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Concert review: MisterWives gives enthusiastic performance, but lacks in fine details

March 1, 2015
It was hard not to feel happy after MisterWives played in Columbus. The band’s songs inherently make you feel good, and it’s easy to jump around to the pop beats. It’s just happy music. When the six members came out to “Our Own House,” the song their tour was named after, it seemed like every head was nodding at the Saturday night show. The group put on a good performance, but it was MisterWives’ first headlining tour and in some ways, it showed. There were benefits of it being the band’s first top-tier tour. It seemed that the band members were genuinely grateful to be performing, and between songs they… Read more

Concert review: Hozier brings the power and the glory to the LC

February 28, 2015
It’s incredible how much things can change in six months. Back at the end of August, there’s a good chance you had never heard of Andrew Hozier-Byrne, known by his stage name of Hozier. Back then he was simply an Irish artist about to release his first LP — just another drop in the bucket that is the global music scene in the internet age. Friday night, however, was much different. The golden-voiced yet soft-spoken 24-year-old came to Columbus for the first time to sing to all those fans he’s gained in the past months — and the results were extraordinary. Backed by the success of one of the biggest… Read more

Opinion: ‘The Last 5 Years’ echoes the trials of real-life romance

February 26, 2015
Relationships are hard. Can we all agree on that? When two different people try and do life together, there are undeniably going to be sacrifices and compromises. For the lucky ones, the positives outweigh the negatives, and that’s enough to keep them together. For the couple in the film “The Last Five Years,” however, the opposite scenario occurs. Through a compelling he-said, she-said narrative set in New York City, “The Last Five Years” is a film adaptation of Jason Robert Brown’s musical production by the same name. The plot unfolds by struggling actress Cathy Hiatt (Anna Kendrick) and up-and-coming author Jamie Wellerstein (Jeremy Jordan) recounting the moments throughout the last… Read more

Writers’ Block open mic keeps the poems flowing at Kafe Kerouac

February 26, 2015
At the front of the line of people waiting to pay $5 to get into Kafe Kerouac’s intimate and book-filled performance space, a man asked, “Will I be able to get back in if I leave to smoke a cigarette?” The woman collecting people’s money while taking the names of the night’s poets responded quickly: “Nope. Because once I take your five dollars, I’m going to take you to the back and chain you up.” There was a pause, then the man responded with, “Does that cost extra?” That woman is Vernell Bristow, who graduated in 1995 from Ohio State with master’s degrees in African-American studies and English literature, and… Read more

Photographer and cellist explore aesthetic of industry within nature

February 25, 2015
Nestled a mile and a half upstream from the Ohio River in Cheshire, Ohio, lies the Gavin Power Plant. The plant consumes over 25 thousand tons of coal a day, making it the largest coal fired power facility in Ohio. But to photographer Mitch Epstein, it’s also art. Epstein and cellist and composer Erik Friedlander are set to collaborate in the Wexner Center for the Arts’ upcoming show, “American Power,” an audiovisual act centered on Epstein’s photo series that surveys how the American landscape is affected by various power sources. During 2003-08, Epstein traveled to 25 states across the U.S. taking pictures of power sources such as dams and nuclear,… Read more

Ohio State alumnus gives ‘Claudel’ new life

February 25, 2015
It all began about 25 years ago in Paris when Tim Veach visited the museum of August Rodin, and saw a sculpture of two lovers embracing called “Sakountala” by Rodin’s lover, Camille Claudel. Veach immediately bought a print of it, rolled it up, and brought it back to the U.S. Inspired by Claudel’s ability to infuse the illusion of motion into a static sculpture, Veach, an Ohio State alumnus and founder and artistic director of Columbus Dance Theatre, choreographed a ballet in honor of Claudel in 2014. “Claudel” is one of many things Veach has done because of the university fellowship he received from OSU. “It’s a testament to Ohio… Read more

Opinion: TLC does reality TV right

February 25, 2015
I have always found cartoons to be stressful. They are too brightly colored, too loud with too much activity. This caused me to look elsewhere for my television fill at a young age. Enter TLC. My obsession with the network began before I had even graduated elementary school. After school I would consume mass amounts of “A Wedding Story,” “A Baby Story” and “What Not to Wear” to glean information that I thought would be useful as an adult. Now I am an adult (technically) and my devotion to TLC has remained. Last fall, the network aired its final episode of “What Not to Wear” after 10 seasons. There will… Read more

Students to perform “Legally Blonde” musical for charity

February 24, 2015
Blonde-haired beauty Elle Woods is strutting her pink pumps from Harvard Law School to Ohio State for the next two weekends in Off The Lake Production’s “Legally Blonde The Musical.” “Legally Blonde The Musical,” originally a Broadway adaptation of 2001 movie starring Reese Witherspoon, tells the story of a charismatic sorority girl named Elle Woods who chases her college boyfriend to Harvard Law School. While many people are familiar with the movie, music director Brittany von Stein, a fourth-year in music education, hopes OTL will bring a new dynamic to the performance. “Within OTL we have this quality of realness, of raw talent,” von Stein said. “It just seems believable.… Read more

Old Hundred’s numbers the sum of each member’s contributions

February 24, 2015
In a quaint brewery nestled in the middle of farmland, the members of Old Hundred crooned and strummed guitars. On Feb. 15, rock band Old Hundred played for a small audience at Rockmill Brewery in Lancaster. Although not one to perform in large-scale tours, the down-to-earth band draws fans to the venues where they do perform and has a strong following within Ohio. The group’s most recent album, “Let in the Light,” recently was named third best local album of 2014 by Columbus Alive. Old Hundred began with childhood friends Nate Gelinas and Jon Helm and soon after added members Blake Skidmore, Hal Hixson and Gordy Smith. They started out… Read more

Opinion: Academy rightfully casts politics aside, gives the Oscar to the best movie

February 23, 2015
In recent years, the winner of Best Picture at the Academy Awards has all but been decided by Oscar night. “Boyhood” and “Birdman” each took home awards at the various award shows that come before the Oscars and both movies had a legitimate shot in taking home Hollywood’s top award on Sunday night. Ever since “Slumdog Millionaire” won the Oscar in 2009, the winner for Best Picture has been predicted by the winner at the BAFTAs and the Producer’s Guild of America. Since then, this was the first years in which the organizations were split, with “Boyhood” taking home the top prize at the BAFTAs and “Birdman” doing the same… Read more