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Kappa Kappa Gamma suspended after hazing incident

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Kappa Kappa Gamma has been suspended from Ohio State’s campus until 2017.

The women’s fraternity received the two-year suspension after a hazing incident that occurred earlier this year.

An investigation by the Office of Student Life found that the Beta Nu chapter violated the Code of Student Conduct and failed to comply with an earlier sanction after receiving a cease and desist letter in early March.

The national organization said “the culture within the chapter needed to be changed,” and that the safety and security of its members was of the utmost importance, according to a statement provided by Ashley Moyer, director of marketing and communication for the KKG national organization.

“This spring, a comprehensive investigation by Kappa determined that Beta Nu Chapter violated fraternity policies during an incident, including participation in hazing and inappropriate use of alcohol,” the statement read. “Further, the fraternity was both saddened and outraged to learn a new member was seriously injured during this unsanctioned event.”

A 19-year-old pledge was reportedly struck by a car near the KKG house while she was intoxicated, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

At the end of the suspension, which is set to end in May 2017, the chapter can petition Student Life to be reinstated and “would be required to state steps to ensure that they would operate in a manner (consistent) with the Code of Student Conduct, sorority and fraternity life policies, student organization guidelines, other relevant university policies and all state and federal laws,” according to an email from Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs.

Kappa Kappa Gamma is one of 17 national sororities and women’s fraternities at OSU governed by the Panhellenic Association. The association, which is part of the Panhellenic Association Conference, consists of more than 2,000 women, according to its website.

Founded in 1870, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s headquarters are also located in Columbus, according to its website. OSU’s Beta Nu chapter was established on campus in 1888, the website said. It was the first women’s fraternity established at OSU.


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  4. This is poor reporting. There was an alleged hazing incident. Furthermore, the chapter did receive sanctions in 2013 for a different instance, but there were no sanctions given for this until April 20, 2015. The chapter was put on cease and desist, but did not violate any sanctions after this cease and desist. Please edit this article and work harder to obtain all the facts prior to posting. Thank you very much.

  5. Why on earth say “women’s fraternity” when we have the word “sorority,” i.e. “sisterhood.” A case of PC?

  6. I agree with some comments above, i think you need to hear what they said. thank you

  7. This “sorority” was established before the term. It has always been a women’s fraternity.

  8. There’s only one “sorority” the rest are women’s fraternities. The article is correct. Also kappas plz stop commenting and also plz stop wearing your letters it’s so god damn embarrassing.

  9. As a parent of one of the girls affected by this decision I want the public and the alumnae of Kappa Kappa Gamma to know there’s more to this story that’s being told. How would you feel if your daughter was thrown out of her kappa house and given a list of unsuitable and unsafe alternate housing in an urban environment provided by OSU (none provided by Beta Nu)? This follows a period of time where an assessment was applied to pay for an expansion to the house. Not only that, the girls were asked to ration paper products and and a parent ended up donating same. The decision was delivered at the onset of finals leaving the girls to scramble to find housing when they should be studying for exams. There wasn’t any ongoing education and guidance as stated by Kappa National regarding their bylaws, policies or current probation. Why? Our daughter loves being a Kappa and is deeply heartbroken. Still, the girls remain silent out of loyalty to Kappa Kappa Gamma despite being approached by the media. Why is there a double standard where the OSU band is busted for hazing, but the whole band remains intact? You don’t see them being suspended for 2 years. This is all too sad and I cannot believe more reasonable sanctions could be negotiated. Ohio State also needs to examine their student life in its entirety. Of course everyone is concerned about the safety of the students and the pledge that was injured. It would be interesting to see how many pedestrian injuries were reported in the past year.

  10. Kappa Kappa Gamma has a long history of hazing. Being an ex Kappa pledge, my experience is that hazing is subtly condoned by the National Organization. My parents warned me of this from when they were Greeks at different schools. They said that Kappa hazing on their campuses was notorious. Kappa is concerned about image and will not pull at chapter’s charter, because they want to look good. Image is extremely important to the organization.

    In the eighties, Kappa pledges were branded and burned with lit cigarettes at DePauw University. The National Organization of KKG did nothing except send a recently graduated ‘consultant’ to monitor the chapter. Any other sorority would have closed their chapter down or taken severe disiplinary actions.. Dateline even dididn’t an expose on this terrible incident.

    From news reports, Kappa Kappa Gamma has been suspended or expelled for hazing at the University of Connecticut, Ohio State University, Washington State University, and.Colorado State University ,within the last 3 years. Rollins chapter was shut down last year for moral charges and hazing. This year the SMU chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma is facing suspension because the seniors were videotaped dancing topless the first night the pledges received their bids to be new members. They had only in pledges a few hours before they had to witness girls dancing topless and suggestively in front of them, and they were expected to enjoy it. One of the members said this is a long standing Kappa tradition at many schools. One of the seniors did not want to do it but was forced. One of the girls who was expelled from the sorority is suing the National Organization for $1,000,000. Not only is this the weirdest ritual, it is hazing.

    When I was a pledge, I was told that I was nothing, and lucky to be a Kappa. We were to go on Greek Rank and down vote Pi Beta Phi sorority and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Because the PI Phis were known to be the most exclusive sorority on campus, we were supposed to spread rumors that they were slu $$y, which was not true.The Pi Phis were beautiful, had a higher GPA, and were more popular with the top fraternities. We were told to say the Thetas were ugly and fat. Part of our pledge duties was to go online and upvote Kappa, and download the other two sororities whom Kappas saw as national competition. Our chapter had a poor sisterhood and was divided into cliques, a common occurrence within the organization’s chapters.

    I’m glad I left Kappa by depledging (3 of us left) so that I was eligible to join another sorority the next year. It was an entirely different experience, National was very involved and would immediately investigate and take appropriate action, if there was any hint of hazing whatsoever. There never was anything that made me feel physically, emotionally, or mentally uncomfortable. In fact, the first night the president stood before us, and said how wonderful we were, and how intensely they recruited us. She said that we are treasures and will treated as such. They made us feel like close sisters immediately.

    I’m telling you this because hazing is an inherent aspect of the Kappa organization. It has been going on for decades if not since the founding. When I was a pledge, 23 chapters were on social probation for hazing, moral issues, drugs, or alcohol abuse. All of these could be considered life-threatening situations, and the feeling was one of nonchalant. I should have listened to my parents and save myself a lot of grief.

  11. At the end of the suspension, which is set to end in May 2017, the chapter can petition Student Life to be reinstated and “would be required to state steps to ensure that they would operate in a manner (consistent) with the Code of Student Conduct, sorority and fraternity life policies, student organization guidelines, other relevant university policies and all state and federal laws,” according to an email from Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs.

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