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Opinion: Off-campus break-in a nightmare realized

September 28, 2014
I was on my way to my friends’ house on 9th Avenue after the Ohio State game against Cincinnati when I got a call from my roommate’s boyfriend. He asked me when I was last at my house. He and my roommate had just gotten back and the door was wide open. To be honest, even though I hadn’t been at my house since 1:30 p.m. and it was now about 10, I was only a little bit concerned. I try not to get too worried about things like this to prevent myself from overreacting, so I just told him to call me when they had talked to my other… Read more

Letter to the editor: Rape culture must stop

September 28, 2014
Letter to the editor: I have been a student at Ohio State for six, going on seven, weeks and already there have been four — count them, four reported sexual assaults — and they are getting more and more frequent. The fact that there have already been so many is outraging. And the fact that in at least two of the cases, there were multiple assailants is sickening. No means no! I know these this past weekend has been a heavy party weekend, and with the football game against University of Cincinnati and midterms, I understand the desire to let loose and drink it away. But just because you decide… Read more

Opinion: Starbucks’ beer-flavored coffee a smart move

September 26, 2014
I fell in love at a coffee shop. At first, it seemed like any other coffee cup. My name was proudly scrawled on the tall, white exterior and the latte was steaming softly. I picked it up and hustled out the door so I could escape the chaos of the counter, and that’s when it happened. I fell head over heels for a brown liquid.  Actually, come to think of it, it’s not the first time I’ve fallen in love with a drink, and maybe that’s why this new beverage was such a perfect match. I always tell my friends that I have two true loves — beer and coffee.… Read more

Opinion: Men, women must work together for gender equality

September 25, 2014
Emma Watson’s speech at the United Nations brought a lot of attention to feminism. The hashtag #HeForShe has drawn many men, celebrities and others together in support of women, feminism and gender equality. The word “feminism” has not always been seen as a positive one, however. Some people associate the word feminism with women putting themselves above men or refusing to wear bras or shave their legs in the interest of equality. These feminists are sometimes thrown in the mix as “man-haters,” which Watson, a supporter of equal rights and a UN Women goodwill ambassador, addressed. “The more I have spoken about feminism, the more I have realized that fighting… Read more

Opinion: Some miss message of Emma Watson’s speech

September 25, 2014
Sometimes it feels like people are missing the point. Emma Watson stood up in front of the United Nations and talked about the UN Women campaign, He For She, that aims to achieve gender equality partially by inviting men to join the conversation. She spoke of issues many women and men face — girls being called bossy instead of leaders; boys struggling to figure out their identity among all of the words used to describe masculinity.  The issues she talked about weren’t new, or rare, or revolutionary. They were all things that have been talked about for years, and Watson knew that. But putting a face on feminism, assigning a… Read more

Opinion: Star-Spangled Banner poses key question

September 22, 2014
The Star-Spangled Banner turned 200 this month, and it remains one of the most recognizable aspects of this nation. It’s hard for me to remember a time when I didn’t know the words — it’s that ingrained within my mind and throughout our national culture. I’d consider myself a patriotic person. I might be in the minority, but I still see the United States as a symbol of something that’s worth singing about. Many people’s opinion of our current political climate — mine included — is fairly negative, but that doesn’t necessarily make me dishonored with our country as a whole. I guess what I’m trying to say is: I… Read more

Letter to the editor: Ohio State won’t move forward without Jonathan Waters

September 18, 2014
Letter to the editor: An open letter to President Michael Drake President Drake, I wrote you a letter back in July, after Jonathan Waters was wrongfully terminated from his position as director of marching and athletic bands. In response, I received a canned statement thanking me for my concern and effectively writing me off, like everyone else who wrote in to express their outrage over this situation. Despite the best efforts of major benefactors of Ohio State, concerned students, alumni and members of the media, you have continued to ignore anyone who disagrees with your firing of Mr. Waters. I can understand your reluctance to face people who might disagree… Read more

Letter to the editor: Marching band hurt by Ohio State’s mistakes

September 18, 2014
Letter to the editor: The administration at Ohio State wants to send the message that it will not tolerate sexual harassment. Good! Every fair-minded person finds this kind of behavior reprehensible: someone in a position of power mistreats another who is left powerless to defend against the attack and who is expected to be powerless to pursue recourse later. In fact, I find this behavior morally objectionable whether or not the aggressor’s motives or intentions are sexual in nature. How did the powerful at OSU decide to send their message? They made a big public splash by releasing a report of a ridiculously flawed “investigation” that painted thousands of former… Read more

Opinion: Urban Outfitters sweatshirt a cruel mockery for Kent community

September 15, 2014
Urban Outfitters has hit yet another controversial rut for its distasteful clothing design, with the recent release of a single $129 vintage sweatshirt as the most recent addition to the repulsive rack. Branded with the Kent State University name and a mock-up logo based on the seal of Ohio, the crewneck is a faded red color and has a few holes near the left shoulder surrounded by a darker, blood-like hue. In fact, the blotches of red have been interpreted as blood and the holes as bullet holes. Understandably, the public has interpreted this sweatshirt as an insensitive reference to the university’s infamous shooting on May 4, 1970. On that… Read more

Letter to the editor: Ohio State should take note of Illinois professor’s firing

September 14, 2014
Letter to the editor: At this very moment, a crisis that has the potential to challenge the very meaning of academic freedom, shared governance and free-speech rights is embroiling the University of Illinois — and Ohio State had better take note. Over the last four weeks, more than 5,000 scholars across the country and the world have joined a boycott of Illinois. At least 15 Illinois academic departments have formally expressed their views that Chancellor Phyllis Wise is no longer fit to fulfill her professional duties because of her sudden and arbitrary decision to block the hiring of professor Steven Salaita from a tenured professorship in Illinois’ American Indian Studies… Read more