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‘The Snapchat Collaborative’ makes the temporary permanent

February 23, 2015
“It’s a classy event. There’s Franzia in the kitchen,” Michelle Kusold told attendees as they entered the opening of The Gallery’s exhibition “The Snapchat Collaborative.” “The Snapchat Collaborative” has been a year-long project for Kusold, a fourth-year in computer science & engineering, and her housemate Janelle Bouchard, a fourth-year in psychology. They took hundreds of screenshots of their friends’ “snaps” with a plan to make the normally temporal memories last more than 10 seconds. The two then paid for 4-by-6 inch matte prints of their favorites, 358 in total, and “curated” them into an exhibition. Kusold said they spent four days whittling the collection down from about 800 photos. The… Read more

MFA students put theses on display in ‘Phase Shifts’

February 15, 2015
Only a few months before permanent separation, the Ohio State Master of Fine Arts candidates are unified this week when their theses are displayed under the same roof downtown. “Phase Shift” will showcase 14 MFA candidates’ works Tuesday through March 21 at the Urban Arts Space. A showing Saturday will also include a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. The thesis exhibition is a summation of the MFA’s ideas, discussions and experiments with various materials over the past three years, said Rebecca Harvey, interim chair and professor in the Department of Art. Natalia Arbelaez, a third-year MFA in ceramic and sculpture, is an artist who leaves all of her work… Read more

Emerging aesthetics of globalism at heart of Hassan Hajjaj exhibition

February 5, 2015
The days of imperialism are gone, but their wake has left residual concerns over a creeping expansion of Western culture. While many developing countries struggle to hold onto their traditional cultures, Moroccan-born artist Hassan Hajjaj comes at globalism from a different perspective: A nation’s culture can be compatible with the outside influences now so ubiquitous in the modern world. That duality is a principal aesthetic of his new exhibition “My Rock Stars Experimental, Volume 1,” a video installation going on display at the Wexner Center for the Arts this weekend. The work features nine videos projected side-by-side in the Wex’s ground floor gallery. Each video features a performance by musicians,… Read more

CMA filters, displays best of Insta-art

February 4, 2015
The Columbus Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibit, “Mobile Photo Now,” turns an app into art. Through Instagram, the CMA asked the public to submit photos in four separate categories; portrait, street art, black and white, and community, said Jennifer Poleon, digital communications director at the CMA. About 45,000 images were submitted from about 5,000 Instagram users, representing 89 countries. “Mobile Photo Now” will feature 320 of the submitted photos taken by more than 240 photographers from 40 countries. “It’s going to be the largest collection of global photography ever presented by a museum,” Poleon said. The exhibit is open Friday through March 22 at 480 E. Broad St. Admission Tuesday… Read more

Sculptures jump, swing from the rafters in Ohio Union

January 29, 2015
Earlier this month, the Ohio Union got a high-flying addition. Looking up toward the ceiling of the Great Hall, one might notice two white figures posing in the rafters. These figures are sculptures titled “Circus Acrobats,” created by pop art sculptor George Segal. The piece was a permanent donation to Ohio State by the George and Helen Segal Foundation and was installed Jan. 5. “Circus Acrobats” follows the style of many of Segal’s most famous works, which are castings. He used bronze to cast the models in sections and then let them harden. After taking the hardened molds off, he would form them back together to create his sculptures. In… Read more

Arts scholarship showcase features materials from a pine cone to human hair

January 22, 2015
Sometimes masterpieces are right in your backyard. The 23rd Annual John Fergus Family Fund Scholarship Awards incorporated a variety of art forms this year from 10 Ohio State students and alumni. The scholarship is fine arts-based, and the winners’ pieces are now open for public viewing at the Urban Arts Space. Ryan Wells, a third-year in interior design and one of the recipients of the award, said the recipients are selected by a jury encompassed by faculty members from various arts and design departments of OSU. The majority of the recipients said they submitted several pieces at the recommendation of faculty. “The piece that they chose is essentially … a… Read more

Paper spirals from sculptor’s imagination

January 22, 2015
Samantha Parker Salazar, an artist and printmaking lecturer at Ohio State, said she recalls the summers spent as child at her grandparents’ greenhouse drawing cartoons. The “flower house,” as they called it, was not only filled with various plants, but also tables, chairs and the sounds of her grandmother’s Hungarian opera music. Here, in a space underneath a cherry tree that made sounds of rainfall as it poured cherries onto the glass, was the beginning for Salazar and the artist she is today. Now, as a recipient of John F. Fergus Family Fellowship in 2014, Salazar has been given the opportunity to be a professor and present her exhibition, “Malleable… Read more

Wexner Center for the Arts highlights diverse art forms to ring in 25 years

January 19, 2015
Audiences will celebrate color, culture, history and music with a combination of innovative exhibitions and long-standing favorites at the Wexner Center for the Arts beginning in February. Erik Pepple, spokesman for the Wexner Center, said the upcoming features are a continuation of the building’s mission to inspire thought-provoking discussion about art and pop culture. “Our goal is to give people something to talk about,” Pepple said. “Curators are always looking for ways to push the envelope and expand artistic boundaries in a different way.” The Wexner Center will close out the month of January with special events like Richard Maxwell and New York City Players’ “Isolde” theater performance on Saturday.… Read more

MFA students prepare for a ‘weird’ performance

January 19, 2015
Remember your lines. Hit your mark. Enunciate. That common advice won’t be of any help to nine theater students when they take a new type of spotlight Saturday at the Urban Arts Space. Students from Ohio State’s Master of Fine Art acting program will present individual pieces of performance art called “You Make Me Do This.” The MFA acting cohort consists of students who have created and developed their performance art pieces in a solo theater seminar taught by assistant professor Jennifer Schlueter. The performance art involves a lot of participation and interaction with the audience, said Camille Bullock, a member of the MFA acting cohort. “It is this kind… Read more

Marking movement: Artist notates dance in Arts Space exhibit

January 12, 2015
On stage, dances exist for a moment in space — in downtown Columbus, they also sit stationary on a canvas. At Ohio State’s Urban Arts Space, German artist Jean Kirsten is set to show how to artistically record movement not with technology, but with signs and symbols, or as it is also known: Labanotation. The “Jean Kirsten: For Laban” exhibit is set to run Tuesday through Feb. 6 at the Urban Arts Space. Nena Couch, head of Thompson Library special collections, said Kirsten’s work is an artistic exploration through visuals of the movement inspired by dance theorist Rudolf Laban. “Laban developed a system (Labanotation) that helps us to do movement… Read more