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Union to benefit commuters with lounges, lockers, kitchen

March 6, 2010
Commuter students might find a home away from home with the opening of the new Ohio Union. Sean McLaughlin, assistant director of Off-Campus Student Services, said OCSS will be moving into the third floor of the new Union. The staff is looking forward to the move and having better ways of supporting commuters. “I think the best part of the new Union for commuters is the numerous lounges and the eating options,” McLaughlin said. For years, McLaughlin said, OCSS tried to support commuters by sectioning off a portion of its own office and creating a lounge for them, but the area was not sustainable because it didn’t have the budget… Read more

Gee vs. Stuck: Painting goes to Union

March 4, 2010
Ohio State University president, Dr. Gordon Gee, and the director of the Ohio Union, Tracy Stuck, met at the RPAC Friday morning to settle the dispute on the future home of the Alice Schille painting from 1911, “Children at the Beach.”  In the best of three rounds of arm wrestling, Gee won the first, Stuck the second and a draw in the third.  Gee commended his competitor and decided to put the painting in the new Ohio Union, which opens on March 29, 2010.… Read more

Immigration law, reform focus of campus event

March 3, 2010
The last few lines of the “Pledge of Allegiance” are some of the most well-known and celebrated. But two Ohio State students believe that undocumented immigrants, including those in Columbus, have been excluded from the American promise of “liberty and justice for all” for too long. Andrea Velez, a fourth-year in Spanish, and Kyla Snow, a fourth-year in comparative studies and Spanish, have coordinated an event Friday to raise awareness of the “broken immigration system” in the United States and to advocate for immigration reform. The event, called “And Justice for… All?” will feature talks about immigration law and reform efforts. Immigrants who have navigated the complexities of the immigration… Read more

$2 million gift aids Union and Alumni Association

March 2, 2010
The second floor of the newly renovated Ohio Union features rooms named in recognition of three donors, headlined by a ballroom that honors Archie Griffin. Two donors who were initially anonymous, Bruce and Cynthia Cassidy, made a $2 million donation in honor of the former Ohio State football great and current president and CEO of the OSU Alumni Association. The Alumni Association and the Ohio Union each received $1 million from the gift. The Cassidys “just want to show their love for the university and show appreciation for the things I accomplished as a student, administrator and now president of the Alumni Association,” Griffin said in an interview with The… Read more

GRE to change in autumn 2011, feature new content, flexibility

March 2, 2010
The 60-year-old Graduate Record Examination is about to get a face-lift. The GRE, which is taken by students seeking admission to graduate school, will change in fall 2011. Educational Testing Service, the nonprofit institution that produces the test, said the revisions will make the test more aligned to the skills needed in graduate school. The GRE will receive adjustments in both content and design. The best change to the test, however, is the ability to flip through a section to revise answers, said Andrew Mitchell, the director of graduate programs at Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. The current GRE does not allow test takers this freedom. Other big changes include… Read more

OSU lecturer on ‘Millionaire’ can spill secret tonight

March 2, 2010
He couldn’t reveal if he had to use a life line, or whether he has gotten the home theater system he wanted, or put a down payment on a house. He won’t tell anyone until after tonight. Four months after spending time in the “hot seat,” Erik Tracy, a psychology lecturer at Ohio State, will be able to share whether he won big money on the popular show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” His friends have tried to trick him into telling them what happened — but so far they have been unsuccessful, he said. Tracy participated in an episode of the “Netflix Million Dollar Movie Week” series of… Read more

Fisher students’ names in lights in NY’s Times Square

A photograph and the names of 10 Ohio State students were lit up in New York City’s Times Square last week. “I thought there were only three types of people that got their picture up on Times Square: good-looking, wealthy or celebrity,” said Paul Sobecki, one of the OSU students. “I am none of the above, so it was awesome to know my picture was up there for a couple of days.” The group of 10 students was one of three teams to win an American Eagle Outfitters marketing competition. The other finalists were from the University of Pittsburgh and Indiana University. Along with being on display in Times Square,… Read more

Students among patients at OSU’s rehabilitation clinic

March 2, 2010
Brad Lander works with all sorts of drug addicts. But the most interesting category of patient, he says, are those who choose cocaine as their drug of choice. “Coke addicts are my favorite,” said Lander, a licensed psychologist and director of Ohio State’s drug and alcohol rehab clinic at OSU East. The clinic, located at 1492 E. Broad St., typically has about 90 people enrolled in rehabilitation programs at any given time, with 24 beds for inpatient treatment. The clinic offers programs for people with any drug dependency, and any of age — with some patients as young as 10 to 12 years old.In the last year and a half,… Read more

Switch to semesters causing ticket tussle

March 2, 2010
The switch to semesters in 2012 has students, faculty and staff, alumni and the Athletic Department grappling over football tickets. On Tuesday, the Athletic Council, a subcommittee of the University Senate, discussed competing proposals on how best to allocate tickets starting with the 2012 season. After the switch, the autumn term will begin much earlier, meaning students will be on campus for more football games, and they want more tickets set aside for these games. Alumni want to keep at least the number of tickets they have now, but want them more spread out throughout the season. Under the plan now, most alumni tickets are concentrated in the early games.… Read more

Gee and Union director to arm wrestle over disputed painting

March 2, 2010
It will be a battle of the bicep between two of the university’s top administrators, and it all started over a painting. On Friday, Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee and Tracy Stuck, director of the Ohio Union, will compete in an arm wrestling match to find out who gets to keep a coveted painting by Alice Schille. “I officially ‘challenged’ Dr. Gee a little over a year ago,” Stuck said. “I can assure you that I’ve been on a rigorous training regimen with the help of the RPAC staff.” The painting previously adorned the former Ohio Union, but when that building was cleared out two years ago in preparation… Read more