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Opinion: Selecting the best streaming service

Music streaming services are becoming more popular than buying music physically or online. Credit: Lantern Photo File

With the music world transitioning from buying albums into paying a monthly subscription for an unlimited streaming service, a handful of applications are beginning to stand out. Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal provide millions of subscribers access to virtually any song, from hip-hop to classical. ...

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Columbus’ Own: Hidden Places finds groove on first EP

(Left to right) Kiko Cvetanovski,  Matt McCroskey and David Fuller make up the band Hidden Places.  Credit: Courtesy of Tristan Hyugen

Three young men, a guitar, drums, bass and musical chemistry is the recipe for Hidden Places’ first EP, “Three Step,” released in September. Drummer Matt McCroskey described the band’s sound as “fast, jittery and almost dancy.” The post-punk vibe of Hidden Places largely comes from ...

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