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A pop of culture: Comic Con to keep Columbus costumed, entertained

October 31, 2014
Halloween walkers, roamers, lurkers or biters would be best off sticking in the University District this weekend. After all, the man who portrays Daryl Dixon — highly skilled hunter and tracker in “The Walking Dead” — will be present downtown. Not to mention, Freddy Krueger will be lurking.  Ohio’s annual Comic Con ­is set to fill the Greater Columbus Convention Center with art, merchandise, costumes, vendors and more than 60 celebrity panels Friday through Sunday. Actors from hit television shows, including Norman Reedus (aka Daryl Dixon), Andrew J. West and Steven Yeun from AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” “Charmed” actresses Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs, as well as Giancarlo Esposito… Read more

Opinion: Women’s ‘sexy’ costumes absurd, often worn in bad taste

October 31, 2014
It’s Halloween, which unfortunately that means we are about to be subjected to a lot of tasteless costumes. Last weekend, I went out with a friend of mine to go shopping for costumes at Spirit Halloween, located at 1624 N. High St. We were shopping for a wig for my friend’s costume, but we couldn’t help but notice — and be disgusted by — the female costumes on display. It seemed as if the costume designers either ran out of fabric or thought that all women on Halloween want to bear their legs under skirts during brisk October nights. The movie “Mean Girls” became a pop culture phenomenon after its… Read more

Concert review: Mary Lambert gives inspiring performance in Columbus show

October 31, 2014
One can hardly begin to describe Mary Lambert. Charismatic, witty, charming and immensely talented are a few words that come to mind ­— but these are just the tip of the iceberg. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform Wednesday at the A&R Music Bar on Neil Avenue ­— a rather intimate venue for an artist of her caliber — with a congregation of less than 100. One might remember Lambert from rapper Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song “Same Love.” This same song was performed at the Grammys with the assistance of Madonna while couples of various races, ages and sexual orientations were married by entertainer Queen Latifah. Opener… Read more

Real life meets ‘reel life’ in Ohio State’s production of ‘City of Angels’

October 26, 2014
A tale of two Hollywoods comes to life in an collaborative effort between the Ohio State Department of Theatre and School of Music. “City of Angels” is an upcoming musical production that blurs the line between reality and fiction. The Tony award-winning jazz musical is an homage to 1940s film noir, according to the Department of Theatre’s website. The musical made its Broadway debut in 1989 and follows Stine, a writer struggling to adapt a detective novel into a screenplay in present-day Hollywood. His novel, which shares the name of the musical, comes to life and follows the adventures of a private eye, Stone, in 1940s Hollywood. “What you see… Read more

Halloween-themed EDM music festival quietly making noise

October 26, 2014
Quintessential Halloween songs will be remixed into monster mashups when electronic dance music artists and DJs from around the world take the stage at Columbus’ first–ever Haunted Fest music festival. Presented by Prime Social Group, a Columbus-based concert promotions company, Haunted Fest is scheduled to take place in the Greater Columbus Convention Center’s Battelle Hall on Friday. “It is not often that you get to go to an entire music festival on the same night as Halloween,” said Mat Herbers, national director of marketing for Prime Social Group. “It felt like Columbus was missing a big Halloween event, and it is always great to infuse the Halloween theme with big… Read more

Review: Aakash Odedra spectacular in solo dance at the Wex

October 25, 2014
Through a soft haze from the fog machines, Aakash Odedra was slowly illuminated in a confined black room. The solo dancer sprung into life, at times punctuating the air with his arms — at others, swimming through it. This dance, “Nritta,” was the first of four on Friday night by Odedra, a British dancer and choreographer specializing in Kathak and Bharat Natyam, two styles of Indian dance. These four performances, collectively titled “Rising,” premiered in 2011 as the inaugural work of Odedra’s recently founded production company. Since then, he has choreographed works for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and has performed solo shows at venues as diverse as London’s Royal Opera… Read more

One Direction set to play ‘Shoe in 2015

October 23, 2014
British boy band One Direction is set to perform at Ohio Stadium next year after new dates for its “On the Road Again” tour were announced Thursday. The pop group is set to perform in Columbus on Aug. 18, making it the second concert announced at the venue for next summer. “We knew they were planning a stadium tour, and we just went for it,” said Gary O’Brien, OSU spokesman for business advancement. The pop group, which formed out of the embers of its members’ failed solo acts on “The X Factor,” also did a sell-out stadium tour in 2014. Ending Oct. 5, it grossed more than $290 million from… Read more

Concert review: Walk the Moon get back to its roots in Columbus show

October 22, 2014
Once the bubble bursts, it is nearly impossible to recapture what was there before. Walk the Moon’s bubble burst about two years ago, when “Anna Sun” became an unexpected hit and the Ohio-bred band went from waiting for its big break to seeing it unfold before its eyes. The band members toured across the country and through Europe, along the way becoming alt pop radio mainstays. Booking a Columbus show at the relatively small venue The Basement might have been the band’s way of rediscovering its roots, but there is nothing like quickly selling out a gig to remind you that there are more people who want to hear your… Read more

Hypnotist transfixes Ohio State students

October 20, 2014
Stage hypnosis lives in a strange middle ground between pseudoscience and the surreal. Skeptics abound, detailing alleged trade secrets that performers use to trick the audience — including planting actors as participants and or whispering instructions into their ears. Yet first-hand participants often recall a strange altered state in which they follow every instruction, and some have even criticized hypnotists for putting them in embarrassing situations. Whether it’s placebo, trickery, meditation, manipulation or some other method, it’s a stage act that’s been around for more than a century. Hypnotist Erick Kand took Ohio State students through that strange trip Monday night in a comedy hypnotism show sponsored by the Ohio… Read more

Concert review: Christine McVie helps Fleetwood Mac stage a jubilant return to Columbus

October 20, 2014
It’s a marvel that Fleetwood Mac was even on stage to perform last night. It is a band that has gone through a great deal of emotional turmoil, and more recently, physical stress, as bassist John McVie was diagnosed with cancer roughly one year ago. Two other members have died within the last three years, one to suicide and the other to a hemorrhage. They have four members who have gone through two failed relationships (one divorce) within the band and have had several key members come and go. They even bared their emotional and romantic troubles out on their 1977 multi-platinum album “Rumours.” And when the band finally gained… Read more