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Opinion: Black Lips, Band of Horses on forefront of Forecastle festival

April 15, 2014
For all of its maritime aesthetic, Forecastle — a term also used to describe the front end of a sailing ship where sailors slept — is actually anchored right outside of Appalachia. Set for July 18-20 in downtown Louisville, Ky., the only thing arguably aquatic is the Ohio River that runs on the banks of the festival. But, eh, even though it’s contrary to a preconception, the festival books some easily highlightable acts (just look at the headliners: Jack White, OutKast, Beck). Even in how condensed it seems to be, especially to a region mate like Bonnaroo, Forecastle charges a fair price ($74.50/day or $184.50/weekend, though prices are expected to… Read more

Review: Miley spits on fans, bares all for Columbus crowd

April 15, 2014
Forget about the outbreak of mumps, The Schottenstein center broke out in Miley. Icona Pop kicked the night off Sunday at the Schottenstein Center, and even though the duo did a pretty decent job, nobody really seemed to care. The fans were more interested in the Miley Cyrus look-alikes that were taking pictures with everybody. Everywhere I turned, there was a picture of Miley plastered on a shirt, #twerk on a crop top and J’s on everybody’s feet. After what I am sure felt like a lifetime to the crazed Miley enthusiasts, the lights turned down and bass started to play. A giant picture of Miley’s head appeared on the… Read more

Band to bring breath of fresh Aer to Columbus

April 14, 2014
At just 20 years old, musicians Carter Schultz and David von Mering have been busy touring nationwide in hopes of growing its “Fresh Aer Movement.” The duo is set to bring a blend of rap, reggae and indie rock to Columbus’ A&R Music Bar Tuesday evening. Doors are set to open at 7:30 p.m. While attending high school together in Wayland, Mass., Schultz said he and von Mering united as members of a freestyle rap league. “That’s where we honed our skills and tried to be the next best emcee(s), but then David and I took a turn,” Schultz said. “We joined a rock band and after that rock band… Read more

Review: Big Free Concert big, free and rowdy

April 11, 2014
Spring has sprung, and so were the students at the Ohio Union Activities Board’s Big Free Concert. Campus was a carnival Thursday night as Ohio State welcomed Caked Up, The Chainsmokers, Juicy J and Childish Gambino onto the muddied residue of what once was South Oval. Despite students’ efforts to focus on their studies, campus was buzzing Thursday with talk of the upcoming concert and promising sounds coming through their open windows as the stage men began soundcheck yesterday afternoon. As 7 p.m. approached, anticipation grew. Girls slipped into their crop tops and high waisted shorts, the guys packed their cargo shorts’ pockets with Busch Lights and cigars and began… Read more

Band to rear Dirty Heads in Columbus

April 9, 2014
California-based band the Dirty Heads plans to immerse Columbus in a lively blend of alternative, hip-hop and reggae. Established in Huntington Beach, Calif., in 2003, the Dirty Heads consists of vocalist Jared Watson, also known as “Dirty J,” percussionist Jon Olazabal, drummer Matt Ochoa, bassist David Foral and vocalist/guitarist Dustin Bushnell, better known as “Duddy B.” The Dirty Heads are set to play at Newport Music Hall Sunday evening. Bushnell said he started out playing the drums while his brother would play the guitar until, one day, they switched roles. “My brother started playing the drums and I started playing the guitar more and it just grew into having this… Read more

Country singer Corey Smith hopes music is therapeutic

April 9, 2014
Country singer Corey Smith said his love of music grew from his father, who was in a band and “always (had) guitars lying around the house.” “I would pick (a guitar) up when I was a kid and learn a few chords here and there, but I really didn’t start taking it seriously until I was a teenager. It was mainly because I love to sing, and the guitar gave me an opportunity to sing songs, learn the chords to records and be able to sing over top of them,” Smith said. Smith, who was born and raised in Jefferson, Ga., said he started actively pursuing music when he was… Read more

Columbus punk rock band Pretty Pretty sings, whines about ‘life, man’

April 9, 2014
In an attempt to shine light on local music, The Lantern’s “Columbus’ Own” is a weekly series that will profile a new Columbus band every week.… Read more “Weirdos,” said Jon Washington, the drummer for Pretty Pretty, when he described the band’s fanbase. “Weird punk kids.” Quickly, Washington tried to qualify his statement. “I don’t mean that in a bad way, they’re just like, our friends,” Washington said. “I’m just going to call them weirdos.” While Washington might have referred to the fans as weirdos, the members themselves have certain qualities that might be a little off-the-beaten path as well. Take, for instance, Pretty Pretty’s bass player and vocalist. Hillary Jones might

Opinion: Lily Allen, Kelis worth cruise across the pond to Glastonbury

April 9, 2014
Ready your rowboats folks, because this summer’s Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, Somerset, England, is a setup for which it might be worth floating abroad. (Plus, if it’s like the 2013 edition, festival-goers who attend by public transportation or an otherwise green means receive prizes, including discount food vouchers — grab the canoe.) The 2014 Glastonbury, scheduled for June 25-29, is bursting with artists seldom seen nowadays, including the likes of Blondie, and the refurbished Lily Allen. If any hopes were raised for an OutKast or a Neutral Milk Hotel set, it could be potentially unfortunate that the majority of artists that seem to be doing a circuit of the U.S.’… Read more

Columbus to host fashion, music festival

April 7, 2014
Fashion and music are set to mesh together in festival form this summer. The first Fashion Meets Music Festival is slated to take place at several venues across Columbus’ Arena District Aug. 29-31. The festival is scheduled to showcase 250 musical acts on seven indoor and outdoor stages, in addition to two fashion stages, an urban campground and a “fashion and music marketplace,” according to a February press release. Bret Adams, Columbus-based lawyer, sports/entertainment agent and the festival’s co-founder, said the idea originated in 2013 while he was on a tour bus with New Hollow, a local rock band he represents. The group was driving back to Columbus from the… Read more

Big Free Concert to feature Childish Gambino, Juicy J

April 6, 2014
While Ohio State banned smoking on campus this semester, the South Oval will be lighting up for The Chainsmokers, among others. The Big Free Concert, sponsored by the Ohio Union Activities Board, is set to include Childish Gambino with Juicy J, The Chainsmokers and Caked Up. The artists are scheduled to perform on the South Oval April 10 at 7 p.m. Rapper Childish Gambino, whose real name is Donald Glover, released his latest album, “Because the Internet,” in December, and also has a role on NBC’s “Community.” OUAB sponsored a Childish Gambino concert previously on his 2012 Camp Tour, which came through the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in May of that… Read more