (usually it’s less than that). But it’s
    “nothing out of the ordinary” for non-peons to get 8%. SMH.

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