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Letter to the editor: Why I resigned from Undergraduate Student Government

March 29, 2015
Letter to the editor: Student governments have been traditionally a platform that give students a legitimate voice and are a venue for personal development in involvement. I am saddened to share with you that in its current state, here, at The Ohio State University, that is exactly what it is not. Two years ago when I came to Ohio State, I knew that student government was something that I wanted to get involved in. I wanted to help make things better and improve things on campus, and I wanted to do that immediately. Being someone who is interested in organizational framework, I thought there would be no place better for… Read more

Letter to the editor: As Americans, we must remember we pay for government benefits

March 27, 2015
  Letter to the editor: The letter to the editor by President Barack Obama, published in The Lantern on Monday, appeals to us all. It appeals to the child in us. That is what politicians do — particularly politicians who have abandoned American values and replaced them with the values of leftism. “Vote for my party, the Democratic party, because we care for you. You are human; you have rights. You have the right to education, health care, a kind, compassionate boss, a well-paying job, sick leave, food, housing, maternity care, an Obamaphone, care for your old age, clothing … endless rights to free stuff. We in the Democratic Party… Read more

Letter to the editor: Ohio State should sign onto Real Food Challenge

March 26, 2015
Letter to the editor: It has been 45 years since I played quarterback for coach Woody Hayes at The Ohio State University, and although agriculture is still Ohio’s leading industry, our food system is vastly different. In that time, we have lost 36,000 farms in the state of Ohio, our lakes have become polluted by runoff from industrial farms, and farm animals have been moved off the land and into confinement. Universities, including Ohio State, currently source food from large-scale farms great distances from the dining facilities, and these farms harm rural communities, the environment and animals. As a world-class agricultural teaching, research and outreach institution with a long and… Read more

Letter to the editor: Obama’s administration working to make college more affordable

March 22, 2015
Letter to the editor: In an economy increasingly built on innovation, the most important skill you can sell is your knowledge. That’s why higher education is, more than ever, the surest ticket to the middle class. But just when it’s never been more important, it’s also never been more expensive. The average undergrad who borrows to pay for college ends up graduating with about $28,000 in student loan debt. That’s why my administration has worked hard to make college more affordable. We expanded tax credits and Pell Grants, enacted the largest reforms to the student loan program in history and fought to keep interest rates on student loans low. We’ve… Read more

Opinion: India should be seen for its beauty, not as a rape capital

March 22, 2015
“Be careful you don’t get raped in India.” Before I left for my trip to India this December, I heard comments like this, and others that echoed the same sentiment. People at the grocery store, in my classes and friends back home told me I was brave for traveling to Southeast Asia alone. At the same time, I had been bubbling since the moment I booked my ticket for seven cities in 20 days. I wanted to tell people, but I was taken aback each time people who hadn’t been to India were suddenly experts on India’s rape culture. I was finally going to get to see the colors, smell… Read more

Letter to the editor: Ohio needs to reform the tax code to modern times

March 12, 2015
Letter to the editor: In the past three decades, Ohio has lowered the state’s income tax almost year by year, promising more jobs and growth through investments. Three decades of promises have come and gone, and we’re still here with not much to show for it, except ever-increasing sales taxes and empty promises. You might like seeing a few more dollars in your paycheck, but unless you’re making the big bucks, chances are you’ll find yourself paying more in sales tax than before. Currently, Ohio is ranked 19th overall in combined state and local sales taxes at about 7.11 percent. Kasich’s budget proposal for 2016-17 would bump the Buckeye State’s… Read more

Letter to the editor: Students should demand financial transparency

March 12, 2015
Letter to the editor: In response to an opinion piece in the March 2 edition of The Lantern, many of the issues students currently face stem from university financial mismanagement, secretive accounting and lack of representation, as well as those student have brought upon themselves. Recently many students have mentioned the burden of purchasing customized textbooks, paying tuition hikes and managing finances. On the other hand, the student body continues to demand the university provide services such as the RPAC and Undergraduate Student Government events, as well as give out other “free” trinkets. Students are being exploited by the university, as the higher administration makes a pretty penny at the… Read more

Letter to the editor: Judicial Panel acted within its rights

March 10, 2015
Letter to the editor: I am not here to discuss the decision made in the Clerk vs. OSU Divest (2015) decision. I actually recused myself from the case in accordance with the USG Constitution Article 3, Section D, Subsection 1, Clause d, because my father works for one of the six companies OSU Divest is trying to “divest” from. I felt that would cause me to render an impartial decision, so I took myself off the case. I am here, rather, to discuss the controversy surrounding the Judicial Panel and its actions with the bylaws and the consequences of its decision in Clerk vs. OSU Divest. On Feb. 17, the… Read more

Letter to the editor: Don’t vote in the USG elections unless divest issue restored to ballot

March 10, 2015
Letter to the editor: I doubt that many of you need much encouragement against voting in the Undergraduate Student Government elections. Our most recent USG president was elected with 3,953 votes out of a population of more than 44,000 undergraduates. In other words, our supposed representatives are often supported by less than one out of 10 students here. Why don’t students vote in the USG elections? Well, most students at this school aren’t really clear on what the USG does, if anything. To be fair, this stems from an overbearing and bloated administration that refuses to entrust students with substantial powers and responsibilities around campus, leaving the USG pondering such… Read more

Letter to the editor: Taking issue off of the ballot was undemocratic, unfair

March 10, 2015
Letter to the editor: As a member of the Ohio University Student Government, it was disappointing to read in The Lantern that the OSU Undergraduate Student Government Judicial Panel denied the rights of thousands of students to vote on whether to take a position on the “boycott, divest and sanction” ballot initiative during the spring election. From my reading of the events in The Lantern, student government itself approved the petition that OSU Divest circulated. The Judicial Panel’s biased ruling calls into question the legitimacy and fairness of the body’s procedures. What makes this ruling particularly egregious is what appears to be the open collusion between the Judicial Panel and… Read more