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Opinion: Ohio State wins against Michigan on football field, loses in reality

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OSU fans celebrate on the field after a game against Michigan on Nov. 29 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 42-28. Credit: Jon McAllister / Asst. photo editor

OSU fans celebrate on the field after a game against Michigan on Nov. 29 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 42-28.
Credit: Jon McAllister / Asst. photo editor

Michigan lost Nov. 29, but they really won.

Nevertheless, Ohio State fans and students left the Horseshoe on Nov. 29 with a sense of accomplishment one can only get from standing idly and watching a group of men sweat and break themselves. These spectators — these tenacious pictures of martyrdom — carried a seat cushion in one hand, and in the other, a victorious sensation that they will likely use to gloat on Facebook and Twitter for the next 364 days. 

“We did it!” a group of OSU students probably chanted/thought while patting each other on the back and getting their postgame drink on at Chumley’s. “We beat Michigan!”

Now, if these students were named J.T. Barrett, Jeff Heuerman, Joey Bosa, Cardale Jones, Ezekiel Elliott or anyone else on the Buckeyes’ 2014 football roster, this would be an accurate statement, and such a triumphant high would be warranted.

Anyone else — student, faculty, alumni or fan: You, in fact, did not beat Michigan. 

You actually have an active part in losing to Michigan in a number of academic categories in which a college can be ranked.

Now, Michigan did lose in a matchup against OSU’s football team, 42-28, a little more than a week ago. In other words, about 0.2 percent (the proportion of football players) of the student body of University of Michigan were defeated by about 0.2 percent of the student body at Ohio State. 

OSU’s win was probably felt through the Columbus campus and beyond the entire weekend, and it will likely maintain its climax until next year’s game.

Michigan’s athletic defeat was probably felt by the Wolverines and Ann Arbor’s football fans, at minimum, for the three-or-so hours of the game’s duration, or, at maximum, until Sunday evening. 

What is constant between the two schools, though, is the rate at which the outcome of the game will realistically affect the potential profitability, future opportunities and overall well-being of any student not on the respective football team. 

Although there are no numbers or stats to back this up, I feel most people would agree Saturday’s win or loss has little to no effect on the future achievement of non-varsity-football-playing students at either school. (I’m open to compelling arguments, though.) 

In the realm of student achievement and national recognition, though — something that affects all students and alumni all 365 days of the year — Michigan is winning over OSU by more than the point value of a couple of touchdowns.

Let’s start with the “U.S. News and World Report” rankings — annual lists that rate national universities on different criteria.

In 2014, the website ranked Michigan at No. 29, while OSU was left out of the top 50 at No. 54. In this list, colleges are ranked based upon factors including reviews by administrators at peer institutions, student retention rates, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, alumni giving and graduation rate performance. 

But we can also get a little more specific about how much better Michigan is academically than OSU. Other “U.S. News and World Report” categories in which the Wolverines beat the Buckeyes include undergraduate business program (No. 4 to No. 20), undergraduate engineering program (No. 7 to No. 26), top public schools (No. 4 to No. 18), freshmen retention rate (97 percent to 93 percent) and graduate programs in education (No. 8 to No. 16), law (No. 10 to No. 31), public affairs (No. 12 to No. 29) and medical schools for research (No. 12 to No. 34).

Forbes ranked Michigan higher than OSU in its 2014 list of top colleges (No. 45 to No. 155) and business schools (No. 10 to No. 36). Also, Michigan graduates have a higher starting salary than OSU grads ($54,000 to $46,200), according to PayScale. 

And for those who argue that college rankings are meaningless, biased and should be ignored, let’s agree to disagree, then. Sure. College rankings don’t matter — just like football rankings. 

This is not to say that sports are not important to colleges, universities and life in general. Sports are an outlet for camaraderie and a sense of belonging that fulfill a basic need of human interaction. Beyond that, these sports are essential to the amount of revenue many academic institutions depend on to fund the means of its earned ranking.

And when it comes to money from sports, OSU and Michigan are on a pretty even playing field — in 2013, Michigan brought in more than $143 million from NCAA sports while OSU brought in more than $139 million, according to USA Today

However, I acknowledge that, ultimately, it’s not about who can pump more money into academics and who has the higher ranking in the “U.S. News and World” report’s annual list. 

It’s about the lifestyle of students on campus, smart hires in faculty, jumping on research opportunities, aiding in job searches before and after graduation, supporting already-successful departments and helping those that could use it.

And, according to various statisticians, educators and data, Michigan wins.

So, if we are going to beat Michigan, let’s do it in that. 


  1. Why on earth would The Lantern publish this nonsense? This student is disappointed.

    Yes, some valid points were made but why does it really matter? Why can’t we just have a moment to enjoy and celebrate the win? If Michigan is so much better, Danielle, then go there.

  2. Why is this article in the lantern? Absolutely embarassing. Looks like something that should be posted in a michigan paper. We realize we have strides to make academically but to belittle the athletic achievement to point out our shortcomings is unnecessary. We are working every day to improve academically but that doesn’t happen over night. We take great pride in victories in the greatest rivalry in sports and for our own newspaper to shame us for doing so is downright embarassing.

  3. Actually football does contribute to the academic health of the university. OSU set a record for applications after it won the 2003 national championship in football. This ensured a deeper, more talented pool of students for OSU to draw from. OSU’s quality of student has dramatically and consistently improved every year in recent money. Now, not all of this is due to football. But studies show that after schools do well on a national athletic stage, more applications come rolling in.

  4. I bet you’re super fun at parties!!

    Everyone loves the holier than thou enlightened college kid commenting on the violence of sports.

    Then you present facts anyone with a computer has googled before and present them like you’re breaking urgent news.

    Michigan is a superior academic institution? Really hot take right there.

  5. The fact is this article is right, and I’m an OSU fan. Not only are they better than us academically but their football teams has also been more successful than ours historically. The sad reality is that our fans are idiots and will say the author of this article is a traitor because they are disillusioned from reality and just stupid…

  6. I can only wonder how much satisfaction the author got from writing this. The tradition, success, and culture Ohio State football makes my experience here all the better. Saturdays are my favorite day of the week every fall semester. It’s what I look forward to. It’s one of the only things I watch on TV entertainment-wise. It makes me proud to be a Buckeye (I am very proud even aside from football, but our teams success absolutely heightens this). When I’m not devoting every single Saturday to pregaming before the game, going to the shoe and cheering on my team for 3 hours, and then celebrating the win after, I am utilizing all the tremendous opportunities OSU has given us to succeed in life. I’m sure the author will be glad to hear that I will be able to contribute to raising the freshman retention rate and starting salary, but that’s a matter of who I am and how I took advantage of the endless resources a school like Ohio State provides. What the author fails to acknowledge (most likely because she or he doesn’t have these feelings herself/himself) is the happiness that will overcome me when I look back on these 4 years of my life. Going undefeated, jumping in Mirror lake every year, beating Michigan, winning the Big 10, spending Saturday mornings at the bars and with my friends in a sea of scarlet and gray — these are the things that I will remember when I look back on college. They have significantly impacted my undergraduate experience and have given me an overhwhelming sense of pride and total thankfulness to have had the opportunity to go here. If this isn’t your idea of fun and you don’t “get it”, then that’s fine. I never did understand the people in the library during home games either. But to each their own. Remember that.

  7. This article is stupid. Who cares if they are ranked slightly higher. Ohio state is still a world class university. You’re acting like its comparing Michigan to a community college.

  8. What’s embarrassing is the attention and money given to OSU athletic endeavors while academic departments are cutting and cutting and trying to survive with less. I don’t know how student applications prove anything. OSU has become more and more selective and actually rejects a number of talented Ohio students for main campus admission, so they don’t actually need more applicants.

    There are a multitude of reasons why Michigan is winning on the academic front, not the least of which is funding and priorities. I can’t think of any OSU faculty who would belittle the athletics program, but they’d also agree that we go to college to learn and to get the skills and knowledge to succeed in life and make a difference in the world. We need to provide the resources for that to happen.

  9. The writer, Danielle Seamon, makes points that apparently some students do not wish to consider. The academic reputation and recognition of any university affects alums their entire life. Not just on college football weekends, or those few basketball encounters.

    One other benchmark not mentioned is the endowments for each school. U of M has the eighth largest endowment in the nation, at about 9.7 Billion. tOSU does not rank in the top 20. Michigan has embarked a Victors for Michigan fund raising campaign to raise an additional 4 billion from donors.

    So come on Ohio State, get in the game! Competition is good for you, the state and the country.

    Colin Ferguson
    University of Michigan Class of ’85

  10. How about an article on how quickly academics are improving at Ohio State? The last two freshmen classes have been the smartest on record. A 25 ACT used to mean you’re in for sure. Now it’s more like a 28. Everyone here knows UM has better academics but we are closing the gap!
    Also, I get that it can be annoying when people say “we did it” as if they had some role in the win. I think this should be interpreted as a feeling of pride in going to Ohio State more than anything else. The students that don’t play football know they had no role in the victory besides contributing to the home field advantage through cheering on the Buckeyes. No need to be so pessimistic at such a great time for Ohio State.

  11. This article was not inspiring like I think the author intended. I don’t understand why The Lantern publishes any garbage that a miserable student puts 5 minutes in to writing. And if this horrible article took more than 5 minutes to write, then the author was likely barely able to get in to The Ohio State University and should consider transferring as this would effectively make the average intelligence of the student body rise.

  12. Please just do us all a favor and transfer.

  13. Great article and good points.

    Please don’t take offense to the disparaging comments above; the majority of our football fans are lunatics.

  14. School unity, school spirit, and pride in your school both in the classroom and in the athletic arena are HUGE factors of a school. Sure, statistically they may have some higher academic rankings, but Ohio State is still one of the top institutions in the world. And regardless, being slightly lower in some academic rankings has no bearing on having pride in your school’s football team winning a game. The Ohio State-Michigsn rivalry is the best in sports, I would HOPE any student would take pride in our players beating them on the football field, and be excited about it more so than most games. We also won the blood battle, getting more blood donors than *ichigan. Which the author conveniently left put in this article.

    On a separate note, the author of this “article” is the person that was sitting in the SEL during the game, and only realized there was a game once they were walking home (probably alone) and saw all the people out and about. Yes college is mainly about academics but it’s also about getting life experiences, growing as an individual, and hey, rumor has it some people even have some fun while they’re there (not that the author would know anything about this). Disappointed to see such a negative Buckeye (if this person even goes here), as all other Buckeyes I know take pride in our school

    Go Bucks

  15. So why didn’t this guy just go to Michigan instead?

  16. The majority of the comments above are from students that have school spirit, not crazy football fans that are lunatics. This poorly written article tries to rip apart Ohio State for supporting their fellow students who are on the football team. By this person’s logic, we shouldn’t cheer on the football team because our academics are not as good as the opponent. Ohio State students (with the exception of football players) care far more about academics than football. And yes, UM has better academics. Ohio State’s academics are improving and we are all working hard to keep improving them to be better than Michigan. But in the meantime, let’s not put down fellow Buckeyes and ignore accomplishments by Bubkeyes on and off the field.

  17. When my parents graduated from The Ohio State University in ’82 and ’83, your article might have held some weight. When I graduated in ’11, it’s pure nonsense. The massive strides this institution has made over the past few decades is astonishing. My mother said it best, “my degree has gotten more prestigious and I had nothing to do with it.”

    Do you know WHY Michigan is a better academic school? It’s he same reason why they lead the all time series in football, a head start. The money generated by the automotive boom flushed the university with money. That never happened in Columbus, and for much of the past century it was OU in Athens that was the academic power in the state (for funding and focus). But just like in football, we are closing that gap and fast.

    This opinion article reeks of click-bait. We all understand that academics should not take a backseat to football on our campus. Your article does a disservice to the faculty and staff that have put their lives into improving our rankings and have placed Ohio State in the realms of world class universities.

  18. And at that moment, Danielle was enlightened by her own intelligence.

  19. I cannot believe I wasted twenty minutes of my time reading and then thinking about this article. But, I love this university too much to let this garbage stand unchallenged. I’m not going to address the football aspect, because you’re right Danielle, I did not actually beat Michigan and it is indeed your right to not value athletics. I will only say that Ohio State football is a bond I share with my grandfather, my father, my mother, my father in law, my brother, my wife, my best man, my best friends, and countless random strangers I’ve met around the world. It’s also the uniting factor that brings 30 friends together, every year, from across the entire country, years after graduating. Judging from this article, it’s clear to me you don’t have that, and I pity the fact that you didn’t develop it in your time here, because it’s priceless.

    As to belittling our university… Anyone with a computer or a library card can google rankings, but it takes critical thinking and perspective to understand them. You are indeed correct, the University of Michigan ranks higher than us in most US News categories. But, only an undergrad would think that graduating from the 54th versus 29th ranked American university is going to make any difference whatsoever in your life or career. Those will be determined by work ethic, connections, interpersonal skills, and a bit of luck. What you fail to consider is that OSU has made tremendous strides academically in the past 15 years, and the leadership at this university is all-in on continuing that. However, what is our mission? Is it to climb rankings? Be Harvard? Become so exclusive as to be inaccessible? No, it’s to serve as a first rate PUBLIC academic institution in the great state of Ohio. We have 44,000 undergrads, compared with 27,000 at UM. Of those, approximately 72% come from Ohio, compared with UMs 57%. After graduation, a large percentage of OSU students live and work in a city who’s GDP is growing at 7.2%, nearly double the national average. I’ll simply say that is not the case for Ann Arbor, or Detroit. “Rankings” are merely one data point in determing the value of an institution, and I assure you BOTH OSU and UM are incredibly valuable universities. You make a point that we should strive to “beat Michigan” in the US News rankings. I argue that we shouldn’t. We should strive to be the very best version of Ohio State University, and continue to provide incredible opportunities to as many people as possible.

    Life and career are not about beating others. To write an article paralleling football and life and arguing UM is “beating us” because of US News rankings and average salary is childish, shortsighted, and just plain wrong. So, Danielle, take a walk through the Oval, tour The New James, stop comparing your life to others’, and be thankful for your opportunity to be part of an incredible, world-class university.

    And next Autum, forgive us for cheering on our Buckeyes and being proud of their accomplishments on the field, I know we get a little carried away.

    An always proud and happy graduate of The Ohio State University, both undergrad and med

  20. Can The Lantern publish the comments by Ripley and Anonymous (the undergrad and med alum) as articles? They are both thought out and written much better than the original article.

  21. The thing that gets me is my support for the football team does absolutely nothing to affect my academics. I work hard all week to be able to enjoy my Saturdays watching the Buckeyes with my friends because I understand that while my education is my priority, college is about more than that. And I see you disagree, but while we spend time supporting our football team, do you not spend time supporting The Lantern, and likely blowing off certain academic responsibilities to do so? We all have our priorities but in this article you’re mostly attacking students, who have little control over the progress of this institution. Yes, we can study and get ready for the world but we can’t advance as a university without help from the institution itself. Additionally, outside the classroom activities like supporting teams and having social skills contribute to success in life, as does–shocker– attending a university rich in tradition with an enormous alumni base. I have personally been hired because I not only possessed the necessary skills, but also because I am a Buckeye and my boss and I bonded over that. Danielle, if you are unhappy here, that’s fine. But there is nothing wrong with us winning a football game. Your article is rampant with holes. Perhaps your time would be better spent working on your personal development as a writer and human being, and leave the advances of Ohio State up to the people who can actually do something about it. Based on the quality of both your article and the lantern in general this year, it doesn’t appear you’re contributing much anyway.

  22. Disappointed that the Lantern would let this be posted. Only things this could possibly provoke are negative feelings. Back when we started playing Michigan in football, we weren’t even close in football skill or academic stats, and over the course of the past half-century or so, that has steadily become less and less true. I’d say the increasing dominance over Michigan in football suggests that the crazy growth in academic success we’ve had lately isn’t going to end any time soon. If Danielle thinks Michigan is the better school, than she should probably just transfer and we’ll all be better off. She can hate on OSU where OSU-haters belong: Ann Arbor.

  23. This is another disappointing example of how The Lantern has gone downhill over the past semester. I’m not sure what has changed but it seems every week there are sloppy, downright ignorant articles– and this isn’t the first I’ve seen from this author, who also wrote a real gem about butts a few weeks back. What happened to training your journalists to have an investigative spirit and write stories that actually matter? Maybe it’s just not realistic for a college paper to post every day, with the combined stress of classes and time constraints. If The Lantern could produce reputable content every time if it moved to a weekly paper, I think we’d all prefer that. Please stop with this trash and ill-informed arguments and opinions. This once-impressive institution at Ohio State is now making me embarrassed to call myself an alumna.

  24. If your goal was to raise up controversy then you did it. But don’t be happy about that. You also lost every bit of respect anyone had for the lantern as a whole. No good journalist would ever do that. So congrats, way to not only trash OHIO STATE, But also trashing the paper you write for. It’s ruined, and it’s your fault. Good job

    Ps.. You really really suck

  25. wow you are a downer. Academics at OSU have been getting better year by year. If you talk to alums from the 70’s and 80’s they will tell you a pulse was the only thing needed to get into Ohio State during their undergraduate career. Ohio State is more focused on academics then ever before and that shows with the ACT scores and GPA’s of incoming freshman of the last couple of years. Why would you hate on your fellow classmates taking pride in their schools football team? Michigan is one of the top 5 public schools in the country academically and have been for quite sometime. Expecting OSU to be at that level or higher considering our past is a bit ridiculous yet we are still within striking distance to catch up to them academically

    Do academics at OSU need to keep improving? sure! but to hate on kids for taking pride in the football team siting the universities lack of academic prowess in comparison to one of the best universities in the world is ludicrous

    -Current Ohio State student

  26. “Lantern writer wins in own head, loses in reality”

  27. How about instead of just telling the student body that we are inferior, you join the majority of us working hard and studying day and night to make this university THE best damn school in the land.

  28. Danielle is the girl that ratted out other freshman for having alcohol in their dorms

  29. First THANK YOU Stephen A Smith (ESPNs First Take hahaha)!I must say I LOVED this article…problem is IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE MICHIGAN STUDENT NEWSPAPER!!! Yes we know FB players tend to want to be “star” athletes than “student” athletes (I wonder does Pryor have any regrets)! I remember when my buckeye broke a collegiate record and the 3X NCAA/B1G Ten champ came over to say congrats because this great talent tried to break that record several times (I heard this Michigan talent has Dr. next to the name CONGRATS)!!!

    I remember when a very talented high school athlete contacted me and said “I want to follow your child to OSU because education is important in your house and rumor has it your child is doing great at OSU!!” I never wanted a dumb athlete in my household!!! But I refuse to ruin the hard work of the buckeye FB team by bringing it down with Michigan stats (H@ a mother just buried her student athlete to suicide, we don’t send our kids to OSU to come home in a body bag)! Urban Myer is teaching these young men college/education is important as well as sports! I’m sooooo proud where Tim Tebow is (on GMA) after being the joke of the country because he preferred to live a CLEAN life!!!

    Now I need to go enjoy Stephen A Smith tearing up Skip for da buckeyes….hahahahaha this is going to be a GREAT game New Years!!!

    My child is a buckeye J school grad and when Osu won the WHOLE radio station (Michigan fans included) were excited a B1G Ten team got in!!!!

  30. You realize you go here too…..right?

  31. Oh Condi I want to say thank you. Because I marched in a ceremony honoring General Colin Powell when WE were in the military. When his daughter mentored mine years later (at her Arts high school) I had my daughter tell his daughter the story and he signed my copy of his book so nice that years later after raising a student athlete my youngest child gets to see another former Secy of State LOVES college FB!!! I joked Secy Paulson (Treasury) saw my buckeye bad one day on his staff and smiled at me (he NEVER noticed me before that bag hahahaha)!A guard yelled down the Treasury hall at me O-H..I called my buckeye and she told me to go back and say I-O…hahahahaha don’t you luv college FB!!!

  32. Where is your sense of pride for the school you attend? If it’s so awful gtfo

  33. Personally, I see this article as a huge success. What is the point of an opinion piece? In my mind it is to generate debate. This article has clearly been very successful at that, but I think it brings up an even better point. Why is Michigan even considered a rival? The past five years (as long as I have been an tOSU student, Michigan has been a pitiful excuse of a football program. Academics aside (because I don’t believe they really hold much weight when comparing schools outside of your home state), shouldn’t Ohio State look for a challenging opponent in a rival. Who honestly was more pumped for the Michigan game than the Michigan State game? Who actually thought Michigan might have a chance to beat Ohio State this year? A rivalry is not a rivalry when your opponent has no chance of winning.

  34. Someone please fire Danielle, this article is an atrocity.

  35. That really rustled my jimmies

  36. Valid points are made. But i dont think you have any idea how beneficial the football (and basketball) program are to this university in regards to its growth and stature. And since our heightened success in both programs since the 2002 national championship. Our academics have made leaps and bounds, particularly after the 2006 seasons. The amount of money and attention we gain because of that is the reasons we are even on the coat tails of UM. It doesn’t help that they have a significant advantage due to their own time of growth (of the likes we are seeing today) back when the automotive industry boomed in Detroit and therefore the rest of their state and their football team was heads, shoulders, and mountains above anybody else. I’d like to see an argument of there not being a corrolation in this. As said above this does not happen overnight. We are on the rise to having not only being on part with mich, but even have the potential to pass them. And also the amount of money the programs bring in is ridiculous. Let’s forget above the TV deals or game revenue that would more than cover the cost of the team’s expenses. Think about how all those new dorms, better qualified professors, and expansions of departments would be possible if we didn’t have our program and the people who follow it as a religion and do say “we beat michigan” even though we do not play on the field…I’ll answer for you. It wouldn’t be possible. We’d be a regular middle of the pack, going no where university with NO pride from where we get our degree.

  37. I feel like you don’t understand the point of college sports rivalries.

  38. This article could really just be a link to the relevant findings by USNWR and the sentence “Michigan is better at everything but football.” That would save readers the self-important, contrarian, and uninspired drivel that the other 95% of this article is. We know we don’t play on the football team. We all pretty much know that Michigan is one of the best public universities in the country, while Ohio State is not. It’s ironic then that a piece which purports to be a call to academic arms should be so atrociously thought out and written.

  39. The comments in this article prove the authors point. I personally have been saying this about OSU during my entire time at the school. Bravo to her and the Lantern for not sugar coating facts. No reason to bash the author over what is the reality of things. Lets just try and do better. OSU is a great school compared to the thousands out there, yes. Lets stomp these guys out in every category.

  40. ^^^ The problem is that the author makes it seem black and white. Can I not be a diehard football fan and also make the Ohio State community and world in general a better place? Because that’s exactly what I’m doing.

    Meanwhile… Danielle, As a journalist, how are you going to contribute to our average starting salary? And how are your other articles about Taylor Swift, Renee Zellwegger’s “about-face” (I won’t waste my time reading THAT article of yours), and a baby dressed up for halloween going to contribute to the Ohio State community or our global society?

  41. ^^^ Well that escalated quickly..

  42. I’m sorry we can’t all live up to her standards. Being a medical major is hard. Instead of beating us down and saying how inferior we are to our rivals why don’t you encourage your fellow class mates?

  43. And in Seamon’s defense, she’s written more than just ‘TMZ’ worthy content. Dont just pick those ones to make it look like she does not write what is considered ‘newsworthy’ to some.

  44. I don’t even go to OSU but I have a big problem with your assumption that students are only concerned with beating Michigan on the athletic field. Who are you to say that a student doesn’t have as much pride in their football team as they do in the academic accomplishments of Ohio State? It is true that most students are not a part of the football team, but most are also not a part of the engineering department either. So why can’t everyone have pride in both of those things? You will realize this once you get into the real world: the slim margin of all those little rankings you posted mean the exact same as football rankings from one year ago–nothing.

    I know plenty of people who go there who are huge OSU football fans AND care about making the research, academics, and community life better. For you to say that pride is one-sided and only focused on athletics is ignorant. Athletics is a multi-billion dollar business that brings in tremendous revenue and generates more media attention than any other topic–of course it’s going to get more media attention than educational program rankings. That’s how our society is. Just because you have absolutely zero pride for the athletics at YOUR school doesn’t mean you have to bash the pride everyone else has. “WE beat Michigan” is an accurate statement to make for any OSU student that feels like they are truly a part of the community that is Ohio State–it is truly a shame that you don’t feel that way about the school you are supposed to call home.

  45. The author makes good points, but wow, this is one of the most condescending things I’ve ever read.

  46. Lauren, you cant sit with us. Thanks though =)

  47. As a student who chose to attend this school after getting accepted to Michigan I find this article extremely ignorant. Yes, statistically Michigan has better academics. But the way this article is sounding is that we are all trash compared to them and they are all going to go much further in like then our poor measly selves. There are many different things that goes into getting a good education and having a good future and statistics cannot take into account most of them. I and thousands of others students chose to go to Ohio State for all the benefits that the school can offer us including the ability to help us advance our future. Next time, how about you highlight those upsides instead of tearing the school you attend down.

  48. As someone who actually knows Danielle, first off, she’s not a journalism major (Finance, actually). And that’s okay. I am in the J program, but just because she’s not doesn’t mean I haven’t valued her input this past year. She writes solid pieces because she is a solid person. It’s okay if you disagree with her. That’s perfectly fine. What’s not okay is to think that she should transfer (or as one person eloquently put it, “gtfo”) or be fired, because she wrote an OPINION piece that ruffled your feathers. Calm yo’selves.

  49. As with most surveys and rankings, the devil is in the details of the methodology. US News looks to 7 groups of data to come up with a score for an institution: (1)Undergraduate academic reputation (22.5 percent); (2)Retention (22.5 percent); (3) Faculty resources (20 percent)(includes class size and salary); (4) Student selectivity (12.5 percent); (5)Financial resources (10 percent)(includes spending/student (not counting sports, dorms or hospitals); (6)Graduation rate performance (7.5 percent)(includes percentage earning degree in 6 years; (7)Alumni giving rate (5 percent).

    Category 1 is purely subjective: they ask individuals in the education sector (including high school guidance counselors) to grade the schools. Subjective data points are fraught with bias issues.

    Student selectivity (Category 4) is also vulnerable to manipulation. At Maryland, students in the lower end of GPA and SAT are admitted to the University Experience, not the University College. They get the same classes (but not first choice), they just have to live off campus in an apartment building that the University owns. After the first semester, they join their classmates in University College. I surmise this permits Maryland to omit their scores from the data set of incoming freshman that it submits to surveys such as US News.

    Category 2 tilts against large institutions (because of class size). UM holds the edge in student faculty (not limited to tenure profs) 15:1 to 19:1 over OSU.

    Graduation rate can be a proxy for quality of the education, but the correlation is not certain – you can get a degree in 6 years with course that taught you little. Nevertheless, UM’s 90% exceeds OSU’s 83%, but degrees in 6 years for 8 out of 10 students is nothing to sneeze at.

    Categories 4 and 7 (and to a certain degree, faculty salaries in Category 2) get to what Mr. Ferguson discusses above – Alumni giving. UM’s endowment is more than double OSU’s; but OSU’s endowment increased by 100% from 2009 – 2013.

    UM is a quality institution, but if the author wants to compare it with what may become her alma mater, I suggest she use a yardstick other that the US New rankings. The methodology is fine for informing readers, but too soft for passing judgments of quality overall. Better to look at the components and assess areas for improvement that will enhance the students’ opportunity for learning and the quality of the opportunities.

  50. Kelly - Engineering Grad

    This article sounds like it was written by a misguided high schooler. Fans were cheering the outcome of a football game which is played for entertainment and to showcase the hardworking and talent of student athletes. Why does the author assign so much other meaning to it? I respect U of M as an educational institution but I will cheer as loud as anyone when we beat them in football. The author should lighten up and show more respect to others, even if we have different interests.

  51. Do you even go here?
    If you like *ichigan so much, transfer.

  52. I hope you enjoy that high horse you’re sitting on. I can imagine it’s pretty lonely up there

  53. I have a lot that I want to say about this article, but I will only say one thing because I didn’t see it mentioned in the first 10 or so comments. The author says that the fans at the game have no right to say “we did it!” at the end of the Michigan game. I guarantee that the football players, coaching staff and all others affiliated with the football program will disagree. In every statement it is mentioned that we have the best fans in the land and when asked how we won, the fans are mentioned. We provide more than an audience, we provide support and an atmosphere for success. I’d argue we have more to do with the success than the author is taking into account

  54. George current student

    Why is this in the opinion section of the school newspaper? It does nothing but point out facts any reasonably capable person could look up on a computer, and only seeks to attempt to belittle those that are proud of our university’s athletic representation. This piece presents little to no insightful points, and instead finishes what is otherwise just an opportunistic bashing of Ohio State with a trite “come one guys, we can do better”.

    It’s even ironic that the author would complain about the low level of academics at the university, while she herself spends time espousing generic and uninspired ideas. In the opinion papers of others schools, and most likely Michigan, you will find intelligent students commenting on a wide variety of phenomena found in the world, and speaking about it in graceful and intelligent words, not simply listing off statistics. By printing this, it is quite obvious that the lantern payed no heed to the finesse required to host a blatantly contrarian article under its banner.

    come one guys, we can do better!

  55. I’m confused, shouldn’t you transfer to michigan??

  56. Osu’s athletic department is one of four institutions that actually gives money to its school. All the others run at a loss and depend on the university to run.

  57. How about you go to michigan and stay there :). Terrible article misses the poibt completely on sports rivalry and school tradition.

  58. Way to take a football win and make it into something that it’s not. I feel like I have every right to use the word “we” when I talk about beating TTUN. If you agree with this article you should probably just move North.

  59. OSU was founded as a land-grant institution, for agriculture. Michigan was founded primarily as a school for the STEM fields. The fact that we’re even being ranked up there with them in the prestigious science fields speaks volumes about our university. Yes, the stats say Michigan is better academically, but you’re taking the numbers completely out of context.

  60. Also, our dedicated fan base pays for football tickets, which in turn funds our stellar athletic department. So yes, WE did win the game.

  61. Well that was a waste of my time to read. It would be nice to see some meaningful articles on the lantern. If OSU is worse then why doesn’t the author offer any solutions? Good luck with your future because no one will pay you for just an opinion.

  62. What a joke. If you want to love on Michigan all day, then go there. Anyone who tries to talk bad about their own university and focus on the accomplishments of another are too sad and miserable to have a place here where there is an overwhelming amount of school pride.

  63. Recent Buckeye Alumna

    I’m from the Mid-Atlantic part of the country. I still know barely anything about Ohio, save for some great places to visit in Columbus. Yet, I’ve known from high school onward that the Ohio State University is pretty solid academically, and–as the daughter of a rather successful OSU (now Moritz) College of Law alum–I decided to transfer there, even though my home state has a fair number of academically reputable universities as well.

    Let’s be realistic: OSU’s football team helped raise the university’s profile to help draw people like me to its campus. I never had much of a social life at OSU as a transfer student from outside Ohio, but I still attended football games, even if alone. And there’s just something about Buckeye football that’s just too fun to partake in–as long as that type of fandom is wholesome, anyway. 🙂 The spirit that Coach Hayes’s gridiron success helped to impart is something that can inspire many. It may have helped to inspire my father at the College of Law as well. And we love to bond over Ohio State sports, especially men’s basketball and football.

    Hardly any of my professors were football-crazed (maybe a bit too uniform ideologically, but that’s irrelevant for now :-D). They may have come to Columbus for OSU’s abundance of scholarly resources, as did a good number of students whom I encountered from out of the country who enrolled at OSU to study hard–and I don’t even know whether any of them ever saw a game at Ohio Stadium or the Schott! And, the work ethic of many Ohioans–native or honorary–with a love for the Buckeyes is just downright admirable. Perhaps this can help drive them toward career stability or personal fulfillment just as much as earning some degree from some traditional academic rankings-dominating powerhouse can.

  64. Urban Meyer is always talking about how much we, the fans, affect the game and how well they play. He even publicly thanked us and said we played a huge part in a specific win. So unless YOU are somehow higher up on the football totem pole here, I would walk away. Clearly your intelligence in sports related topics knows no bounds.

  65. Recent Buckeye Alumna

    P.S. And how about the networking opportunities that Buckeye spirit helps to foster? Wow! 🙂 Go Bucks!

  66. So put your transfer application in, traitor.

  67. While Danielle is allowed to think that the University of Michigan is better than Ohio State, I do not see how she can compare football to academics and say we “lose in reality”. She believes that a convincing argument involves restating the rankings each school has been given overall- ranks which the majority of the student population is aware of. While I enjoy the fierce competition between the two schools, I believe we can all agree that to go to either school is a win. Students should be proud to attend Michigan or Ohio State. Both have excellent academic programs to boast and provide the opportunities for students to be successful.

    Football is an extracurricular activity for us to have fun! We get to showcase our school pride and yes, we like to cheer that we beat Michigan. No one is cheering that we beat Michigan in academic rankings! We are not claiming to have been responsible for the win, it is obvious that the football team receives 100% of the credit, hence why we love the players so much! I don’t understand what you gain from bashing students for enjoying football Danielle. Try having some school spirit! That is why I picked this amazing university. While many schools are similar in their academic rankings, THE Ohio State University had the spirit that makes the college experience what it is, and by going here I think I am indeed winning “in reality”.

  68. Hey!! to the person who said go hang yourself: THAT IS NOT FUNNY! Please do not speak so ignorantly; if you are angry about the article then be articulate and say why you are angry! IDIOT
    Also, Danielle, I agree 100% I am so sick of this OSU craziness; we’re really not all that great! I’m a senior in the sciences, and there is NO good funding for academics!

  69. I do not agree with this article. I think it is foolish to say OSU should be ashamed that they are not ahead of Michigan or at the top of a rankings list, which don’t have the most clear statistics or criteria. This is besides that fact you have to get behind a paywall to get the information. What about Michigan being ranked lower than MIT in engineering? At what point can a school not be disappointed with themselves and their ranking. I get that we shouldn’t be complacent ever with ranking we are at, but to chastise a University for being in the top 50 of the NATION for so many programs is beyond idiotic.

    Now to insult students, faculty, and other supporters for being proud of the school’s football victory…that is just disrespectful. That just shows you don’t have any pride in the University. The crowd has always been a major factor in the football games and show incredible support for their football players. Everyone can take pride in a victory at this University on and off the field.

  70. Seriously people?? Are you really so stupid? It’s not wrong to inflate ourselves with Buckeye pride, but to bash a fellow Buckeye because they believe that our victory against our biggest rival seems hollow in comparison to real world stats? Seriously.
    When the Rankings that the author mentioned first came out, I was extremely disappointed to find that our school was ranked outside the top 50. Obviously, this is the best school ever in my opinion and in every single other person here, but to unbiased statistics we aren’t. The stats don’t care that we beat TSUN. Period. It takes a plethora of other things into consideration, but not that. The opinion this author stresses it that, while we crushed TSUN in football this year, that does nothing for our university than inflate our egos.
    I don’t want to go to a school that is only recognized Nationally for having the best Sports teams in the Nation. I want to go to a school that is recognized as the most Academically advanced school in the country that just so happens to have the best Sports teams in the country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Danielle Seamon, I am sorry that one third-party academic rankings of our great university do not satisfy you. The Ohio State University has continued to improve academically every class in recent history. But rather than waste my studying time proving this to everyone who chose to read this, I will simply say this: Be happy with where you are at. The difference between numbers 8 and 16 or 12 and 31 are small when one looks at the big picture, being that we are at a fantastic school and love being here. On behalf of everyone who has ever said something stupid (so, everybody, including you, Danielle), I apologize for any OSU fan who has been stupid at a football game. Also, please realize that your discontent with OSU happens at every university, and I’m willing to bet that if you went to Xichigan you would have found something to write about just like this paper with the school names flipped around.
    The Ohio State University is not perfect, but it is still a great school, and whatever anybody says about it, I am please to say the we made it what it is today. That’s right, WE DID IT.

  72. Danielle is simply saying she thinks there should be improved lifestyle of OSU students on campus, smarter hires in faculty, aggressive seeking out of research opportunities, more aid in job searches before and after graduation, and more support for already successful departments and improvement for those departments that need it. Makes sense to me. And, I think OSU has improved academically in the last 10-15 years, and continues to improve. In a recent U.S. NEWS & WORLD report listing the Best Global University Rankings OSU ranks above The University of Illinios, Penn. State University, Purdue, Michigan State and many other U.S. Universities.

    Danielle spells out an excellent long term investment plan for the academic improvment of OSU.

  73. This guy said it best^

  74. Meant the one above. Chris said it best, Jay is the lanterns PR team trying to clean up a mess

  75. This is the link to apply to UM as a transfer student, I think it would be best for everyone this way. Seeya Danielle.


  76. Wait is football not real?

  77. What the heck kind of an article is this? What are you trying to prove? Everyone is well aware that Michigan is better academically than Ohio State. This is not groundbreaking news. The author is clearly jealous that football gets so much attention while her little academic endeavors get none. Why are you trying to belittle your own university? What an embarrassment.

    Jay, where does she spell out an investment plan? Because all I see are reasons Michigan is better than OSU. Not once does she mention improving anything. All complaints.

  78. Yes Michigan has good academic rankings, but you overlooked the amazing opportunities and connections that OSU students make that Michigan is too pretentious and “good” to offer their students. Ranking is everything, numbers mean nothing compared to actual people.

  79. I’m with you. Let’s cut enrollment by 75% and only leave the university to those who scored in the top 5% of standardized tests. If we retain all current funding we could be 2x better than Michigan and rank …. 58!!! Whoops…. maybe 15 (that sounds better)??? Oh and we’ll probably rid ourselves of useless journalism and comm majors like yourself too!! Wow, awesome plan!! I AM SO ON BOARD.


  80. Danielle Seamen is a Wolverine

  81. Our academics have been improving each year. When my mom went here, all she needed was a “pulse and checkbook.”

    Nothing wrong with a University doing well in academics and athletics. We’ll get better, give it time.

    I really don’t care about rankings; both are state schools. It’s silly of you to think that most people will make a living wage with just a Bachelor’s. What really brings in the dough is a master’s or doctorate (unless you are a lucky businessman).

  82. Well, this is officially the last time I will read a lantern article. I hope the dispatch never publishes something like this. GO BUCKS!!!

  83. I spent the best four years of my life at The Ohio State University, got into a top-ranked law school where I studied alongside Michigan (and Ivy League) graduates, and now work at a law firm with several Michigan (and Ivy League) alum. So I’d say my OSU education did me just fine, despite spending every fall Saturday double fisting Natty and cheering on my football team. Don’t disparage our amazing university just because you can’t hang.

  84. Never have seen so much ungratefulness from a student at THE Ohio State University in all of my years as a student and faculty. I don’t think the author realizes the football program brings in over $50 million a year, supports all departments, and even donates to programs for things such as helping the inner city youth. This article is a damn shame.

  85. Ohio state has a lot of advantages Michigan does not. I got into both universities, and I chose ohio state because it was a better fit and had a better program for my interests. This post is pretty ignorant. Before stating your argument, don’t admit you don’t understand the topic. You wanted to start a fuss because you think football is obsolete. That’s fine, but you can’t make these claims and not acknowledge what football does bring. Grammar is good, but as a fellow journalist, work on your content.

  86. These spectators — these tenacious pictures of martyrdom — carried a seat cushion in one hand, and in the other, a victorious sensation that they will likely use to gloat on Facebook and Twitter for the next 364 days. This sentence is so awful it made me cry. In it, the author refers to fans as pictures, tenacious pictures of martyrdom to be exact, which is just an absolutely bizarre word choice. And then she claims that these tenacious pictures carried around a victorious sensation in their hand. I am at a loss here just trying to figure out how this sentence came to be.

  87. Worst article I’ve ever read on the lantern, I am embarrassed for OSU that we even have people like this at our school. UNSUBSCRIBE

  88. Everyone spam her inbox. She needs to know that her attempts at writing need to stop.

  89. No one can take away the passion I feel towards this school this weekend, I can’t believe someone would write and publish this.


  90. It appears Danielle is the real loser here since she ended up at the lowly Ohio State University.

    If you have nothing nice to say about your school then what are you doing here? It is obviously not because of our outstanding athletics and traditions.

  91. I happened to come across this article today and was quite shocked to see someone challenge the entire university like this. Yes, we know Michigan isn’t really evil and they actually have a great academic program. Historically they’ve been impressive, but the lack of acknowledging our university’s improvement over the years is appalling. My parents attended here back in the 1980’s and said that admission here was as easy as breathing. In fact, this school was behind many other Ohio schools back then. Today? These circumstances have changed, Ohio State is the largest and highest ranked public school in the state. Our admissions are competitive now, each year these standards are being raised and admission demands higher GPA, higher ACT scores, and higher academic involvement. We are one of the nation’s top leaders in research and our programs are becoming more prestigious each year.

    Now football, let’s not forget that the athletic budget and academic budget here are COMPLETELY separate (I know I’ve done research). They raise their own money so no need to be sore if anyone was questioning our university’s spending. Our precious Thompson library was remodeled and given beautiful additions, to which I am proud of, all possible by the 4 million dollar donation from our athletic programs (football and basketball). So let’s be nice to our football program and fans here.

    I say hat’s off to our improvement, and hat’s off to the possibilities still to come. Look at our history and don’t write us off as lazy. We’ve been working hard for years and college prestige doesn’t heighten dramatically in a year. One day we’ll challenge Michigan in more than just football, just realize this effort has been in progress longer than you think.

    -3rd Generation Buckeye

  92. It used to be (up until the 90’s) that anyone with a high school diploma in the state of Ohio could go here, like most “state” schools. In 20 years, the average ACT score for admitted freshman has jumped to a 29 (31 for engineering). What are we supposed to do? You bashed our students and our university with no regard for where we came from, and I find that disrespectful.

    I hope your deliberate attempt to belittle our outstanding university was fulfilling.

    Take care:)

  93. The author is right

    The author is correct, and the comments here only support the author’s position.

    As someone who has graduated from both OSU and Michigan, I think OSU needs to focus more on academics, student selectivity, research, teaching, and its endowment.

    Michigan is open about not being a state school that admits a high percentage of Michigan high school students. There are many state universities in Michigan that can absorb students who do not get into Michigan.

    And, with a new president, UM is redoubling its focus on academics, based on public statements made by university officials.

    Kudos to OSU for focusing more on academics, but keep going. Right now, OSU is tantamount to a slightly lesser Michigan State.

  94. This is titled an opinion so I will leave it at that. A person can find value/pride/acceptance/life direction/(any good thing)from sports or from academics or both. To condescend to an opinion based off more opinions is pointless and unsubstantiated.

    The lantern is a media outlet so this is not surprising but interesting.

    I submitted a constructive argument to The Lantern and Dr. Drake and was ignored by both.

    Here is the link to my letter/argument that the Lantern did not publish:


    Why don’t we all focus on constructive arguments regardless of position?

  95. I think the main point you’re missing here, Danielle, is that no matter what the ranking, almost any state school Bachelor’s degree will hold the same weight. Honestly even private schools don’t make a difference. Unless you’re going Ivy League, they’re all pretty equal in today’s society.

    But good job googling! You really nailed it. Although it sounds like you don’t need a pat on the back from anyone else, since you seem to be so busy patting it yourself.

  96. Hahahahahah, her last name is Seamon

  97. The mission of Ohio State is primarily to provide higher education to the residents of Ohio. One could improve rankings my selecting high caliber students from all over the world but that is not the goal. A comparable school is Michigan State. There is no need to emulate other schools. But agree with improving academic caliber without losing site of the mission of providing higher education to residents of the State of Ohio

  98. The only category we’re losing in is our student newspaper. For the love of God, TRANSFER. Nobody wants someone like you here at a school with some of the best traditions, academics, and pride in the entire country.

  99. Dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  100. If there’s a way in which Michigan is beating Ohio State in anything, it’s because OSU continues to accept half wits like this author into their school.

  101. Danielle, you probably drive a Prius and enjoy the smell of your own farts.

  102. She doesn’t even go here!!!

  103. What a disheartening, unfortunate article. Congrats on having an opinion, but if you look so poorly on this school, go somewhere else. We don’t want you here.

    Hope you enjoy your little 15 minutes of controversy.

  104. 1. I appreciate your article. It shows many feelings I have felt while at Ohio State. Academics should be greater than sports, but that isn’t often the case here (one brings in significant money, the other doesn’t). The fact that you can recognize this shows an exceptional amount of maturity and intelligence, and Ohio State is lucky to have you. Your lack of ignorance is exactly what we need. I applaud you.

    2. I am extremely proud of the Lantern for publishing this article. It takes a big risk to publish something that may not be received well, which demonstrates your maturity as a newspaper. You are doing a wonderful job at doing your job!

    3. I do have to argue that I think the band won on the field that Saturday as well, though I do have a lot of respect for the Michigan Marching Band.

  105. Im graduating this semester (3.5 years) from The Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University and will be making 80,000 a year to start out. Please just place yourself in the group “losing to Michigan”. Myself and the rest of these fine Americans will keep on singing Carmen and laughing at how easy it is to get Ann Arbor in the sheets.

  106. Someone please fire this editor.

  107. I don’t think this is truly an appropriate article. The football team did win the game on Saturday, yes, but as students of this university it shouldn’t be looked down upon for supporting the team of our own school and feeling some sense of unity within the win. Michigan may have a better educational program in different facets, but there are multiple reasons contributing to this and considering The Lantern is a student newspaper, it’s not necessarily up to and easy for the student body to raise our academics and ratings to that of Michigan’s, and especially not in a football season time span. Having a significant jump in ratings takes time, and it’s ignorant to think that students of the Ohio State University aren’t trying their best in classes. Honestly, as a fellow student it’s flat out insulting.
    I understand your attempt in this article but if anything it promotes disunity within the campus and says that OSU students aren’t working as hard academically as UM students (which is false). The items that you’re critiquing OSU students on in this article (business school rankings, etc) are largely out of the hands of an everyday student.
    This university is continuously working at improving itself, and your critique on the progress is unnecessary and offensive.
    This is one of the first times I’ve looked at something posted on the lantern and I’m severely disappointed. I don’t plan on using this news source with the knowledge that things of this nature are going to be posted.
    With that being said, go bucks!

  108. Actually the rankings are wrong. TSUN is 29 and tOSU is 55. So Forbes is not always correct in what they say.


  109. Az an OSU grud with 4 pt gpa i can says dat dis artikle is ful of liez.

  110. Look at all these angry Buckeyes…

  111. I’m a Michigan kid, born and raised just outside of Detroit. I had my choice of attending either Michigan OR Ohio State. My decision was a no-brainer. I sent my acceptance letter to Ohio State without a doubt in my mind that I was going to the institution that was better for my academic career and my growth as a person. I visited Michigan with high hopes, and came away feeling like they held their institution above their students, giving off an aura that the students were lucky to even be there. The collective arrogance was appalling and it rubs off on a lot of its graduates, many of whom believe they are automatically superior to everyone else because of their school, not their individual intelligence. All I heard in Ann Arbor was why Michigan was great, not what the school would do for me. Ohio State called me once a week, asking how I was and often times not talking about my college decision at all. During each visit, OSU showed what they could do for ME. I can’t even begin to describe how much more Ohio State has invested in me in my four years than Michigan could ever dream of.

  112. Danielle is simply saying she thinks there should be improved lifestyle of OSU students on campus, smarter hires in faculty, aggressive seeking out of research opportunities, more aid in job searches before and after graduation, and more support for already successful departments and improvement for those departments that need it. Makes sense to me. ”

    But Danielle did not say that. Danielle only looked at the negative aspects and did not make suggestions. Really this was just an insulting article to the progress of this institution and that is why this is an incredibly poorly written article. It saddens me that the school newspaper chooses such poor writers who lack critical thought and analytical skills.

  113. Oh, to the person who compared us to a lesser Michigan State? That’s absolutely absurd, MSU is one of the biggest party schools in the country who’s farrrrr below Ohio State in every major ranked category.

  114. I agree with the person above who said that while the author probably intended to inspire an increasing excellence in Ohio State academics, she went about it the entirely wrong way.

    Danielle, even if you are not a football fan of The Ohio State, you are still a student here, and should not belittle the school spirit of your peers. This, I think, is where you went wrong. While I am not the most avid of football fans here (there are many others who could name more players, stats, etc.), I still take pride in the tradition that the sport brings to the school. The sports here make me proud to be a Buckeye, but that does not diminish the fact that I am also proud for what I have accomplished personally at Ohio State academically. Attacking people for having school spirit does not prove your point that we don’t care about our academics, and for you to say such a thing is an insult to every student here.

    While the rankings on those lists that you mentioned ARE important, what’s also important is recognizing the improvement OSU has made over the years to become higher ranked on those lists that you so ardently argue are THE MOST important sign that Ohio State is “losing” to Michigan in every aspect except football. Be proud and grateful that YOU are a Buckeye, because I know there are many people who didn’t get in (because it IS academically competitive), and who would be glad to take your place.

  115. I’m incredibly disappointed with this article. I agree, the author has the right to her own opinion, and I am not disputing that. However, I am a firm believer that, if you want to argue your opinion on a public forum, it should at the very least be well-supported. As many who commented before me pointed out, there are reasons UM is ranked higher in many categories than our own university, so I won’t repeat them. However, those reasons in no way put anyone else in a position to disparage the progress our University has made over the past decades.

    I am a senior at Ohio State, and terrified of graduating, finding myself in the real world, and all of the stress and responsibility that comes with that. However, there is one thing that gives me comfort. In whatever city I end up in, there will be Ohio State graduates; people who have had the same experiences, jumped in the same lake, sat in the same classrooms, and yes, cheered on the same football team. Wherever I go, whether it be across the country, or across the ocean, when yelling “OH”, I firmly expect to hear a reaffirming “I0”. Not every experience at Ohio State is identical, but what IS identical is the overwhelming sense of pride that is woven through one’s time at Ohio State, and what that pride does for each student as they graduate and move into their lives beyond undergrad. To not recognize that in this article is, to me, a misrepresentation of everything this university stands for.

    I am truly sorry that your experience at Ohio State does not seem to have been what it could have been. But please don’t tear down the progress of an entire student body, and write so condescendingly of the incredible experiences we have access to simply by being students at a top ranked university. It is embarrassing for you, it is embarrassing to every faculty member and graduate who has worked incredibly hard to get Ohio State where it is today, and it is embarrassing to myself as a current student. I may be nervous to graduate and move to a new city, but I can’t wait for the day that I walk into my first Ohio State bar and am able to hand out high fives and hugs to total strangers, simply because those student athletes you seem to think so little of scored a touchdown.

  116. For anyone wondering, Danielle is one of the lead editors of the paper, thus giving her the only chance to publish such garbage. It’s always entertaining to me to listen to the opinions of people who dont like or “understand” sports, as if everybody is supposed to feel or like the things they only like, because otherwise you’re less of a person for not being as articulate or artistic as others.If you don’t get sports or like it, then that’s fine. Don’t try to belittle people who do and understand it. It makes you look petty and classless.

  117. To those who said that football adds to the quantity and quality of applicants, you are only half-right. While schools with athletic success do see an increase in applications in the year(s) following those feats, the actual quantity remains unchanged. The average scores remain unchanged and the number of acceptances remain unchanged. Basically, the people who are applying to schools that are successful athletically are not going to be the stronger students that enhance the applicant pool and therefore the student population. This shouldn’t come as a total surprise, as the students who enhance the universities academically are more interested in the research and teaching side than the athletics the school offers. That is why Ivy league schools continue to reign supreme despite having little to no investment or success athletically.

  118. As the responses indicate, you don’t mess with Emperor Football in the Buckeye Nation.