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Illegally downloading media on Ohio State’s Wi-Fi has consequences

November 24, 2014
If you’ve been downloading music illegally on campus, you might want to think again — there are companies watching. While OSU’s wireless Internet is commonly used by OSU students to study, it’s also often abused. Pirating is an issue that OSU has to deal with, although a spokeswoman from the Office of the Chief Information Officer said the office does not supervise what students are looking up. “We do not monitor students’ Internet traffic. We do monitor anything that accesses known dangerous websites that would indicate that a computer is compromised (web based botnets, for instance), but we aren’t watching what sites people go to,” said Katharine Keune, a spokeswoman… Read more

Senior vice president for government affairs Herb Asher set to retire

November 21, 2014
Herb Asher, professor emeritus of political science, counselor to Ohio State’s president and senior vice president for government affairs, announced Friday that he plans to retire. Asher’s retirement will be effective Jan. 30, according to a Friday OSU release. OSU spokesman Chris Davey said Asher’s replacement will be announced “in the near future” when asked in a Friday morning email. Despite his announcement, Asher said he will stay on campus for occasional teaching and will work on a book about OSU during former President E. Gordon Gee’s second term as president, the release said. It also noted that Asher will remain an adviser at the request of OSU President Michael… Read more

‘Is Carmen for the future?’ University Senate discusses possible replacement

November 21, 2014
University officials are looking into finding a possible alternative to Carmen. A committee made up of more than 50 faculty and student members is set to meet early next year to discuss the possibility of switching to a new system other than Carmen. The committee will present its findings in May, Mike Hofherr, vice president and chief information officer, said at a University Senate meeting on Thursday afternoon. “We have an evaluation committee that is slated to kick off in January,” he said. “They will have five months to decide what other products (besides Carmen) are out there.” But a complete changeover would not be instantaneous. If the committee recommends… Read more

Close to home: What it’s like to be a victim of an off-campus crime

November 21, 2014
From the beginning of the school year to Thursday, University Police have recorded a total of 923 crime reports at both on- and off-campus locations, according to University Police’s daily log. Those reports included everything from public urination and underage drinking to burglaries, sexual assaults and disorderly conduct. And those crimes don’t even include the reports that Columbus Division of Police officers also took in off-campus areas. The Lantern spoke to some of those victims about what it felt like to be the target of a crime, and about what they want other people in the OSU community to know. Armed robbery It was cold outside. That’s one of the… Read more

Some miffed that parking garage roofs were closed after snowfall

November 21, 2014
The first snowfall of the year can bring hazardous driving conditions and slow commutes, but this year, it also led to some irate CampusParc customers. Some Ohio State employees with parking passes that allow for garage access became flustered after CampusParc closed off rooftop parking earlier this week because of wintery conditions. “You can’t just close three or four floors and still expect everyone to still be able to find parking. There’s just not enough,” said Ken Sigler, associate director for admissions for the College of Dentistry. Sigler — who owns an “A” permit that allows for garage access during the day — said he was given a citation by… Read more

Jon Waters to look for a new job, could be away from music

November 20, 2014
After nearly four months of vying for his job back, ousted Ohio State Marching Band director Jonathan Waters is starting to look beyond the university that fired him — something he said is one of the most difficult decisions he’s ever had to make.  And although he has repeatedly said his only wish is to be reinstated to what was once his dream job, Waters said he’s being a realist and has recognized that his next move might not be in music. “In my job, I needed to be creative and there are a lot of jobs that require creativity,” he said. “In my job, I was a logistics manager… Read more

Faculty and staff’s opinion of workplace culture declines

November 20, 2014
Ohio State faculty and staff’s opinion of workplace culture has decreased over the past three years, according to a recent OSU study. Meanwhile, faculty satisfaction with parking costs and satisfaction with salary also yielded results that showed a decline from previous years. The study asked for the opinion of faculty and staff and found 78.8 percent were satisfied with their position at the university — the lowest percentage recorded in response to this question since the survey was first offered every three years since 2008. According to the “Faculty and Staff Surveys: 2014 Results, 2008, (and) 2011 Comparison” report, published online by the OSU Offices of Human Resources and Institutional… Read more

Crime brief: Student tried to kick officers out of his room

November 20, 2014
Drug paraphernalia A male staff member called University Police after he smelled what he thought was burnt marijuana in a South Campus residence hall on Monday at about 11:30 p.m. When officers arrived at the room where the staff member smelled the marijuana, they saw the student who lived there coming out of the bathroom. The student, who was visibly shaking, then went into another room after pausing for a moment, according to a University Police report. The officers started knocking on the door, where they also smelled burnt marijuana. After a short time, the student came out of the other room he was in and told the officers they… Read more

Race-based mascots take the spotlight in Ohio State event

November 20, 2014
For many fans, sporting a Chief Wahoo baseball cap at Cleveland’s Progressive Field or singing along to the “Tomahawk Chop” during an Atlanta Braves’ game is simply a tradition within the world of sports. But for members of Native American communities throughout the country, as well as for individuals who advocate for increased recognition of Native American rights, these depictions of Native American culture are often considered offensive and distasteful. “Often, when I (talk about race-based sports traditions) in several of the classes that I teach, I hear students say, ‘Why are you so sensitive?’ ‘Do you hate baseball?’ ‘Do you hate sports?’” said Christine Ballengee-Morris, a professor in the… Read more

Flawed band culture stems from lack of university oversight, Betty Montgomery’s investigation finds

November 19, 2014
Flaws in the Ohio State Marching Band’s culture were partially a result of limited university oversight, according to the findings of a second cultural investigation into the band that were released Tuesday. The investigation was led by former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery and found the band has been isolated from routine university supervision for more than 50 years — part of the reason for limited oversight. Tensions between the School of Music and the marching band widened that gap, the investigation’s final report said. Personality conflicts, differences in the quality of facilities, concerns over funding and disparities between the School of Music, in particular, were mentioned. Montgomery’s task force… Read more