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Union kitchen will double as a classroom

March 7, 2010
The lower level of the new Ohio Union boasts a 3,697-square-foot instructional kitchen, paired up with Sloopy’s Diner on the first floor of the building. Students from the College of Education and Human Ecology will take courses in the kitchen to learn about hospitality management and then turn those skills around to serve and manage students in the diner during the week. “Students will get a serious amount of experience and a serious hands-on understanding of what a fast-paced environment with equipment is all about,” said Julian Giardello, operations manager of Sloopy’s Diner. One of the instructional kitchen’s six stations was donated by Sara Lee Foodservice, which donated $75,000 to… Read more

Union diner to offer items named for OSU students, alumni and faculty

March 7, 2010
Several students, alumni, faculty and staff at Ohio State will have a sandwich named after them at a campus eatery. Thirteen winners of the new Sandwich Club Award will have a sandwich named after them in Sloopy’s Diner, located in the new Ohio Union. The winners were chosen out of more than 200 applications and had to meet several criteria, including school spirit. “Students nominated had to be in good academic standing with at least a 2.5 [grade point average],” said Matt Couch, associate director for the Union. “But the common criterion for all nominees was that they had to have demonstrated dedication to OSU and the Union.” The award,… Read more

Ron Paul rolls through campus

March 7, 2010
Republican congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul made rounds at Ohio State on Monday. He first appeared at a 4 p.m. press conference at the Faculty Club, before heading to the Newport Music Hall to speak to a large crowd of students in attendance at the free event. Paul answered questions from the media at the press conference and discussed issues facing the nation. The topics ranged from subjects Paul has become renown for addressing, such as central banking and military spending, to more recent issues such as cybersecurity. When asked what graduating college students should do to help improve the economy, Paul said they should just try to… Read more

Professor wins $15,000 on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’

March 6, 2010
The secret is out. He didn’t reach millionaire status, but he still left New York a winner. Erik Tracy, a psychology lecturer at Ohio State, was a contestant on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” during an episode that aired in Columbus Thursday night. Last week was part of “Netflix Million Dollar Movie Week.” He walked away with $15,000 and a yearlong subscription to Netflix.During the show he used a “double dip,” an “ask the expert” and an “ask the audience” lifeline. By using a double dip, the contestant can give two answers. If they are both wrong, contestants drop back down to $5,000, Tracy said. He answered correctly the… Read more

Arnold Classic attracts thousands

March 6, 2010
The Arnold Classic started out as a one-day bodybuilding competition in 1989, but has since transformed into the four-day, 44-sport Arnold Sports Festival that includes a little something for everyone. “It was my vision 30 years ago to bring all of the sports together to kind of sell the idea that there’s not one sport that ought to be preferred over another,” said California Gov. and ex-bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, the festival’s namesake. “To me it makes no difference if you do boxing, you can do martial arts, you can do archery, table tennis or regular tennis. Whatever it is, bodybuilding, weight-lifting, whatever, just do something.” Most of the people in… Read more

Student effort to bring Ron Paul to campus pays off

Republican congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul is speaking at the Newport Music Hall tonight and that’s quite a coup for one student organization. Young Americans for Liberty President David Grabaskas, a doctoral student in nuclear engineering, said the event represents a victory for the group. “It’s a lot of work, putting on an event like this,” he said. “As a Ron Paul supporter though, this is really a great thing to work for.” The doors will open at 6 p.m. and Paul is expected to take the stage at 8:15. Grabaskas expects a large crowd, and admission will be free. Young Americans for Liberty grew out of a… Read more

Audio engineer brings talent, experience to OSU’s School of Music

March 6, 2010
Mark Rubinstein is a three-man band, having lived as an audio engineer, performer and teacher, all in the name of music. As the new audio engineer for Ohio State’s School of Music, he brings a diverse musical career combined with years of experience to the method of recording music at OSU. “So far my experiences at Ohio State have been great,” Rubinstein said. “The faculty is talented and smart. It’s fun to be surrounded by smart people.” As an audio engineer, he records and edits music. He said he and his colleagues must capture musical performances as faithfully as possible, and OSU has more than 400 of them a year.… Read more

Second sexual assault reported on campus

An Ohio State student told OSU Police Thursday that three men sexually assaulted her in her dorm room in Morrill Tower on Feb. 27. The assault is not related to the alleged rape outside McPherson Lab last week, police said. The student accepted a ride back to campus from a social event and was escorted to her room by three males sometime after midnight, police said. At some point the student lost consciousness. OSU Police Chief Paul Denton said investigators did not know why she passed out. Later in the day on Feb. 27, the student’s roommate reported that cameras and a laptop had been stolen from her room. However,… Read more

Ohio State to rethink its crime alerts

When violent crimes are reported on campus, police are required by federal law to notify the public. But officers from the Ohio State University Police are worried that few people are getting the message. For the last four years, the Department of Public Safety at OSU has used an “opt-in” system in which crime alerts are sent only to those who have subscribed to receive the alerts via e-mail. But on a campus with more than 50,000 students, only 2,633 people receive these e-mails. “I would expect more people to be registered users,” said OSU Police Chief Paul Denton. In the wake of three crime alerts reported in the last… Read more

Barbie Tootle surprised with room in her honor in new Union

March 6, 2010
The third floor of the new Ohio Union contains eight rooms named in honor of eight individuals and organizations. Donations toward the naming of the rooms totaled more than $800,000. More than half of that came from a $500,000 donation by the John R. and Margrite Davis Foundation toward the “Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room.” Neither John or Margrite, both now deceased, had any affiliation with Ohio State. But the foundation has made a habit of donating to universities, including the University of Michigan and the University of Kentucky. It was Deborah Cunningham, a program coordinator within the OSU Office of Student Life and board member of the Davis Foundation,… Read more