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Ohio State students endure weather to address climate

Credit: Ris Twigg / For The Lantern

More than 60 Ohio State students took part in a Climate Reality Project event at the Browning Amphitheatre Friday afternoon to declare action on climate change as a part of the nationwide Know Tomorrow rally. The student-led effort joined OSU with more than 50 universities ...

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Students and prisoners grow from joint education


A group of Ohio State students will find themselves behind prison walls this semester. OSU’s Inside-Out course, a sociology class on the American criminal justice system, is being offered for the seventh time. The students of OSU’s Inside-Out course are set to visit the Southeastern ...

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First undergrad allowed Board of Trustees vote


In November, Halie Vilagi will become the first undergraduate student in Ohio State history to be allowed a vote at the board level on the university’s Board of Trustees. Vilagi, a third-year in public affairs and political science, was appointed to the board by Gov. ...

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BRUTx explores new science conference format


The Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science held its first TEDx-inspired event called BRUTx at the Ohio Union on Sept. 29, establishing a new type of scientific meeting on campus. BRUTx 2015, which showcased the transformational clinical and translational biomedical science at ...

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