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Opinion: Fight against cancer unites dancers at BuckeyeThon

February 8, 2015
One team. One dream. One million. Challenge accepted. My fourth and final BuckeyeThon was definitely one for the books. Each year has been a completely different experience, but yet I feel the same full heart every time I exit the Ohio Union when it’s all completed. There’s something so special about being surrounded by so many fellow Buckeyes for one common cause. There’s something about seeing everyone in their crazy outfits, ugly crying all night. There’s something about seeing all of the kids, their families and hearing their stories. There’s something about cancer and how it unites so many people. Cancer really stinks. It’s plain and simple. It affects too… Read more

Ohio State to continue construction on 5 projects totaling $567M over the summer

April 30, 2014
Ohio State plans to continue work on more than $567 million in construction projects this summer. Alison Hinkle, an Administration and Planning spokeswoman, said many construction projects are saved for the summer when there are less students on campus. “These projects are done to keep up with a university that runs 365 days a year,” Hinkle said. Workers are set to focus on five projects this summer, Hinkle said in an email: 12th Avenue Garage: A new entrance is being built to allow for better circulation through the garage and to ease traffic on 12th Avenue. Completion is scheduled for July and the project is set to cost $346,000. North… Read more

Study finds 61% of young Republicans support same-sex marriage, Ohio State students react

April 17, 2014
A majority of young Republicans support same-sex marriage, according to a recent study done by the Pew Research Center. The Pew Research Center study discovered 61 percent of Republicans and those that lean to the Republican side ages 18 to 29 favor same-sex marriage. However, the same cannot be said for their older counterparts — 43 percent of Republicans ages 30 to 49, 30 percent of Republicans between 50 and 64 and 22 percent of those 65 or older favor same-sex marriage. Sam Zuidema, president of College Republicans, said he, as a young Republican, does not support same-sex marriage. “As the College Republicans at the Ohio State University, it is… Read more

Opinion: Everyone touched by autism, ‘Light It Up Blue’ in April for awareness

April 1, 2014
Austin is one of the most kind, energetic and bubbly children I know. He can’t talk though. Austin is one of the many children today that is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. He has one of the more severe forms that prohibit him from being able to express himself in words. I have known Austin since he was about 5 years old. Our brothers played baseball together so I always saw him at games running around and trying to get people to play with him. Even though I was much older than Austin, we played. I knew something was “wrong” with him, but I didn’t know what. All I… Read more

Opinion: Dress well, test well mantra gives confidence, results on exam day

March 18, 2014
When test day came along in high school, it meant one thing: sweatpants, hair tied, (not so) chilling with no makeup on. After cramming all night memorizing verb tenses for Spanish or physics equations, there was no way I was going to even think about putting on jeans at 7 a.m. I dressed “nicely” most days in high school, just not test days. I usually threw on a pair of jeans and that super cute sweater you saw at American Eagle with some Sperrys and called it a day. Test days though? I was lucky to match my T-shirt to my sweatpants. However, that mindset quickly changed for me when… Read more

Some Ohio State students return to Oklahoma to help repair tornado-struck community

March 11, 2014
After witnessing a tornado in Oklahoma last May, a group of Ohio State students chose to head back this spring break to help rebuild the community. Members of the Buckeyes for Moore group traveled to help restore parts of the community in Moore, Okla., that were hit by tornadoes in May. Three of the group’s members were in Moore chasing tornados when the storms hit last year, which was what inspired them to return. John Banghoff, a third-year in atmospheric sciences and organizer of this year’s trip, said last May, a group of 10 OSU meteorology students went to Oklahoma for a storm-chasing trip. They were not optimistic about seeing… Read more

3 to be inducted into Ohio State Army ROTC Alumni Society Hall of Fame, including former football player

February 27, 2014
A former Ohio State football player is slated to enter another Hall of Fame this week, but this time, he won’t be commemorated for his accomplishments at Ohio Stadium. Three OSU alumni are set to be inducted into the OSU Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Alumni Society’s Hall of Fame Thursday: Capt. Jim Houston, Sr., retired Maj. Gen. Tod Carmony and retired Col. Mark Storer. The Hall of Fame is designed to recognize valuable alumni, said Doug Huber, the communications chair of the Alumni Society. “It is our pleasure to honor these Buckeyes that have given so much to their country and to the university,” Huber said.   Capt. Jim… Read more

Russian anti-gay laws spark discussion among Ohio State students, staff during Olympics

February 13, 2014
While the Olympics are an exciting time for many countries, this year, one social element has sparked substantial debate: gay rights. The 2014 Winter Olympics are taking place in Sochi, Russia. In Russia, though, there is a law permitting police officers to arrest anyone suspected of being gay or supporting gay people, a ban on spreading “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors” and a ban on the adoption of Russian children in any country where marriage equality exists. Some organizations, though, have aired commercials or posted messages about the matter during the Olympics in protest of the Russian law. Google was one of those organizations. It posted an excerpt… Read more

Ohio Stadium construction to cost additional $500K

February 9, 2014
The Ohio Stadium is set to receive waterproofing and concrete repairs this summer, a project that has increased in cost by $500,000 since its approval by the Board of Trustees in 2012. Repairs are set to include removing and replacing the existing waterproofing membrane, expansion joint seals and sealants — which are in place to relieve stress on building materials caused by factors like temperature changes and wind — and repairing some concrete in the stadium. The project has two parts, athletics spokesman Dan Wallenberg said in an email, and an issue was discovered during the first part. “During phase one, after removing the existing waterproofing membrane, it was learned… Read more