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Multimedia artists use walkways as hallways

August 27, 2014
Often, artwork can be isolated inside, bound to galleries and museums. That tendency was one the master’s of fine arts candidates at Ohio State fought to break this year. Contributing artist Lillianna Marie said this is the first time the MFA second-years diffused their works around campus and the city. Typically, all the works are clumped together in one gallery. The title of the exhibition, “The Instant Now,” reflects the one thing all artists share, contributor Bill Randall said. “As artists, we all work in really different disciplines, so there’s not necessarily a theme you can draw out of the work. But there’s one thing we all share, and that’s… Read more

Exhibit aims to frame feminism in a different angle

August 25, 2014
A new exhibit on Ohio State’s campus advocates feminist ideas as a way to encourage human equality as a whole. The OSU Arts Initiative exhibit “Tracers Takes Over” was brought to Hopkins Hall by a collective of artists, educators and activists known as Tracers. The group is interested in promoting feminism and other forms of social justice. “We aim to help students to see a broader history and view of feminism,” said Melissa Woods, co-organizer of the exhibit and adjunct professor at Columbus College of Art & Design. “Things have changed, but when developments are made, they tend to slide back.” “Tracers Takes Over” features panel discussions with OSU scholars… Read more

Ohio State cartoon museum to open new exhibits

August 13, 2014
Comic lovers, art enthusiasts and history buffs alike have two new attractions to look forward to on Ohio State’s campus. The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, which occupies the northern section of Sullivant Hall, is set to introduce two new featured exhibits Saturday. Outreach coordinator Caitlin McGurk said one display called “Will Eisner: 75 Years of Graphic Storytelling” will consist of a retrospective of the work of its namesake cartoonist. The other will commemorate the capture of the Civil Rights Movement in comic and animated art as an homage to the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As part of the latter exhibit,… Read more

National, local artists take the riverfront stage at annual Columbus festival

June 10, 2014
Columbus resident Paula Jackson stood in one of the white booth tents lined on the Scioto River bridge, taking in the moment of her first ever showcase at the Columbus Arts Festival. “Just seeing this whole thing progress is amazing. There are a lot of upcoming artists in the area. I’m really blown away,” Jackson, 22, said. The 53rd annual Columbus Arts Festival was held Friday through Sunday in downtown Columbus. The festival, put on by the Greater Columbus Arts Council with the help of more than 100 volunteers, brought together 282 visual artists, selected from a pool of more than 1,100 applicants, festival director Scott Huntley said Friday. He… Read more

Wexner family’s Picassos, other art to be displayed in fall exhibition

May 27, 2014
As it approaches its 25th anniversary, the Wexner Center for the Arts is set to feature a variety of works this fall, as well as give visitors a peek into the personal gallery of Les Wexner and his wife, Abigail. Beginning Sept. 21 and running through Dec. 31, the Wexner Center is set to celebrate its 25th anniversary with “Transfigurations: Modern Masters from the Wexner Family Collection,” displaying works from the art collection of the businessman and Ohio State alumnus. Pieces to be on view include original masterworks of artists Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti and Jean Dubuffet, who are known virtuosos in their respective art movements, including cubism, expressionism, surrealism… Read more

Ohio State student takes historical self-portraits for class, assignment goes viral

May 9, 2014
Although Annalisa Hartlaub has yet to become a collegiate pupil of Ohio State, the 16-year-old Westerville native already implemented almost 100 years of “time and change” to her likeness. Hartlaub, a post-secondary student at OSU and a junior at Columbus Metro Early College High School, was assigned a portraiture project in her Photography I class at OSU spring semester. Her submission of 20 self-portraits replicating two distinct countercultures from each decade, beginning with the 1920s and ending in the 2010s, was something she hoped the teaching assistant would like. As a result, she received a grade of 100 percent for the project, and the Internet began to show interest on… Read more

Art, technology to intermingle in Ohio State exhibit

April 21, 2014
Art and technology are set to mingle in a modern student showcase at Ohio State. SQUINT, the art and technology spring exhibition, is set to open Tuesday on the first floor of Hopkins Hall. The exhibition features work from undergraduate and graduate students currently taking classes in art and technology at OSU. Shirley Wu, a third-year in art, said the process for students to display their work at the exhibition is challenging. Wu said students submit their pieces to be judged by their instructors and are then selected for a spot in the exhibition. The art and technology major, a division of the department of art, has allowed some of… Read more

Opinion: Pop culture relevance makes GIFs a new art form

April 21, 2014
It turns out GIFs aren’t just for BuzzFeed or your sister’s Tumblr anymore — they’re also for … London art galleries? When I saw a Facebook post titled, “A panel of judges selected these GIFs as finalists in a newly created photography contest. They’re mesmerizing,” I almost discredited any esteem and respect I held for the Washington Post on the spot. However, after clicking the link, I must say I was indeed mesmerized, not only by the artwork displayed but by the fact that I considered it artwork. The article showed the winner, Christina Rinaldi, and 5 runners up, which all showed a surprising amount of work and intention aimed… Read more

Ohio State fine arts seniors’ work to be exhibited in show

April 14, 2014
Ohio State’s graduating fine arts majors have one last commitment before leaving the university — the Senior Projects Exhibition. Works from the graduating art students are set to presented at the Urban Arts Space Tuesday in the Department of Art’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Spring 2014 Senior Projects Exhibition. As part of the fine arts curriculum requirement, artists are set to display work from a range of media and approaches during the course of their OSU studies, including drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures. George Rush, assistant professor of Drawing and Painting and faculty adviser for fine arts Drawing and Painting students, said the exhibition is a vital opportunity for students… Read more

Ohio State design students display senior theses in spring exhibit

April 1, 2014
For some, the senior thesis has a drab stigma — tedious, visually uninteresting and impractical — but that is not the case for seniors in Ohio State’s Department of Design. A refrigerator redesign, an online network for upcycling and a better children’s healthcare facility are just some of the senior theses on display in the Department of Design’s 2014 spring exhibition. The annual nine-day exhibition opened March 26 and showcases the senior thesis projects of undergraduates in industrial, interior and visual communication design, as well as select work from MFA design students, Mary Beecher, Department of Design chairwoman, said Monday in an email. Students began researching their projects during Fall… Read more