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Ohio State D-Tix to implement online lottery system

April 18, 2014
“First come, first serve” will no longer be D-Tix’s philosophy. D-Tix is set to move to an online lottery for its special events and high-demand discounted tickets for Ohio State students. D-Tix is a service through the Ohio Union that offers reduced-priced tickets for events ranging from concerts to ziplining in and around the Columbus area. The lottery system will be implemented June 1 and will be used specifically for high-demand events. Tickets for other events, such as the Columbus Zoo and Gateway Film Center, can still be purchased in person at the D-Tix desk. “We got student input that there were a certain amount of students who simply couldn’t… Read more

Opinion: Selfies reach presidential level upon Biden’s presence on Instagram

April 17, 2014
Guys, I told you: selfies weren’t going anywhere. Joe Biden — THE Joe Biden, vice president of the United States of America — made an Instagram account Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, this launched the Internet into a frenzy. “Seriously, his first post is utter perfection,” “Time” pop culture reporter Samantha Grossman wrote Wednesday. The shot — which features Biden in the background reading over something that I probably don’t have the clearance level to touch, and, in the foreground, his iconic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses — promised a future filled with pictures of one of Pennsylvania’s best exports and his stylish eyewear. And the future is now: In true Instagram fashion — seriously,… Read more

Opinion: Necessity of a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ sequel doubtful

April 17, 2014
As if Hollywood couldn’t shell out anymore sequels from the past — your favorite Scottish nanny is set to return to the big screen. “Mrs. Doubtfire,” the 1993 film starring Robin Williams in the title role, is set for a sequel from “Elf” writer David Berenbaum, according to “The Hollywood Reporter.” Directed by “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” director Christopher Columbus, the original film earned more than $400 million worldwide and an Oscar award for best make-up. The dramedy follows the story of Daniel Hillard (Williams), an actor who disguises himself as Mrs. Doubtfire, his female Scottish nanny alter ego, in order to see his children held under custody… Read more

Opinion: ‘Game of Thrones’ provides commentary on modern day dwarfism

April 17, 2014
I don’t usually watch “Game of Thrones,” but when I’m invited over to eat pancakes and watch TV, I’m the first one there. In last week’s episode, there was a wedding. I’ve gathered from my friends’ comments that weddings are common on the show. This spoiled, blond brat with a creepily small face was getting married to this seemingly normal lady. The brat would then become king. I think. I was too busy stuffing my face with pancakes to follow the plot line too closely. But one of the wedding festivities did fully catch my attention. The brat brought out five dwarves to re-enact a battle between former kings. Because… Read more

Opinion: ‘Rick and Morty’ weirdly contiguous, profoundly philosophical

April 17, 2014
The best new show on television is a cartoon — “Rick and Morty,” an animated television series which premiered on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in early December. It follows the inter-dimensional hijinks of alcoholic grandpa and super scientist, Rick, and his slow-witted grandson, Morty. “Rick and Morty” was created by Dan Harmon, the creator of NBC sitcom “Community” and Justin Roiland, who is among other things, the infamous voice of Lemongrab in “Adventure Time.” The show has enjoyed monstrous ratings since its inception. According to, in the young male demographic, it has at times literally beaten every other show on television during prime time, even shows that aired on… Read more

Basement to big stage, Saintseneca to be Next@Wex

April 17, 2014
The transition folk-rock band Saintseneca made from playing Columbus basements years ago to large-scale settings now — like a set at Cincinnati’s Bunbury Music Festival this summer — has not been a difficult one to cope with, said the band’s singer and multi-instrumentalist Zac Little. “It’s a fuzzy kind of transition. It’s more of a continuum,” Little said. “It’s less of two discrete worlds unto themselves. To me it all feels kind of connected.” Little mentioned that Saintseneca still plays basement shows on occasion, but its upcoming release show for its most recent album, “Dark Arc,” at the Wexner Center for the Arts’ Performance Space Saturday is a departure from… Read more

Columbus’ Dude Locker to host Worst Kept Secret Fest

April 17, 2014
From the sidewalk of East Hudson Street, the faint sounds of electric guitar ballads and the occasional hammering drum solo can be heard over the noisy hum of I-71. Here lies local music safe haven, the Dude Locker — a practice space and intimate concert venue primarily aimed toward musicians who are actively a part of the Columbus music scene. This “garage band style” venue is set to open its gates Friday at 6 p.m., for the masses to experience local independent artists and musicians uniting into what is known as Worst Kept Secret Fest. Worst Kept Secret Fest V, the fifth of a twice a year event, is set… Read more

Review: Bruce Springsteen croons classics, appeases ‘High Hopes’ of Columbus crowd

April 17, 2014
Bruce Springsteen showed up to Columbus ready and able. In a 26-song, three-hour set (give or take on both quantities) Tuesday night at Nationwide Arena, Springsteen proved he was phosphorescent, incapable of burning out. Even when he seemed on the verge of quitting from exhaustion, the Boss would reckon a shout in the form of, “Columbus, do you have anything left?” There is precedence for a Springsteen show. It was expected from reputation that the 64-year-old New Jersey musician, backed with the latest brand of the E Street Band, would plow through an unrelenting list of hits and refusing, with a smile, to settle down. Springsteen did sprinkle in some… Read more

Columbus hardcore band Colors illustrates love through ‘a lot of sadness’

April 17, 2014
In an attempt to shine light on local music, The Lantern’s “Columbus’ Own” is a weekly series that will profile a new Columbus band every week.… Read more Upon first listening to Colors, vocalist Jordan Byrd’s distinct sound might not invoke the word “love” in one’s mind. Love, however, is exactly what the “screamo and melodic hardcore” group — as drummer Antonio Foushee described — was founded upon. “We all really, really, really love each other,” Foushee said of his four fellow bandmates. “We just bring completely different things to the table that end up binding really, really well.” The loving relationships of Colors begin with a simple philosophy, both Foushee

Opinion: Jay-Z, Beyonce tour, new Magic Mike movie make pop headlines

April 17, 2014
This is part of a weekly series called “Pop Opinions” where The Lantern offers its take on the week’s pop culture news. Power Couple Does a Power Tour Sources told the New York Post Wednesday that Jay-Z and Beyoncé will be touring together this summer. Cue worldwide applause and bowing. Few details are known so far besides that it will be a stadium tour (duh, the Newport can’t handle that) and will start in late June. I am assuming that ticket prices will be queen-sized. I am hoping with crossed fingers that Blue Ivy is the opener. Coachella The only musical festival I’ve enjoyed going to is Warped Tour (moment… Read more