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Columbus’ Own: Hidden Places finds groove on first EP

(Left to right) Kiko Cvetanovski,  Matt McCroskey and David Fuller make up the band Hidden Places.  Credit: Courtesy of Tristan Hyugen

Three young men, a guitar, drums, bass and musical chemistry is the recipe for Hidden Places’ first EP, “Three Step,” released in September. Drummer Matt McCroskey described the band’s sound as “fast, jittery and almost dancy.” The post-punk vibe of Hidden Places largely comes from ...

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CAPA offers $5 tickets for younger audiences

The Columbus Symphony performs at the Ohio Theatre. Credit: Courtesy of Stephen Pariser

Students can now experience fine arts performances without the fine arts prices. CAPA recently announced its 2016-17 All Access performance schedule. The All Access ticket program offers $5 tickets to people ages 13 to 25. Along with CAPA theater events, the organization’s resident performance groups ...

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Ohio State Theatre puts spin on Romeo and Juliet


Audience members attending the Ohio State Department of Theatre’s production of “Romeo and Juliet” should not expect a traditional performance of the classic play. The production will be an abridged version of William Shakespeare’s text adapted by guest director Alison Bomber. Bomber is an English ...

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