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‘Ellen DeGeneres’ interview shows Shia LaBeouf as a transformer

October 16, 2014
Shia LaBeouf came out from under his paper bag last week to do an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, and I was very curious to see what he had to say. I knew it was either going to be a complete train wreck, or a success story, and I’m happy to report that LaBeouf seems to be on the right track. In case you didn’t know, Mr. LaBeouf basically went bats— crazy this year. In his words, “Man, I went through, like, an existential crisis.” No kidding, Shia. He wore a paper bag on his head reading “I am not famous anymore” to a red carpet event in February and later… Read more

Opinion: Added streaming option can keep HBO afloat

October 16, 2014
HBO chairman and CEO Richard Plepler announced that the popular cable channel will offer a stand-alone streaming service, according to a Wednesday press release. That makes HBO the latest domino to fall in television’s transition to an on-demand all-the-time binge-watching service. HBO GO, which currently requires a cable subscription for streaming, has prompted many would-be viewers to plead for a streaming-only service to skip the cable middleman. In 2015, they’ll get their wish. This serves as the latest hit to cable companies, which are running out of ways to convince their customers not to switch to being broadband-only households. Cable packages tend to include superfluous channels on top of the… Read more

TV review: Season premiere of ‘Walking Dead’ demonstrates the illogical nature of the living, violence of the undead

October 13, 2014
  Note: This article contains spoilers for “The Walking Dead.” If you are a newcomer to the series or missed Sunday night’s episode, refrain from reading. With October comes change — green leaves to orange; blue skies to gray; fleshy, conscious humans to bloodthirsty zombies. ‘Tis the season — season five, that is. Sunday marked the season premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” revealing the fate of the show’s dearly-beloved, disparate troupe of underdogs: Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carl (Chandler Riggs) and the gang — ensnared in the clutches of a seemingly-psychopathic cannibal clan — and Tyreese (Chad Coleman), Carol (Melissa McBride) and baby Judith as they likewise converge on Terminus.… Read more

Opinion: ‘American Horror Story’ said to be ‘too scary’; Michael Phelps in the deep end again with DUI

October 6, 2014
This is part of a weekly series called “Pop Opinions” where The Lantern offers its take on the week’s pop culture news. “American Horror Story” too scary? Pop-culture powerhouse “American Horror Story” is slated to make its return to the small screen at 10 p.m. on Wednesday. America’s favorite televised gore-fest returns with its fourth season, subtitled “Freak Show,” and features many of its beloved cast members from seasons past. While season three of the horror series replaced some of the chilling terror of the first two seasons with a more twisted and campy humor, executive producer Ryan Murphy claims that “Freak Show” will return to the anthology’s terrifyingly taboo… Read more

TV review: ‘BoJack Horseman’ good for a peek at least, guilty pleasure at most

October 2, 2014
Netflix has done it again with another original series. But instead of orange jumpsuits and contraband, humans and animals live in a perfect fantasy in the animated “BoJack Horseman.” BoJack Horseman, voiced by Will Arnett, is a sweater-wearing anthropomorphic horse. After being a childhood star in the fictional ‘90s hit “Horsin’ Around” whose existence is a vacant shell of the childhood star (he starred in the fictional ‘90s hit “Horsin’ Around”) he once was. He lives in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills with his free-loading human assistant, Todd (voiced by “Breaking Bad”’s Aaron Paul), his feline agent and on-again, off-again booty call, Princess Carolyn (voiced by Amy Sedaris), and… Read more

Former Jay Leno producer shares ‘Tonight Show’ experiences with Ohio State students

September 29, 2014
As co-producer of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “The Jay Leno Show” for a combined 18 years, Dave Berg helped shape late-night television with his experience in journalism by bringing in people from the political world, which ultimately contributed to one of the first environments where news and entertainment merged. Berg came to Ohio State on Sept. 22 with his wife Mary, an OSU alumna, to speak about his experience with “The Tonight Show,” a period of time he also describes in his new book, “Behind the Curtain: An Insider’s View of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.” He spoke to several journalism-related classes, including Comm 4202, a magazine-writing class… Read more

Ohio State alumnus parodies devil’s deeds in new show

September 22, 2014
Delivering the word of God is the work of disciples. Delivering the word of Satan, apparently, is the work of a motorcycle gang.  Shane Cibella, a 2004 Ohio State alumnus, has lightly parodied the popular FX show “Sons of Anarchy” — which follows the lives of members in a motorcycle club — in the online series “Devil’s Couriers.” The emphasis is on the “lightly,” though. In Cibella’s opinion, he said, “Devil’s Couriers” stands alone.  “If you watch (‘Sons of Anarchy’), you get a little bit more of the inside jokes,” Cibella said. “If you don’t watch the show, it doesn’t really matter because you can just still follow what’s happening.”… Read more

‘OITNB’ actress Laverne Cox: ‘Justice is what love looks like in public’

September 18, 2014
“And ain’t I a woman?” This question — a reference to a famous phrase by Sojourner Truth — was asked to a packed auditorium at Ohio State’s Fawcett Center Tuesday evening by Laverne Cox,  a transgender actress known for her role as Sophia Burset in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black”and a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocate. The audience responded with cheers and applause. Cox is the first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy, which was for her role as Sophie on “OITNB.” In May, she graced the cover of Time magazine and talked about the transgender movement for the weekly news magazine. Tuesday’s… Read more

Opinion: New ‘Weekend Update’ host shows holes in ‘SNL’ casting

September 14, 2014
Last year, “Saturday Night Live” experienced backlash after cast member Kenan Thompson prompted a conversation about not only the lack of diversity on the show but, specifically, the exemption of black women. His comments implied that black female comedians were simply not prepared to join the cast, and it was met with widespread outrage. In an effort to undoubtedly diffuse the uproar, the show’s executive producer, Lorne Michaels, hired LaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones as writers and comedian Sasheer Zamata as a cast member. On Thursday, the show proved to once again be working toward expanding and diversifying its cast when it announced Michael Che would be working as the… Read more

Opinion: Anna Gunn, Adrien Brody, Andy Samberg make up TV’s faces of fall

September 14, 2014
In an Internet age where audiences are used to having their every need catered to, it should be no surprise that this fall’s TV lineup is a mishmash of shows.  From shows that take pages straight out of comic books to dramas to documentaries, there’s something for everyone. Comic book shows should be a constant across the airwaves this fall. There are new ones like Fox’s Batman origin story “Gotham,” to Warner Brothers’ “Arrow” spinoff (“Arrow” will be returning to TV itself) “The Flash,” and finally, NBC’s dark “Constantine.” And old shows like AMC’s smash hit “The Walking Dead” and ABC’s Marvel Universe take-off “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” will also… Read more