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Columbus shops collaborate to create coffee trail

November 24, 2014
For the love of coffee. That’s what it all brews down to on the Columbus Coffee Trail. “We all love coffee and we all love each other’s coffee,” said Mick Evans, co-owner of the Short North’s One Line Coffee and co-founder of the Columbus Coffee Trail. And it’s because of that love that a total of 12 Columbus coffee shops owned by seven “competing” companies have teamed up to make the Columbus Coffee Trail. The concept of the trail is relatively simple: customers pick up a card at one of the participating stores and then buy a drink or food item at four or more locations. At each stop, customers… Read more

The Scarlet Scoop: Results released from 2nd investigation into OSU Marching Band

November 21, 2014
After former Ohio State Marching Band director Jonathan Waters was fired back in July following a university investigation that found there was a “sexualized culture” within the band, OSU launched a second investigation, this time led by former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery. Now, the results from the second investigation are in. This week’s episode of “The Scarlet Scoop” has the story.… Read more

Close to home: What it’s like to be a victim of an off-campus crime

November 21, 2014
From the beginning of the school year to Thursday, University Police have recorded a total of 923 crime reports at both on- and off-campus locations, according to University Police’s daily log. Those reports included everything from public urination and underage drinking to burglaries, sexual assaults and disorderly conduct. And those crimes don’t even include the reports that Columbus Division of Police officers also took in off-campus areas. The Lantern spoke to some of those victims about what it felt like to be the target of a crime, and about what they want other people in the OSU community to know. Armed robbery It was cold outside. That’s one of the… Read more

VIDEO: OSU students catch peeping Tom masturbating outside off-campus homes

November 20, 2014
The knock on the basement window couldn’t have come at a worse time. It was past midnight and Lauren Tepe and her roommates had just finished watching “American Horror Story” in the basement of their off-campus house, Tepe recalled. “We have a big window in our basement and we hear this knock,” said Tepe, a third-year in psychology. “We were like, ‘What was that?’”… Read more

2 women held at gunpoint off-campus

November 16, 2014
An unidentified suspect held up two women at gunpoint Thursday night and then robbed one of them, according to a Columbus Division of Police web report. It happened around Waldeck and East Frambes avenues shortly before midnight Thursday, the report states. The report said the suspect brandished a gun and then demanded one of the women give up her wallet. The woman threw her wallet at the suspect, who then fled the scene without taking anything from the other woman. The suspect took an estimated $30 worth of property from the victim, including her wallet, cash, credit cards and ID, according to the release. Both women appear to be Ohio… Read more

The Scarlet Scoop: Questions surround the Mirror Lake jump

November 14, 2014

Many questions surround this year’s Mirror Lake jump, and this episode of “The Scarlet Scoop” addresses perhaps the most important question surrounding the annual tradition: will the jump even happen? This episode also features updates on what many people are calling “Carmegeddon” after the Carmen website experienced a days-long outage.… Read more

Campus Partners takes next step to redevelop area south of campus

November 13, 2014
As part of an ongoing process to revitalize one of the “most distressed” neighborhoods near Ohio State, Campus Partners for Community Urban Redevelopment announced Wednesday it will be working with developer Edwards Communities to revitalize part of the area around Weinland Park, Campus Partners president Amanda Hoffsis said. “This is part of the process that has been under way for a while,” she said. “This isn’t a brand new thing — this is the next step in a series of improvements in that area.” Since early October, Campus Partners ­— a private nonprofit corporation that works on community planning in the campus area alongside OSU and the city of Columbus… Read more

Roommates help take down band of burglars

November 9, 2014
When one of the men living at 444 E. 16th Ave. awoke to the sound of footsteps running up and down his stairs, he turned on the lights — and realized his house had been burglarized. Once the other housemates were aware of what happened, they didn’t call the cops. They didn’t even take an inventory of all the stuff that was missing. Instead, they grabbed a crowbar and a baseball bat and jumped into action. “Our adrenaline’s going, and we’re mad,” recalled Dominique Ybanes, a second-year in strategic communication and one of the renters of the property. “So if we see them, we’re going to take the opportunity.” It… Read more

The Scarlet Scoop: Off-Campus Burglars Arrested

November 7, 2014
After a recent string of thefts, off-campus burglars have been arrested. This episode of the Scarlet Scoop also looks at new High Street restaurant Tom & Chee as well as Ruth Baby Ginsburg.… Read more

Band of burglars arrested for reportedly targeting off-campus homes

November 6, 2014
For a band of burglars that admitted to targeting at least one off-campus residence — but is suspected of hitting several more — six might have been their unlucky number. The quartet had already robbed at least five off-campus homes and gotten away with it before they tried to rob a sixth, Columbus Division of Police Commander Christopher Bowling said. But it was during this sixth attempted robbery when the bandits were caught red-handed. “The next thing we know is we’ve got at least one burglary, which multiplied up to at at least six,” Bowling said. “Whether there are more or not, I don’t know.” CPD officers arrested three of… Read more