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What’s in a name? For Katherine, it’s punk chemistry

January 22, 2015
Catherine Elicson met Kathryn Keister in their first year at Ohio State, during a feminist student group meeting. It wasn’t until Elicson filled in for the drummer of a friend’s band, Goners, during a show that they realized they wanted to make music together. “It was my first time seeing Catherine playing an instrument, and she was phenomenal, and I cried,” Keister said. The two quickly made a musical connection and formed Katherine, an unapologetic punk two-piece. “I wanted to start a bass-drum band. And here we are two years later.” Their sound, distinct with grungy bass, frantic drums and often haunting, angry melodies and vocals, but is often more… Read more

Daymond John of ‘Shark Tank’ coming to Ohio State

January 21, 2015
Producers from ABC’s “Shark Tank” made a stop at Ohio State in May, but this February, a shark himself is coming for an event sponsored by the Ohio Union Activities Board. Daymond John, the founder and CEO of clothing company FUBU, is set to come to campus on Feb. 12 for an event in the Archie Griffin Ballroom at 7:30 p.m. “Shark Tank,” which depicts aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to high-profile investors with the hope that they’ll invest, has had high ratings since its debut in 2009. Ratings have climbed each season, and its current season premiered with more than 7 million viewers. John founded FUBU as a clothing… Read more

The louder the better for Columbus band ‘Nude Art’

January 14, 2015
In an attempt to shine light on local music, The Lantern’s “Columbus’ Own” is a weekly series that will profile a new Columbus band each week. Teasing each other relentlessly, the members of Nude Art are like brothers ­— and with hours of band practice and friendships spanning years, they practically are. “I’ve always considered it like three brothers that I never really had, ‘cause we all get pissy at each other and fight and make up,” drummer Leo Kessler said. Band members Kessler, Erich Mukuda, Sam Knudson and Sam Ruschman have been friends since high school. “It’s a family affair,” Ruschman said. The group of four formed their musical… Read more

Opinion: Tiffany & Co. ad genuine even if motivated by money; Kanye, Kim’s fertility troubles fueled with good intentions

January 12, 2015
This is part of a weekly series called “Pop Opinions” where The Lantern offers its take on the week’s pop culture news. Tiffany proposes to nontraditional company Prominent jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. recently revealed its latest set of ads featuring real-life couples who represent the many stages of love. From casually dating sweethearts to a beaming couple and child, each pair appears to be blissfully happy (as all couples featured in jewelry ads typically do). But with this latest effort in marketing, Tiffany did something that we don’t normally see in jewelry advertisements: The company featured a gay couple. Let’s be honest: The gay community is the perfect mascot:… Read more

Mistakes and mom: Columbus band belts out past teen angst

January 12, 2015
In an attempt to shine light on local music, The Lantern’s “Columbus’ Own” is a weekly series that will profile a new Columbus band each week. As the saying goes, behind every great man is a great woman. It’s a type of understanding that seems to elude some boys during the formative years, especially toward their moms. In the case of Columbus punk band Nuclear Moms, a teenager’s direction-less dissatisfaction toward his matriarch is the manifesto by which the band creates its music. “There was a lot of frustration with moms at the time, and that was back in high school,” bassist Alexander Blocher laughed, leaning back against his seat… Read more

Opinion: 2015 to bring less racism, Taylor Swift; more feminism, Fifth Harmony

December 31, 2014
This is part of a weekly series called “Pop Opinions” where The Lantern offers its take on the week’s pop culture news. “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” I first heard this supposed Eleanor Roosevelt quote years and years ago when a teacher scolded me and my friends for gossiping about a fellow classmate. It felt like a slap on the wrist for sure, but the way the teacher said it was so matter-of-fact, so haunting. It was a direct attack on my intelligence, and those words have stuck with me to this day. People who take interest in pop culture get a bad… Read more

All in for his art: Ohio State musician sees success in classical, commercial

December 24, 2014
Elijah Aaron grew up in an artist’s household. His father — Paul Palnik — is a cartoonist whose work is exhibited in the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. The museum is housed in Sullivant Hall, the home of the Department of Dance. After leaving his guitar case in his father’s studio, Elijah Aaron — whose real name is Elijah Aaron Palnik — received it back covered in paint, suddenly looking like a Monet impressionist pointillism piece, he said. “All signs (of my life) pointed to like, ‘You should be here,’” Elijah Palnik said. While there might be a general assumption that music — Elijah’s art — begets dance, Elijah… Read more

Opinion: Brangelina’s celebration of self-identity admirable; J.K. Rowling cheapens the magic

December 24, 2014
This is part of a weekly series called “Pop Opinions” where The Lantern offers its take on the week’s pop culture news. Dear John Countless media outlets have swarmed to point out the fact that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, daughter of Hollywood’s own Brangelina, recently wore a mens’ suit to a red carpet event. Upon first glance at the headlines, I wanted to pull a straight-up Solange Knowles on those vultures and sock it to ‘em for speculating on an 8-year-old girl’s gender identity. But then I did some digging. Turns out, Shiloh’s parents — actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — have spoken about their daughter’s decisions on more than one… Read more

Album review: Nicki Minaj appeases hip-hop and pop fans alike with ‘The Pinkprint’

December 15, 2014
Nicki Minaj has been everywhere this year. From her role in “The Other Woman” to her surprise collaboration with Beyoncé on her remix of “Flawless,” the 32-year-old rapper has built up a lot of buzz and anticipation for “The Pinkprint.” With an album title paying homage to Jay Z’s “The Blueprint,” Minaj hinted to her fans that her latest project would take her back to her hip-hop roots. Ditching the wigs and eccentric outfits, the music scene buzzed with anticipation as her image seemed to mature almost overnight. Singles “Only,” “Anaconda,” “Pills and Potions” and “Bed of Lies” are a reflection of the versatility the album expresses. Minaj will fire… Read more

Cool jazz group Lee Konitz Quartet to bring its chemistry to Wexner Center for the Arts

December 4, 2014
Echoes of a golden era of jazz are set to resonate with renewed vigor in an upcoming performance at the Wexner Center for the Arts. The Lee Konitz Quartet — a jazz group made up of saxophonist Lee Konitz, pianist Dan Tepfer, bassist Jeremy Stratton and drummer George Schuller — is scheduled to take the stage at the Wexner Center’s performance space on Friday at 8 p.m. The performance is the last jazz show of the Wexner Center’s 2014 performing arts season. “For our jazz program, not only do we like to shine a light on up-and-coming jazz stars, we also like to pay heed to the legends of the… Read more