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Seniors cap off year with exhibition

Bachelor of Fine Arts senior projects on display at the Urban Arts Space at 50 W. Town St. Credit: Sam Kayuha | Lantern reporter

Twenty-nine students pursuing art degrees are seeing their time at Ohio State near its end, but before they can walk across the stage at the ‘Shoe, they have one last project to complete. Those graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts are presenting their ...

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Graduate students display arc of hard work

First-year MFA Exhibition, pictured from left to right: Catelyn Mailloux’s “My Dad Was Swallowed by a Whale” and Morteza Khakshoor’s 3 Posters for 3 Non-existent Motion Pictures. Credit: Courtesy of Hopkins Hall Gallery.

From traditional ceramics and paintings to art and technology, students can see a diverse display of art projects from graduate students of the Department of Arts. First-year graduate students will be displaying art projects they worked on during their first semester, while third-year graduate students ...

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Majors and mediums varied, love for art consistent

Art on display from Ohio State Arts Scholars at Urban Arts Space. Credit: Sam Kayuha | Lantern Reporter

Ohio State students from a multitude of majors are displaying diverse mediums of art, but they share a passion for it, which they have cemented through joining the Arts Scholars program. The Arts Scholars Juried Exhibition opened Tuesday at the Urban Arts Space in downtown ...

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