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Opinion: Urban Outfitters sweatshirt a cruel mockery for Kent community

September 15, 2014
Urban Outfitters has hit yet another controversial rut for its distasteful clothing design, with the recent release of a single $129 vintage sweatshirt as the most recent addition to the repulsive rack. Branded with the Kent State University name and a mock-up logo based on the seal of Ohio, the crewneck is a faded red color and has a few holes near the left shoulder surrounded by a darker, blood-like hue. In fact, the blotches of red have been interpreted as blood and the holes as bullet holes. Understandably, the public has interpreted this sweatshirt as an insensitive reference to the university’s infamous shooting on May 4, 1970. On that… Read more

Letter to the editor: Ohio State should take note of Illinois professor’s firing

September 14, 2014
Letter to the editor: At this very moment, a crisis that has the potential to challenge the very meaning of academic freedom, shared governance and free-speech rights is embroiling the University of Illinois — and Ohio State had better take note. Over the last four weeks, more than 5,000 scholars across the country and the world have joined a boycott of Illinois. At least 15 Illinois academic departments have formally expressed their views that Chancellor Phyllis Wise is no longer fit to fulfill her professional duties because of her sudden and arbitrary decision to block the hiring of professor Steven Salaita from a tenured professorship in Illinois’ American Indian Studies… Read more

Opinion: Delaying school start times won’t prepare students for college, real world

September 12, 2014
The American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement last month recommending that middle schools and high schools delay the start of classes until 8:30 a.m. or later.  According to the group’s research, the AAP said teenagers need more sleep, and because of their sleep cycles, they can find it hard to get to sleep until 11 p.m. That means that with the 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours of sleep they need per night, they should not have to wake up until about 8 a.m.  Research shows that later start times for schools can prevent car crashes by up to 70 percent but right now only about 15 percent of… Read more

Opinion: 5 places to study at Ohio State besides the library

September 11, 2014
When I walked across the Ohio State campus for the first time as a student, one building clearly stood out. With William Oxley Thompson’s statue guarding the entrance, William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library made a lasting first impression. I assumed that would be the place where I would study for the next four years. Surprisingly, within a few short weeks, I came to realize Thompson was just one of a number of great places that offer just the right atmosphere to study on-campus. Here are my top five best places to study at OSU. 1. Browning Amphitheater  Make sure you take advantage of Browning Amphitheater by Mirror Lake before the… Read more

Editorial: New section name better reflects mission

September 8, 2014
LANTERN STAFF Whether you’re an avid or occasional reader of The Lantern, you might notice something different about this section today — its name. This page used to be called “Student Voice,” in a nod to the student commentaries and other opinion pieces that run here. But now, it’s the “Opinion” section. We feel this better reflects what the page has become: a place where faculty, staff, alumni, parents and, yes, students, can contribute their thoughts on what’s happening on campus and around the world. The section hasn’t been exclusively about students for a while, and it was time to make a change that reflects that. We want to hear… Read more

Opinion: Confront discomfort instead of running away

September 8, 2014
The point of acceptance, I’ve found, is not so much blatant and uninhibited understanding, but a willingness to learn. It’s rooted in the foundation that as human beings, we are always evolving our consciences to make ourselves better people. I attended an event Thursday at the Ohio Union. The guest speaker was Aamer Rahman, a comedian of Bangladeshi descent who was born and raised in Australia.  In his piece titled “The Truth Hurts,” he talked about hard economic, social and political constructs the world faces today with sharp wit and a cunning nature. There were very few moments where the room was not filled with an uproarious cackling, from myself… Read more

Letter to the editor: College athletes should get larger stipend

September 5, 2014
Letter to the editor: College sports are about to begin a new era. Recent court decisions have cleared the way for player unions and the potential of pay-for-play (Editor’s note: Pay-for-play commonly refers to paying student-athletes and treating them as employees). A coin toss could determine which way changes will go. If heads prevail, colleges will rectify wrongs created by onerous NCAA regulations. No athlete should ever go hungry practicing or attending class past dorm cafeteria hours. Money for laundry, dry cleaning and new clothes are genuine needs. While other students can earn spending money working summer and after-hours jobs, today’s athletes don’t have spare time, plus the NCAA strictly… Read more

Opinion: ISIS not representative of Islamic beliefs, teachings

September 4, 2014
From James Foley to Steven Sotloff, the tragic killings of both journalists by the militant group that calls itself the Islamic State and might be more widely known as ISIS, is not only alarming as an aspiring journalist, but also as a Muslim. As a Muslim, I take my religion seriously, and for an extremist group to taint the name of a beautiful religion for the sake of conveying a message is not only disturbing, but also hurtful.  The group claims to be justifying its atrocious acts of murder because it’s outraged over U.S. airstrikes targeting ISIS in Iraq. But one of the key concepts that ISIS is not grasping… Read more

Opinion: Studying abroad changes mindset about Columbus

September 1, 2014
If you’ve been at Ohio State for a year or two, there’s a decent chance that you’ve known someone who has studied abroad. There’s also a decent chance they’ve described the experience as “life-changing” or with some other grandiose epithet. Over six weeks this summer, I was lucky enough to take two classes in London. It was a brief experience, but it was life-changing. And not because of some great cultural learning I underwent — London is about as cosmopolitan as it gets, and not the kind of place that’s going to pull an American out of his or her comfort zone. The life-changing bit came from what I learned… Read more

Opinion: Accept an internship far from comfort zone

August 28, 2014
I said “yes” to accept an offer for a fellowship this summer nearly 2,000 miles away in Phoenix because there was no other answer to that question. At least there wasn’t for me.  At 21, the furthest west I’d been was Wisconsin. And that was mostly because the opportunity to travel never presented itself — I grew up in Ohio where there are great universities like Ohio State, and there’s no reason to pay out-of-state tuition. My family always vacationed on the East Coast, and my extended family dots the map in either Ohio or southern states. Growing up, the West never beckoned to my family, nor did it seem… Read more