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OUAB celebrates the Olympics

August 13, 2008
The Ohio Union Activities Board and fellow Buckeyes celebrated the Olympic Opening Ceremony that took place Friday night in Beijing. The event was 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Friday at the Neil Building Courtyar and included crafts, games and snacks and seemed to get students excited for the 2008 Summer Olympics. These Olympic games have gotten a lot of attention recently because of stars such as Michael Phelps, who is going for a record breaking eight gold medals for the U.S. men’s swim team. “There was a delicious international buffet that included empanadas, Italian ice, wontons and many other delicious foods,” said Nate Peterson, the OUAB summer intern who coordinated… Read more

Do we live in a fantasy world?

August 6, 2008
With television shows on E! such as “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated,” “Living Lohan” and VH1’s “The Fabulous Life of…,” do young woman get the idea that in order to be “fabulous” you need to spend your life savings on shoes and bags? I get it that “Sex and the City” was a cultural phenomenon. I myself got sucked into the luxury that oozed from every second of that wonderful HBO series. When I began college and started watching theshow, I thought I had my life figured out. Graduate with a journalism degree, move to New York City and become fabulous. Check. Check. Check. I would… Read more

Ohio colleges share ideas

October 29, 2007
The idea of strength in numbers is why student government leaders from Ohio’s public four-year universities will gather at Ohio State in November. “We want everyone to get together because there are so many things we can learn from each other,” said Kate Christobek, president of Ohio State University’s Undergraduate Student Government. “I’m really excited about it, there is a lot of power in student governments.” Christobek said the goal is to give students in Ohio a bigger voice when it comes to bringing ideas to the Ohio State Legislature. “Now, instead of saying students at OSU like an idea, we can say all public schools in the state like… Read more

Donating scarlet blood provides change to win Michigan tickets

October 25, 2007
The American Red Cross supported a blood drive Wednesday to give Ohio State students a chance to see the OSU vs. Michigan football game in Ann Arbor. “We will have a drawing and whoever gives blood can enter to win two tickets to the game, two nights in a hotel, and $200 in spending money,” Mary Geiger, a junior in biology, said. The Red Cross sponsors many blood drives around the campus area, and generally gets a good turnout. “The amount of people we get changes for each blood drive…the ones that are in the center of campus are usually busier,” Geiger said. The Red Cross used Michigan tickets as… Read more

Hoge triggers emotional lecture

October 24, 2007
As he spoke about the funeral of three small children in Northern Ireland that he covered in 1998, tears welled up in the eyes of the veteran The New York Times reporter. “I cried all the way through writing it,” said Warren Hoge, the newspaper’s foreign affairs correspondent at the United Nations to an Ohio State journalism class Tuesday. Hoge spent the day at OSU, talking to three classes and delivering a lecture at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies on “The United Nations in a Time of Change: A Conversation.” He discussed the relationship between the United Nations and the United States, the ongoing genocide in Darfur, and… Read more

Underage alcohol possession lands student in jail

October 18, 2007
An Ohio State sophomore said she was arrested Saturday even though she never drank from the cup of alcohol she admits she was holding. Chelsea Clancy-Krueger, 19, said she spent 10 hours in the Franklin County Correctional Center II in a jail cell with prostitutes and recovering drug addicts. “They were running their fingers through my hair and calling us the new girls,” said Clancy-Krueger, a major in communication. She said she believed that if she was not drinking, she could not be arrested. She was wrong, according to police. According to Ohio Revised Code 4301.69, section B, no person who is the owner or occupant of any public or… Read more

Foreign students expand education at Ohio State

September 25, 2007
Lawyers from six of the world’s continents are studying at Ohio State in a new master’s program for law students. The Moritz College of Law is offering a Master of Laws program for international students that lasts one year and will send these lawyers home with an improved knowledge of the American legal process. “This program is designed for foreign lawyers who wish to advance their legal education in a stimulating academic environment,” said Mary Ming, the Assistant Dean for International and Graduate Programs. Currently, there are eight students in the program and Ming said English is the second language for every student except one. The program is for students… Read more

Group aims to draw together bicycle commuters on campus

September 23, 2007
Daniel McKewen generates electricity on Nathan Ober’s (left) bicycle generator which uses a car alternator and marine battery to create electricity through pedaling. Commuting to school often means the hassle of battling traffic and finding the rare open parking space. But those who do so by riding a bicycle said their two-wheeled commute can be an easier, safer, healthier, environmentally-friendly and cheaper option than it is for their four-wheel automobile-driving counterparts. In order to make this a more popular, and accessible idea, Meredith Joy, of consider and Austin Kocher, a pharmaceutical sciences student at Ohio State, have teamed up to create Bike OSU – a group focused on making… Read more