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Concert review: Audience moves feet while Foster the People kicks the beat during Columbus concert

September 13, 2014
  The air was a little too cold to call this a summer concert, but I still wore a sundress. This is the life of someone who will not accept summer has ended until there is snow on the ground. As I shivered my butt off in the grass of the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Friday night, I listened to the deep bass of the slightly aggressive-sounding opening band, The Velvet Teen. After withstanding the wind for the better part of an hour, I would not say they were my favorite opening act. Their teen, punk-wannabe sound and awkward audience interaction didn’t leave the best impression, but, then again, maybe it… Read more

Metronomy to play in electric harmony at Wexner Center

September 12, 2014
The advancement of music software has opened doors for composers wishing to explore many different sounds and genres, including Metronomy, an English electropop band set to play at Ohio State Sunday as part of the Wexner Center for the Arts’ Next@Wex series. Metronomy includes musicians Joseph Mount — whose solo DJ act ultimately launched the band’s career — Oscar Cash, Anna Prior and Olugbenga Adelekan, who has implemented both modern music technology and traditional instruments to create sounds and vocals that nod to both past and future genres. The Next@Wex series aims to bring “young indie scene music innovators” to OSU from around the world, according to its website, and… Read more

Mirror Lake sees fall jazz debut

September 11, 2014
Students and faculty from the School of Music have been playing jazz at Mirror Lake every spring for decades. But for the first time, they’re playing concerts in the fall. It’s a change that Jim Rupp, a lecturer in percussion, said was necessary as a result of the change to semesters from quarters. Under the old system, there was a concert every Thursday in May, but the shortened school year forced shows to be rescheduled. In 2013, when organizers pushed the concerts earlier into the spring, they found the weather often didn’t cooperate. “April can be pretty dicey,” Rupp said. “I remember last year we looked at doing it and… Read more

Review: Portugal. The Man, Grouplove take Columbus stage for psychedelic show

September 11, 2014
The threatening skies couldn’t keep the hipsters away from Lifestyle Communities Pavilion on Wednesday to celebrate the outdoor performances of co-headliners Portugal. The Man and Grouplove. I had never heard Portugal. The Man play a single note before last night. I had no idea what type of music they played, what they looked like or even if they had a strong following. It didn’t take long to clear up my uncertainties, though. The group emerged from a thick cloud of fog and assumed their positions. The fans who weren’t lighting up were going berserk. The lead vocalist, John Gourley, looked very cool in a hooded black windbreaker (which he wore… Read more

Review: Nigerien guitarist Bombino greets Ohio State with diverse music

September 11, 2014
Dedicated young adults, parents, grandparents and everyone in between waited in anticipation Wednesday night to watch internationally-acclaimed musician, Bombino, perform live at the Wexner Center for the Arts. Bombino, whose real name is Omara Moctar, is a Tuareg tribe member from the northeast of Agadez, Niger — yet his music reaches far and wide. Columbus is just one of his many stops on a world tour scheduled for over a dozen more cities scattered across the United States and Europe. A buzz of excitement circled around the Black Box on Mershon Stage before the show, the enthusiasm of the gathered crowd shining through their fascination with everything from the African… Read more

Album review: Jhené Aiko’s smooth vocals a nice alternative to a summer of club-bangers

September 11, 2014
In 2011, Jhené Aiko set souls sailing with her debut mixtape “Sailing Soul(s),” followed by her extended play “Sail Out” last year. Now, listeners get a deeper look as Aiko bares her everything in her debut album “Souled Out.” A new entry into R&B, the album delivers what “Sail Out” was too short to offer. Aiko doesn’t take long to express her mind as she opens with “Limbo Limbo Limbo,” where she reminds a conceited man that he once didn’t let his pride get the best of him. Men, relationships and family are among the topics addressed in the 12-song tracklist, allowing her listeners to learn more about the Californian… Read more

Album review: ‘Songs of Innocence’ strips U2 to its core

September 9, 2014
When Apple announced the major event it was hosting Tuesday, it was largely expected to be an extravaganza meant to showcase the release of its new iPhones and the rumored Apple Watch. And sure enough, it was, and reactions to the nascent products have been largely positive. But what the music and entertainment world did not anticipate was the coinciding release of a brand new U2 album. Some kind of involvement by the band had been anticipated in the press because of its longtime relationship with Apple, and Apple CEO Tim Cook even noted that it was the 10th anniversary of the band’s special U2 edition iPod during the presentation.… Read more

Album review: Praiseworthy sound redeems Death From Above 1979 from its 10-year absence

September 9, 2014
There’s no better way to prove your hold on a cult following than to keep those people salivating for an entire decade before giving them more to worship. Granted, the two collaborators of this gospel of dance-punk realized they hated each other/forgot they loved music shortly after releasing 2004’s banger of a debut, “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine.” The two worked things out on terms — more or less — to shut everyone up about how bad the side projects of Death From Above 1979 were compared to the original drum and bass endeavor. Drummer Sebastien Grainger told music magazine NME: “No matter what (bass player) Jesse (F. Keeler)… Read more

Opinion: Rock survives the ages despite Gene Simmons’ eulogy

September 8, 2014
Gene Simmons has finally come to save me from a decade of complete waste ­— perhaps he’s even come to rescue you. In a Sept. 4 Esquire interview administered by his own son, Nick Simmons, Gene officially confirms that “Rock is finally dead.” As if being tucked into bed and preparing for sweet dreams, young Nick can’t seem to fall asleep without a cute little story from Daddy. Therein, our bored, relevance-craving hero Papa Gene spews his confused s— off of the tip of his wild tongue and deep into the fragile, wondrous mind of his baby boy. Gene’s introduction to the tale — “Don’t quit your day job” —… Read more

Guitarist Bombino brings his ‘desert blues’ to the Midwest

September 8, 2014
Aspiring musicians often make financial sacrifices to follow their dreams. It’s a profession, especially in the information age, that isn’t particularly lucrative. But for Nigerian guitarist Bombino, his instrument has given liberation from poverty and ethnic conflict. Bombino, whose real name is Omara Moctar, has gained international recognition, and is set to perform at the Wexner Center for Arts on Wednesday as part of the Next@Wex series. The series aims to bring young “music innovators” to its stages at Ohio State. Bombino, 34, grew up to the northeast of Agadez, Niger, and is part of the regional Tuarag ethnic group. After a drought, Bombino and his family fled to Algeria… Read more