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Are OSU bicyclists abiding by the law?

October 4, 2010
Bicycles swarm OSU’s campus every day, but some drivers think cyclists need to put their training wheels back on and wonder what police are doing to enforce bike laws. Campus bicyclists are required to abide by the same traffic laws as any vehicle, which includes stopping at red lights and stop signs, refraining from parking in unspecified areas and yielding to other vehicles and pedestrians at sidewalks, crosswalks and roadways, police said. Bicyclists are supposed to ride on roadways and are prohibited from riding on sidewalks. The fines for traffic violations are the same for vehicles and bicycles. The OSU Police records department does not keep records of bicycle traffic… Read more

Ohio State basketball ticket sale postponed

October 4, 2010
Ticket sales for the upcoming Ohio State men’s basketball season, originally scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. Tuesday, have been postponed because of “technical difficulties,” said Brett Scarbrough, senior director of ticketing for OSU. The e-mail informing students of the launch of ticket sales was sent Monday morning, but a significant number of students did not receive the information. “We realized the problem this (Tuesday) morning that the e-mails had not broadcast,” Scarbrough said. “It had sent about 49,000 e-mails at the point where we made the decision to postpone the on-sale.” He said that makes up about 70 percent of the e-mails that were going to be sent. Once… Read more

Students still dissatisfied with football ticket system

October 4, 2010
After the process for ordering student football tickets was modified, problems continue to surface. Emma Esmont, a graduate student in public health who graduated from Ohio State in the spring, signed up to sit with a friend for the fourth consecutive year. “I’m in a totally different section than (my friend) is,” Esmont said. “She is in the South Stands and I’m on the sidelines. It was just really frustrating because now I’m sitting in a section by myself.” Other students received tickets in the groups they wanted but were unhappy with their seat locations. “I kind of expected to have better seats than last year,” said Natalie Arnason, a… Read more

OSU pays full tuition for out-of-state athletes

October 4, 2010
One of the cornerstones of winning championships at the collegiate level is recruiting. In some sports, that means traveling across the country to entice potential Buckeyes. In other sports, it can mean scouring the world for talent. Ohio State requires its athletic department to pay out-of-state tuition for out-of-state athletes, which is unusual in college athletics. Although the practice is expensive, it gives OSU a recruiting advantage over schools that do not cover out-of-state tuition. “When a coach can go anywhere and offer a full scholarship and say, ‘We’ll cover your full tuition,’ that’s significant because a lot of schools don’t do that,” said OSU athletic director Gene Smith. In… Read more

Armed Robbery suspects caught near campus

October 4, 2010
Three armed robbery suspects were detained near East 18th and Indianola avenues early Monday morning after three individuals were robbed at gunpoint in the surrounding area. Following three separate armed robberies beginning around 2 a.m. Monday, an eyewitness provided the Columbus Police with information regarding the possible suspects. “There was a witness that had seen some possible suspects get into a silver car,” said Columbus Police Department Robbery Detective Ken Kirby. “The officers were able to locate the car, and once they made a traffic stop on the vehicle, one of the individuals actually bailed out but was caught a short distance away, and the other two were apprehended inside… Read more

Six OSU doctorate programs rank high nationally

October 4, 2010
Six of the 133 doctorate programs offered at Ohio State ranked in the “top 3 range” of the National Research Council doctorate program rankings: agricultural, environmental and developmental economics; communication; food science and nutrition; pharmacy; theatre; and plant cellular and molecular biology. The National Research Council released its “Data-Based Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States” early last week. The study consisted of data and analysis on more than 5,000 doctorate programs from 212 universities to “assess the quality and effectiveness of doctorate programs in the United States.” Professor Patrick Osmer, dean of OSU’s Graduate School, said anyone reviewing the rankings must be “mindful and aware” of how and… Read more

Secretary of Education: Government should aid college students

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan emphasized the importance of eliminating barriers preventing Americans from receiving a college education in a press conference call Monday. “For millions of students, paying for college is the biggest barrier to completion,” Duncan said, “so one of our most important tasks is to make college more affordable.” President Barack Obama has worked to increase Pell Grants given to low-income students, Duncan said, enabling millions more to attend college. “An additional 2.4 million low-income students are receiving these grants to help them pay for college,” Duncan said, adding that the average grant has increased by $1,000. The federal government will continue investing in Pell Grants… Read more

Ohio Union’s D-Tix program offers discounts to restaurants, events

October 3, 2010
The Ohio Union offers many discounts to restaurants and various events, but despite advertising, some students remain unaware. Money for the discount ticket program, D-Tix, comes out of a percentage of the $25 Student Activity Fee that students pay each quarter, said Katie Tumblin, the program’s coordinator. The discount ticket program is advertised on the Union’s website, at the Student Involvement Fair, on screens and signs at the Union and RPAC and on a list-serve students can sign up for at the Union ticket desk or online, Tumblin said. Between summer 2009 and summer 2010, the program sold 20,040 general discount tickets. It is unclear how many students used the… Read more

OSU officials spent months preparing for protest

Although Monday’s Westboro Baptist Church protest lasted less than 30 minutes, Ohio State officials and student groups began preparing for the protesters months before their arrival. “We have long known about this visit from Westboro Baptist and we are familiar with their efforts across the country,” said OSU spokesman Jim Lynch. He said he knew about the protest for three months. Representatives from OSU Public Safety, the Ohio Union, the Multicultural Center and other organizations attended meetings during the summer to prepare for the protest. “We all came together to talk about what the plan of action was,” said Angie Wellman, intercultural specialist at the Multicultural Center in the Ohio… Read more

OSU students use hugs, cookies to counter Westboro anti-gay rally

Nearly 100 students gathered on the corner of 11th Avenue and High Street Monday morning to vocally — but peacefully — oppose a short rally staged by members of the Westboro Baptist Church, who are known for their anti-gay and anti-America sentiments. Armed with free cookies, rainbow umbrellas and signs proclaiming “Love not Hate” and “God Loves All People,” the counter-protesters easily outnumbered the six adults and two children who represented the Kansas-based church. Westboro, an independent baptist church known for protesting at funerals of dead U.S. soldiers and gay people, was originally slated to appear in front of the Ohio Union. Police denied The Lantern’s attempts to speak to… Read more