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CABS bus hits pedestrian off-campus

December 1, 2014
A pedestrian is in stable condition after being struck by a Campus Area Bus Service bus Monday morning, according to a Columbus Division of Police dispatcher. Police received a call that a pedestrian had been hit on North Fourth Street and East 13th Avenue around 10:30 a.m. Monday, the dispatcher said. Medics took the unidentified pedestrian to Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center in stable condition, the dispatcher said. The person struck is not affiliated with the university, OSU spokesman Gary Lewis said in a Monday afternoon email. The incident report did not say if anyone besides the bus driver was on the bus at the time of the incident, the… Read more

Some students, Central Ohioans to recognize World Aids Day

December 1, 2014
Some members of the Ohio State and Central Ohio communities are coming together to raise awareness for World Aids Day. Dec. 1 is annually recognized as World Aids Day. It is observed as a day of remembrance for those who have died from HIV/AIDS and an opportunity for others to come together to raise awareness and celebrate those who are living with the disease. Ohio State’s Student Wellness Center and the Multicultural Center have partnered with Columbus Public Health and other community partners to host events during the first week of December, said Blake Marble, an assistant director at the Student Wellness Center. A World Aids Day Commemoration Ceremony will… Read more

Close to home: What it’s like to be a victim of an off-campus crime

November 21, 2014
From the beginning of the school year to Thursday, University Police have recorded a total of 923 crime reports at both on- and off-campus locations, according to University Police’s daily log. Those reports included everything from public urination and underage drinking to burglaries, sexual assaults and disorderly conduct. And those crimes don’t even include the reports that Columbus Division of Police officers also took in off-campus areas. The Lantern spoke to some of those victims about what it felt like to be the target of a crime, and about what they want other people in the OSU community to know. Armed robbery It was cold outside. That’s one of the… Read more

Catcalling can be a daily vexation on High Street

November 16, 2014
Hunter Williams said she experiences verbal street harassment every day while walking in the campus area. “People mumble something or say something that might sound like a compliment, but they’re alluding to more,” said Williams, a fourth-year in strategic communication. “I can’t walk down the street without someone saying something.” Verbal street harassment has made its way to the forefront of national conversation after a YouTube video of a woman enduring more than 100 catcalls while walking through New York City for 10 hours went viral. But for some students at Ohio State, street harassment isn’t just a topic of conversation — it’s an ever-present possibility that has created a… Read more

2 women held at gunpoint off-campus

November 16, 2014
An unidentified suspect held up two women at gunpoint Thursday night and then robbed one of them, according to a Columbus Division of Police web report. It happened around Waldeck and East Frambes avenues shortly before midnight Thursday, the report states. The report said the suspect brandished a gun and then demanded one of the women give up her wallet. The woman threw her wallet at the suspect, who then fled the scene without taking anything from the other woman. The suspect took an estimated $30 worth of property from the victim, including her wallet, cash, credit cards and ID, according to the release. Both women appear to be Ohio… Read more

Student gets worldwide support after he was attacked for being gay

November 9, 2014
“Hi babe — I just got punched in the face. A guy ran up to me, called me a fag and punched me.” Jerad Williams recalled that his boyfriend’s phone call shocked him. A photo of the incident, though, would go on to shock the Internet. About 20 minutes before the Thursday evening call, Williams — a first-year in zoology — had just parted ways with his boyfriend of one month, Cole Ledford, a third-year in business real estate. Returning from a friend’s house, Williams and Ledford traveled down the university stretch of High Street at about 11 p.m. in the rain, planning to eventually split and go back to… Read more

Roommates help take down band of burglars

November 9, 2014
When one of the men living at 444 E. 16th Ave. awoke to the sound of footsteps running up and down his stairs, he turned on the lights — and realized his house had been burglarized. Once the other housemates were aware of what happened, they didn’t call the cops. They didn’t even take an inventory of all the stuff that was missing. Instead, they grabbed a crowbar and a baseball bat and jumped into action. “Our adrenaline’s going, and we’re mad,” recalled Dominique Ybanes, a second-year in strategic communication and one of the renters of the property. “So if we see them, we’re going to take the opportunity.” It… Read more

Fake off-campus eviction notices aim to raise awareness about displaced Palestinian families

October 31, 2014
Some students living in the off-campus area weren’t greeted by the mailman or by the neighborhood squirrels when opening their front doors Thursday. They were instead greeted by a piece of paper saying they must move out immediately.  The words “EVICTION NOTICE” were written in bold across the tops of the fliers, which were taped to the front doors of some off-campus residences located between East 11th and Lane avenues. The flier went on to say that the building was scheduled for demolition in three days. If the flier alarmed students, then it did the job its creators intended. The flier was a mock eviction notice put out by the… Read more

City’s health inspectors to look for rodents around campus

October 30, 2014
After a six-year break from investing in off-campus pest control, the city of Columbus is looking for rodents around the Ohio State area again. Columbus Public Health is sending health inspectors around the University District area to look for signs of rodents, according to an article by The Columbus Dispatch. The last time the program ran was in 2008, before the Columbus Public Health Department discontinued the $275,000 rodent control program in an effort to cut back city spending, according to Lantern archives. Even so, Ohio State takes its own precautions against infestation problems, a Student Life spokesman said. The university has a contract with JC Ehrlich Company, a pest… Read more

High Street sees an uptick in homeless population around campus

October 30, 2014
Every day on his way to class, Alex Castrey walks by rows of Greek houses, stores on High Street and homeless people. But lately, he’s noticed something different on his route. “I think there’s been an increase, definitely,” Castrey, a second-year in finance, said of the homeless people he passes each day. Castrey isn’t the only one to take notice of this rise in the off-campus homeless population. It’s a difference officers on the Columbus Division of Police force have reported to their commander, too. Columbus Police Commander Christopher Bowling said that since the spring, many of his officers have told him about more and more homeless individuals establishing roots… Read more