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Opinion: Rich kids flash fortune on Instagram with little concern, extreme egocentricity

November 21, 2014
It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter what cultural social norms surround the world you were brought into, and it sure as hell holds no regard to any inter-personal experiences you — or anyone else — might have: Rich kids are useless brats, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s embodied in the apparently invincible Rich Kids of Instagram/Rich Kids of Tehran phenomenon. Acting less upon thought and more influenced by daddy’s Bugatti, selfies with gigantic bottles of champagne and the private jet out back, this clan of spoiled children is obviously better to be self-exiled to its own narcissism-smeared reality — where even on… Read more

Opinion: Snapcash not immune to its own ‘Snappening’

November 20, 2014
Snapchat: A popular social media app used for sending pictures, videos, and … money? On Monday, Snapchat released its latest update, known as “Snapcash.” Through its partnership with Square, a mobile payment service, you can now exchange money with your Snapchat friends with the touch of a button.  All you have to do is link the app to your debit card and … wait a minute.  This app used to be for sending pictures. Let’s back up a little bit.  When Snapchat was first released in 2011, its only function was to privately send pictures to friends.  Since then, updates have been made including the addition of videos and the… Read more

‘Innovative’ Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band to bring improvised sound for Next@Wex

November 20, 2014
A band coming to Columbus on Friday looks to break the concert mold. “We don’t actually do a show,” said Chris Forsyth, guitarist and composer for Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band. “The set list changes every night. It’s a living, breathing thing.” Forsyth said the amount of material available from two full albums as well as solo material from the other three members of the band allows them to change it up every night. However, the band is not limited to its pre-existing material. “Sometimes we literally just make things up on the spot,” Forsyth said. “There are things that aren’t rehearsed at all.” The band is set… Read more

Brick by brick: Lego sculptures imagine Columbus in a new age

November 20, 2014
Columbus wasn’t built in a day. In fact, it took one group of avid builders nine years to assemble. An exhibit featuring sculptures made entirely from Legos — “Think Outside the Brick” — is making its third annual appearance at the Columbus Museum of Art’s Center for Creativity starting Friday. The exhibition will explore the city of Columbus through Legos that come in many colors, sizes and shapes. The main installation is built by the Central Ohio Lego Train Club — a group of Ohio-dwelling adults who see the colorful bricks not as a children’s toy, but as an artistic and structural medium. The COLTC’s collaborative model, “Columbus: Real and… Read more

Cal Scruby’s confidence shines in music industry

November 20, 2014
Drake started his music career after starring on popular Canadian TV show “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” Chance the Rapper recorded his first mixtape during a 10-day suspension while he was in high school. Ohio State 2014 alumnus, Cal Scruby, recorded his first project, “Best Foot Forward,” in the Whisper Room on the third floor of the Science and Engineering Library — now called the 18th Avenue Library — while he was a student studying new media and information technology. “It’s like a phone booth sized recording area where the walls are all insulated professionally,” Scruby said. “I just recorded and mixed my own stuff. That whole process probably took (about)… Read more

Miranda July to stage a spirited performance at Capitol Theatre

November 20, 2014
It might be the middle of November, but a little July will be found at the heart of Columbus. Miranda July’s theatrical experiment, “New Society,” is set to be performed Thursday in the Capitol Theatre at the Riffe Center, presented by the Wexner Center for the Arts. July’s work was selected by the Wexner Center for the Arts as part of its 25th anniversary season celebration, said Erik Pepple, spokesman for the center.  July has received many awards and major recognition for her art, filmography and writing, according to her website. Her film “Me and You and Everyone We Know” — a story of a shoe salesman and performance artist… Read more

Donatos Basement serves pizza, beer, local music

November 19, 2014
Pizza isn’t the only thing you can find at Donatos on High Street. The basement of the chain pizza joint at 2084 N. High St. holds a venue — aptly named Donatos Basement — used for a variety of events. Donatos Basement has seen everything from bridal showers to comedy events to hardcore music shows. The space features a full bar, stage, sound system and even a dumbwaiter for pizzas. Trevor Jewell, the bar manager and venue coordinator for Donatos, said the reaction to the venue has been positive. “Most of the time, (audiences are) pleasantly surprised,” he said. He said there are many other Donatos locations with party rooms,… Read more

Album review: Lorde the real heroine, makes ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ soundtrack

November 19, 2014
The shimmering choral battle cries and looming bass lines that create the star-studded 14-track collaboration of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1” soundtrack will find itself in the new alt-psych-pop genre’s hall of fame. Lorde’s “Pure Heroine” can be seen coursing through the veins of the new album, giving die-hard Lorde fans somewhat of a sequel to her soaring debut album. The earlier unveiled track list admitted the loss of past soundtrack contributors: Maroon 5, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and Taylor Swift, whose larger-than-life “1989” dropped a couple weeks ago. However, the loss of these superstars does not seem to have an effect when upcoming stars like Ariana Grande, Charli… Read more

Opinion: New generation, new line of stars help heal with Band Aid 30

November 19, 2014
In 1984, a group of the UK-centric pop stars came together to form Band Aid. The group recorded a song to raise money for the famine that was crippling Ethiopia at the time. The resulting single, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” raised about $14 million for the cause. Artists included Duran Duran, Boy George, George Michael, Sting and Bono. It’s my favorite Christmas song because of its upbeat tempo and heartfelt message. I remember watching the video for the song with my dad, and he would name all of the artists as they appeared on the screen. However, they all looked the same to me because of the helmets of… Read more

Robin Wright: ‘There’s always another pinnacle to strive for’

November 17, 2014
Robin Wright hasn’t hit all of her goals quite yet. The actress and director came to Ohio State on Monday to speak at the Ohio Union in a forum akin to “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” The Texas native is famous for her roles as Princess Buttercup in “The Princess Bride” and Jenny Curran in “Forrest Gump.” Since 2013, she’s starred as Claire Underwood in the Netflix political thriller “House of Cards” — a role that’s made her the first actress to win a Golden Globe for a television series distributed online only. But now, at 48, she told The Lantern she’s hoping to move away from acting into directing. She… Read more