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Concert review: MisterWives gives enthusiastic performance, but lacks in fine details

March 1, 2015
It was hard not to feel happy after MisterWives played in Columbus. The band’s songs inherently make you feel good, and it’s easy to jump around to the pop beats. It’s just happy music. When the six members came out to “Our Own House,” the song their tour was named after, it seemed like every head was nodding at the Saturday night show. The group put on a good performance, but it was MisterWives’ first headlining tour and in some ways, it showed. There were benefits of it being the band’s first top-tier tour. It seemed that the band members were genuinely grateful to be performing, and between songs they… Read more

Ohio State graduate student reported missing is fine, police say

February 4, 2015
Columbus Police said an Ohio State graduate student who was reported missing is not in danger. “Everything indicates that he has gone missing voluntarily,” Columbus Police said in a statement provided to The Lantern via email. It added that there was nothing unusual or concerning about Ahmed Mohamed’s case. “He has been seen by other people at several different locations over the past few days,” the statement said. Once a law enforcement officer sees him, the case will be closed, and the email added that adults are allowed to go missing and not say where they’re going. Mohamed, a graduate student in the College of Pharmacy, had been reported missing… Read more

Ohio State graduate student reported missing

February 3, 2015
An Ohio State graduate student has been missing since Thursday. Ahmed Mohamed, an OSU student in the Doctorate of Pharmacy program, was last seen Thursday at Parks Hall, according to a public Facebook post from a pharmacy student. Parks Hall, located at 500 W. 12th Ave, is where the College of Pharmacy is located. Mohamed is a black man, about 5-feet-11-inches tall and 210 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing jeans, a gray coat and white tennis shoes, according to an email sent to pharmacy students from the college. Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Columbus Police Department at (614) 645-4017.… Read more

Crime Brief: Soccer match spurs disorderly conduct police report

February 1, 2015
A fight between friends during a soccer match turned into a disorderly conduct report with University Police. Two friends got in a fight during a soccer game on Jan. 17. After one of the friends scored a goal, he celebrated by running over to his other friend, a 21-year-old student, and squeezing his stomach, according to a University Police report. The student didn’t like being touched, so he reciprocated the gesture by pinching his friend’s stomach. His friend then put the student in a headlock. When the student had difficulty breathing, he grabbed his friend’s leg and the two men fell to the ground. They then continued the soccer game,… Read more

Crime brief: Goal post damage estimated at $4,000

January 14, 2015
There could be $4,000 of damage to the ‘Shoe after about 200 people forced their way in to celebrate Ohio State winning the National Championship, according to an estimate from the building coordinator for Ohio Stadium. The group snapped a padlock in half when they broke in a gate at South Stands at about 1:45 a.m. on Tuesday after the title win. The approximately 200 people who made their way into the stadium were part of a larger mob that was “held at bay by police using crowd control tactics,” according to a University Police report. The group made their way to the goal post at the south end of… Read more

Booze, books and the balance: Past and present, alcohol is a constant in Ohio State’s culture

December 31, 2014
“If kegs, liquor and loud music are what you want, then Ohio State fits the bill.” At least, that’s what The Lantern wrote after OSU was named the No. 15 party school in the country in 1998. And an alumnus from 1984 said he remembers there being off-campus parties with “a trash container just full of liquor.” Jim Grega, who graduated with a degree in productions operations in 1984, said though, that nobody he hung out with “ever got drunk to the point of not being able to take care of themselves.” Haley de Leon, a current fourth-year in social work, said she didn’t think drinking had ever interfered with… Read more

Booze, books and the balance: When drinking goes too far

December 17, 2014
When he came to college, Michael Langley spent so much time drinking alcohol that he recalls failing every class his first semester and eventually getting kicked out of school. He said he thinks he got a 0.0 GPA when he was a freshman at the University of Akron, but he didn’t realize that he had been drinking so heavily. He didn’t start consuming alcohol until that first semester, but said once he did, it just felt right “I was an athlete in high school and I was pretty straight-edged, didn’t do anything wrong. I remember drinking for the first time with friends (in college) and just really feeling like I… Read more

Opinion: Freshman, fences among 6 people you’ll meet at Mirror Lake jump

November 25, 2014
The Mirror Lake jump is upon us, so you might as well jump, jump on it, jump! jump! jump! and whatever other ’80s or ’90s dance anthem you want to use.  Here are some people you will see at the … err … university tradition that became sanctioned but is denied as being sanctioned but acknowledged as sanctioned through imposed rules? Or, you know, the Mirror Lake jump.  Person angry about the wristbands He was mad last year, and he’s sure as hell still mad this year. These two years of being forced to wear a wristband are the worst of this person’s life.  This person feels he is the… Read more

Columbus in final 3 to host Democratic National Convention

November 25, 2014
The Big Apple, The City of Brotherly Love and … Columbus. Columbus is in the final three for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The DNC announced Monday that Columbus, Philadelphia and Brooklyn were all on the shortlist to host the 2016 convention. The cities that were cut from the running included Phoenix and Birmingham, Ala. Brian Ross, CEO of Experience Columbus, said he was happy to hear the announcement. Experience Columbus helped put together and submit the bid for the Democratic convention, which includes listing hotels, arenas, transportation and other infrastructure specifics in Columbus. “It’s very exciting and we’re very excited to see that Columbus is in the national spotlight… Read more

Crime brief: Student tried to kick officers out of his room

November 20, 2014
Drug paraphernalia A male staff member called University Police after he smelled what he thought was burnt marijuana in a South Campus residence hall on Monday at about 11:30 p.m. When officers arrived at the room where the staff member smelled the marijuana, they saw the student who lived there coming out of the bathroom. The student, who was visibly shaking, then went into another room after pausing for a moment, according to a University Police report. The officers started knocking on the door, where they also smelled burnt marijuana. After a short time, the student came out of the other room he was in and told the officers they… Read more