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Fake off-campus eviction notices aim to raise awareness about displaced Palestinian families

October 31, 2014
Some students living in the off-campus area weren’t greeted by the mailman or by the neighborhood squirrels when opening their front doors Thursday. They were instead greeted by a piece of paper saying they must move out immediately.  The words “EVICTION NOTICE” were written in bold across the tops of the fliers, which were taped to the front doors of some off-campus residences located between East 11th and Lane avenues. The flier went on to say that the building was scheduled for demolition in three days. If the flier alarmed students, then it did the job its creators intended. The flier was a mock eviction notice put out by the… Read more

City’s health inspectors to look for rodents around campus

October 30, 2014
After a six-year break from investing in off-campus pest control, the city of Columbus is looking for rodents around the Ohio State area again. Columbus Public Health is sending health inspectors around the University District area to look for signs of rodents, according to an article by The Columbus Dispatch. The last time the program ran was in 2008, before the Columbus Public Health Department discontinued the $275,000 rodent control program in an effort to cut back city spending, according to Lantern archives. Even so, Ohio State takes its own precautions against infestation problems, a Student Life spokesman said. The university has a contract with JC Ehrlich Company, a pest… Read more

High Street sees an uptick in homeless population around campus

October 30, 2014
Every day on his way to class, Alex Castrey walks by rows of Greek houses, stores on High Street and homeless people. But lately, he’s noticed something different on his route. “I think there’s been an increase, definitely,” Castrey, a second-year in finance, said of the homeless people he passes each day. Castrey isn’t the only one to take notice of this rise in the off-campus homeless population. It’s a difference officers on the Columbus Division of Police force have reported to their commander, too. Columbus Police Commander Christopher Bowling said that since the spring, many of his officers have told him about more and more homeless individuals establishing roots… Read more

2 High Street businesses close their doors

October 23, 2014
Despite close proximity to Ohio State’s campus, at least two restaurants along High Street couldn’t make it. But some nearby local businesses said they weren’t surprised based on the menus, food prices and locations of the two restaurants. Meanwhile, at least one of the spaces might already have a new tenant — Tom and Chee. Pera Fresh Istanbul Food and Red Robin’s Burger Works recently shut their doors. A Red Robin spokesperson confirmed the Burger Works location at 1708 N. High St. had closed earlier this month, but said that “beyond that, we do not have any additional details to share at this time.” The owner of the property, Scott… Read more

12 Ohio State students evacuated after off-campus apartment fire

For Samuel Massari, a fifth-year in computer science and engineering, Sunday morning’s wake up call came a little sooner than expected.  “We all were asleep, and somebody was pounding on our doors and windows. We assumed it was drunk kids so I went out to tell them to stop,” he said. That’s when Massari realized there was no joke, but rather a fire that would later temporarily evict him from his off-campus residence. “When I opened the door, there was a guy standing there saying I needed to get out, and I looked behind him and the whole porch was ablaze,” he said. That off-campus apartment fire — which forced… Read more

Landlord: Off-campus apartment fire was arson

October 19, 2014
An off-campus apartment fire that forced a dozen Ohio State students from their residences early Sunday morning wasn’t an accident, the landlord of the property said. Bryan Dulle, 1st Place Realty landlord, said three pedestrians saw a white man set fire to a couch on the front porch of his property at 1706 Summit St. at about 3 a.m. on Sunday. “It appears that it was definitely arson,” Dulle said. But Columbus Division of Fire Battalion Chief Tracy Smith said investigators had not determined a cause of the fire as of Sunday morning. She said the fire is still under investigation. Dulle said the fire started with the couch on… Read more

Masturbation, public indecency incidents reported off campus

October 16, 2014
The knock on the basement window couldn’t have come at a worse time. It was past midnight and Lauren Tepe and her roommates had just finished watching “American Horror Story” in the basement of their off-campus house, Tepe recalled. “We have a big window in our basement and we hear this knock,” said Tepe, a third-year in psychology. “We were like, ‘What was that?’” At first, Tepe said it looked like someone was waving at the girls from behind a closed window. But when the girls got closer, Tepe said they realized it was a man masturbating while staring into their room. “I was just scared and confused and creeped… Read more

Required crime reports vary in detail by university

October 13, 2014
While all colleges are required to release annual reports detailing certain crimes that were reported on-campus, not all reports are the same. Federal law dictates which crimes must be included, but some Big Ten universities go beyond that. Indiana University, for example, breaks nonforcible sex offenses into categories of statutory rape and incest, beyond the forcible sexual assault offenses. Penn State University has specifics on embezzlement, forgery, fraud and prostitution. Rutgers University’s report includes statistics on fondling and serving alcohol to people under the age of 21. Not all of those additional categories are technically part of the school’s Clery data, but they are notably included in the same documents.… Read more

Columbus ranked No. 1 city for opportunities

October 13, 2014
Soon-to-be Ohio State graduates could have more of a reason to stick around Columbus than college nostalgia. Ohio’s capital was recently announced as the No. 1 city for making a mark, by a recent Forbes ranking of the top cities for opportunity in the nation. The ranking, which was published in September, was produced in collaboration with Sperling’s Best Places as part of a list ranking the 19 Opportunity Cities in America. The Forbes ranking was based on factors including median house prices, population size, unemployment ratings and population age. The Forbes article said resources like OSU, a thriving arts and cultural scene and a top-tier hospital make Columbus a… Read more

Man throws rock at Buckeye Donuts, cracks window

October 9, 2014
Buckeye Donuts was still open for business and serving doughnuts Thursday after a manager said a man hurled a rock at the storefront and cracked a window. Manager Eric Bretschneider said the window was only cracked, not shattered, early Thursday morning, but he wasn’t too concerned about the incident. “I do understand a lot more has been made of it than is actually the story,” Bretschneider said, referencing other media outlet reports he’d heard. A Columbus Division of Police dispatcher said someone inside Buckeye Donuts, located at 1998 N. High St., called 911 shortly before 12:40 a.m. The caller told a 911 dispatcher that a white man in a white… Read more