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Ohio State alumnus David Rickert continues to draw success from illustrations

October 19, 2014
As a boy, whenever David Rickert visited Ohio State’s campus, he made it a point to pick up a copy of The Lantern. Upon seeing a comic, he knew what he wanted to do. “I knew that if I went to Ohio State, maybe I could do this,” Rickert, an alum, high school English teacher and illustrator, said. Rickert drew a comic strip — called “A Box of Trees” — for The Lantern while attending OSU from 1992 to 1996. Now, Columbus residents can read comics drawn by Rickert once again. He’s being featured in Columbus Alive, published by the Dispatch Printing Company, as part of its “Sketch in the… Read more

Infectious by design: Urban Arts Space gallery magnifies behavior of smallest life-forms

October 17, 2014
Art and science might be divided in its academic curriculum, but one Ohio State exhibition has made biology its focus. Three artists have combined their works to display the cohesion between them in a new exhibition coming to OSU’s Urban Arts Space this weekend. “Repetition Isolation: The Abundance Within,” explores a number of semi-connected organic themes, including the human form, mortality and the smallest of life-forms.   The exhibition is set to include mixed media installations, scultpture and drawings, said Bethany Haeseler, an assistant professor at SUNY Potsdam whose work is in the exhibition. It was Haeseler’s idea to create an exhibition with Molly Burke and Danielle Johns. She has previously… Read more

Columbus Museum of Art to show work of late Columbus artist Paul-Henri Bourguignon

October 16, 2014
An upcoming exhibition aims to expose the artistic results of the adventurous life of Paul-Henri Bourguignon, whose artworks hung in the galleries at the Columbus Museum of Art (then known as the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts) in an exhibition precisely 50 years ago. Bourguignon was born in 1906 in Belgium, and was working as a journalist and photographer in Haiti when he met Erika Eichhorn (now Erika Bourguignon), an anthropologist.  “My husband started painting as a teenager … and began quite early to travel, first outside the city then outside the country,” Erika Bourguignon said. “In the late 20s and 30s, he went to places where there were very… Read more

Opinion: Don’t touch that — Sterile atmosphere at Wexner Center for the Arts puts visitors on edge

October 14, 2014
There’s a reason this section is called “arts and entertainment.” The two have a lot of overlap — in an ideal world, they’d be synonymous: aesthetic and amusement intertwined into one. Too often, the “fine arts” (e.g. ballet, sculpture) fail to entertain the masses. For some, art museums can seem to be full of some elitist snobbery, where the phonies go to become sophisticates. That was a stigma curator Robert Storr was hoping to avoid when he worked on the Wexner Center for the Arts’ new gallery, “Transfigurations.” The collection comes from Les and Abigail Wexner’s personal collection and features the work of Pablo Picasso, Jean Dubuffet and Alberto Giacometti,… Read more

Similar hands yield varied structures in ceramics exhibit ‘Concurrent’

October 7, 2014
Among Ohio State’s colossal campus community, a tight-knit group of nine artists can be found spending their days in the basement of Hopkins Hall, using keen perception and acute dexterity to contrive ceramic works for an exhibit opening Friday. Amid a university population of more than 55,000, a total of 18 students are enrolled in the Department of Art’s ceramics program, with six being graduate students. This allows for a personal environment in which the artists can communicate and analyze each other’s creations — Although their individual approaches span various artistic styles, their works are made simultaneously and from the same medium, which is the theme behind the title of… Read more

Scenes of animal slaughterhouse fuel artist Sue Coe’s activism

October 5, 2014
Since she could think, Sue Coe said she knew she wanted to be an artist and draw animals. Growing up next to a factory farm and slaughterhouse in England gave her that chance. Coe, a political artist and activist, creates work that she considers a form of “visual journalism.” Her bold prints and illustrations often center on animal activism and the atrocities that take place in slaughterhouses, she said, but she has also made several moral arguments through art on topics such as war, AIDS and apartheid. Coe is set to give a speech, “Some Animals are More Equal Than Others,” Thursday at 4 p.m. at the Wexner Center for… Read more

Short North art exhibition aims to subvert the meaning of material

October 2, 2014
Materialism is an oft criticized ideal in the art world, where many artists work to convey an abstract aesthetic. But for two artists whose work is on display at ROY G BIV Gallery, the material has become their muse. Crystal Gregory, an artist based in Brooklyn, N.Y., is one of those artists and takes inspiration from inverting the meanings and stereotypes of today’s society. With material as a key focus, her work delves into the meanings and roles pressed into material by culture. “Material is very important to me. I use material as vocabulary to explore social norms. My interests have been in the commonness and everyday-ness of the materials… Read more

Printmaking, collage collaborate in ‘New Works’ at the Faculty Club

September 25, 2014
This isn’t the first time alumna Maria Alejandra Zanetta’s art has been a centerpiece in an Ohio State exhibition, although her only other appearance was made 25 years ago. Zanetta, now a professor of Spanish literature and culture at the University of Akron, was one of the first students to be shown in the old Ohio Union’s art gallery Spaces in 1989. Now, her new artwork can be found anew in a current exhibit at the OSU Faculty Club. “I remember it was a big deal for me as a student to exhibit there, and now it is kind of full circle,” Zanetta said. “My works on display now are… Read more

Bronze bucks’ eyes gaze at Columbus scenery on banks of Scioto

September 25, 2014
An artist uses a sketchbook as the blueprint for their creations. Some of these images are possible to make into more extraordinary works of art, but some can be seemingly impossible. This is the inspiration behind “Possible Impossible,” an exhibit at the Urban Arts Space in downtown Columbus. Artist and singer Terry Allen is set to display the sketches of his public works that have been commissioned, said Kelly McNicholas, a spokeswoman for the Urban Arts Space. His publicly commissioned works are bronze sculptures, but some of the sketches never became anything more than an idea, so his drawings were taken from his notebooks and framed for the exhibit.  Allen… Read more

Windows open to artistic displays

September 22, 2014
Mote Gallery is a classic art gallery with a twist. Instead of the art hanging on white walls, works are displayed solely in windows. “We’re technically functioning under the same rules,” Felipe Castelblanco, multimedia artist and founder of Mote Gallery, said. “We’re giving an option to the city to reimagine what a gallery is.” The idea started in 2013 when Castelblanco had a residency at Ohio State. After talking to other students, he said their was consensus there were too few spaces to show art in Columbus. Graduate art students were concerned about the amount of opportunities an artist would have to show their work, Castelblanco said. So he decided… Read more