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Series dialogue to discuss issues for women voters


The Ohio State Women Student Initiatives program is hosting an event this week on the rising influence of women’s voting power in American politics. The American Woman: The Rising American Electorate will include speakers representing women of differing roles in politics who represent the diversity ...

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Third-party candidates find support on campus


For many students at Ohio State, November will mark the first presidential election in which they are eligible to vote. Those unsatisfied with casting their ballot for Republican candidate Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton have other options. Jill Stein, representing the Green Party, ...

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Buckeye Bullet blasts past record in Bonneville


While the maximum speed limit in Ohio is 70 mph, a few Buckeyes helped their vehicle go about 270 mph faster earlier this month. Ohio State’s Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3 team — consisting of undergraduate and graduate students, and their driver, Roger Schroer — achieved ...

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Campus area crime map Sept. 19 – 25


On-campus, there were four accounts of sexual imposition, one incident of rape and one incident of gross sexual battery reported to University Police. Off-campus, there was another rape reported, as well as an additional incident of gross sexual battery reported to the Columbus Division of ...

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Club provides space for stuttering Buckeyes


For many students, introducing oneself to a class can be a daunting experience. For students who stutter, like Alexandria Burke, a third-year in speech and hearing sciences, the fear goes far beyond typical public-speaking jitters. The fear isn’t just that she is nervous to talk, ...

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