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OUABudget nears $2.15 million for fiscal year 2014

April 22, 2014
The Big Free Concert might have been free for students to attend, but the Ohio Union Activities Board had a significant budget to pay for Childish Gambino and his supporting acts. The OUAB budget was just shy of the $2.1 million mark for last year, but exceeded that in 2014. OUAB was allocated about $2.1 million for fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013) while this year, the organization has a budget of $2.15 million. The organization is funded through the $37.50 student activity fee paid by each student each semester, and 53.2 percent of the total amount amassed through the fee was allotted to OUAB each… Read more

Weinland Park to be focus of comic book narratives

April 21, 2014
Gotham City, Krypton and … Columbus? Although Ohio’s capital city might not initially seem like a typical comic book setting, a new project is localizing the art of comics and incorporating the spirit of a community into the adventures that fill its pages. The “Weinland Park Story Book” project is a “hand-illustrated, limited edition publication” that is set to tell the stories of the Weinland Park area, according to the Ohio State Wexner Center for the Arts website. The book is set to include more than 100 stories and anecdotes collected from residents of Weinland Park, accompanied by illustrations created by children who live in the area, as well as… Read more

We Are Scientists hope to bring ‘new love’ to Columbus’ The Basement

April 21, 2014
The New York-based alternative rock band We Are Scientists is aiming to bring a live experience unlike any other to the Columbus stage. They hope to invoke feelings of a “new love” by creating an intimate, audience-involved show, the likes of which they said are rare in today’s music industry. Established as a side project to “have a hobby,” We Are Scientists formed in 2000. The current touring group consists of vocalist and guitarist Keith Murray, bassist Chris Cain and percussionist Keith Carne. “It (the band) certainly was unexpected. In the early days, we absolutely didn’t start the band because we thought it would be a good career idea,” Cain… Read more

Art, technology to intermingle in Ohio State exhibit

April 21, 2014
Art and technology are set to mingle in a modern student showcase at Ohio State. SQUINT, the art and technology spring exhibition, is set to open Tuesday on the first floor of Hopkins Hall. The exhibition features work from undergraduate and graduate students currently taking classes in art and technology at OSU. Shirley Wu, a third-year in art, said the process for students to display their work at the exhibition is challenging. Wu said students submit their pieces to be judged by their instructors and are then selected for a spot in the exhibition. The art and technology major, a division of the department of art, has allowed some of… Read more

Ron Pope to perform songs with ‘emotion that people understand’ in Columbus

April 21, 2014
Alternative artist Ron Pope said it is thrilling have his music featured in other mediums, such as on television and movies. Pope’s music has been heard on shows such as “The Vampire Diaries” and “90210.” “It’s really enjoyable to see other people that are creating different kinds of art, whether it’s people who are dancers, or people who are making television shows or movies or whatever and they’re including the music. When I’m making music, I’m going to record the songs, people are going to listen to it in their house and maybe they’ll get to see me on tour and maybe I can play the songs for them. So,… Read more

Restaurant review: Columbus’ Rigsby’s Kitchen worth the splurge

April 21, 2014
Rigsby’s Kitchen is a hip, little Italian and Mediterranean enclave within the Short North. The art and photographs hanging from the aged brick walls and the dimmed lighting combine to give a warm ambience in this trendy establishment. Soft, popular music filled the one-room restaurant and provided great background noise paired with the many conversations at each table of guests. Opened in 1986, the restaurant prides itself on the rich, local ingredients from the best food vendors around. This fresh, high quality is one aspect evident in our meals. The menu boasts their commitment to seasonal excellence with a “Farm to Table” section exhibiting a list of the “local farmers… Read more

Opinion: Pop culture relevance makes GIFs a new art form

April 21, 2014
It turns out GIFs aren’t just for BuzzFeed or your sister’s Tumblr anymore — they’re also for … London art galleries? When I saw a Facebook post titled, “A panel of judges selected these GIFs as finalists in a newly created photography contest. They’re mesmerizing,” I almost discredited any esteem and respect I held for the Washington Post on the spot. However, after clicking the link, I must say I was indeed mesmerized, not only by the artwork displayed but by the fact that I considered it artwork. The article showed the winner, Christina Rinaldi, and 5 runners up, which all showed a surprising amount of work and intention aimed… Read more

Japanese culture celebrated at Ohio State festival

April 21, 2014
People from all different ethnicities joined together Saturday in the Ohio Union to celebrate one thing: Japanese culture. Saturday was the ninth annual Japanese Spring Festival, an event presented by the Ohio State Japanese Student Organization, with the purpose of showcasing traditional and modern Japanese culture. More than 250 people arrived at the Ohio Union Performance Hall for the event, which was filled with booths in the form of a U-shape with a cluster of tables in the center where visitors sat using chopsticks and ate Japanese food from the local Tensuke Market. With careful bites, people filled their mouths with pieces of bean bread, cream bread, melon bread and… Read more

Opinion: Ohio State tradition, winter blues balance each other out in overall review of Columbus

April 21, 2014
“Zooming In” is a weekly series in which Photo editor Shelby Lum provides her insight. It’s been a good go Columbus, really. But I think I owe you a bit of honesty. Monday is my last day of undergraduate classes at THE Ohio State, and it has been quite a run to get here. But four years in a city (and state for that matter) that I had never thought about until I received my acceptance letter has had both ups and downs. So as my classes come to a close and my (hopefully) passing grades are posted for one last time on Carmen, I can’t help but wonder how… Read more

Review: Karmin goes from classical training to Columbus stage

April 20, 2014
Karmin boasts a new, uncharted model in the pop genre. The blueprints of the duo in itself, consisting of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, aren’t unique. Music has exhibited the power of the dyad for decades from the likes of famous twosomes Simon and Garfunkel, Sonny and Cher and Johnny and June. However, the Top 40 doesn’t exactly embrace the concept of a two-person group. In fact, in the sea of solo acts and boy bands amongst Billboard’s pop-induced ranks, the only pair in practice is Macklemore and his inconspicuous other half, Ryan Lewis. “That’s the thing — there really isn’t a model for (musical duos),” Noonan said in an… Read more