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Opinion: American media show bias when it comes to Islam

October 30, 2014
Picture this: you receive a breaking news notification on your phone about a shooting that took place in Canada’s Parliament, and the first thought that comes into your head is “Please, God, do not let him be associated with Islam.” That was the first thought that came into my head.  Although the shooting triggered this thought for me, the tragic situation also had me wondering why American media outlets are such biased opportunists when it comes to Islam and Muslims? As soon as the shooter was identified as being remotely associated with Islam, the words “terror,” “Jihad,” “terrorist” came flashing on the television screen.  Please do not tell me these… Read more

Opinion: Studies about violent video games miss the point

October 26, 2014
We are conditioned to live in fear of those who play violent video games, and new studies keep coming from Ohio State’s Brad Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology, which agitate moral panic. Bushman’s newest study suggests playing a violent game in 3-D makes a player exhibit more aggressive behavior after playing than when they play the same game in standard 2-D. In this study, participants played a little bit of a violent game or a non-violent game and then went through a process to determine how aggressive they felt afterward. This might make sense with games like “Super Mario Bros.,” which can be understood in bite-size chunks, but… Read more

Letter to the editor: Jon Waters’ dismissal was warranted, overdue

October 26, 2014
Letter to the editor: Like the rest of the university, I want an end to this marching band scandal. But I want it without the reinstatement of Jon Waters. As an athletic band member, I, too, was upset at first by his seemingly unwarranted dismissal. But after reading Ohio State’s report, I discovered that his dismissal was, in reality, very warranted — and maybe well overdue. There were three reported instances of sexual assault on female members of the marching and athletic bands. In one case, Waters eventually decided to prohibit the alleged male offender from attending an event — an event where he gave the woman the same punishment… Read more

Opinion: Culture pushes generation to desire perfection

October 23, 2014
I had a hard time falling asleep Saturday night. As I lay in bed, I kept reciting various cost concepts for an accounting quiz I had to take Sunday. I convinced myself that any score earned below an A- would prove my deficiency in math.  The numbers and definitions, though, wove between the idiosyncrasies of the plot of “Gone Girl.” I have been listening to someone else read it to me via audiobook, because I feel the need to be up-to-date and informed on what is considered excellent, modern literature, but I have found it increasingly difficult to dedicate two-fifths of my senses and 85 percent of my brain power… Read more

Letter to the editor: OUAB should stop funding partisan events with student activity fee

October 23, 2014
Letter to the editor: As Ohio State’s College Republicans, we understand and respect that the university will bring speakers to campus whose viewpoints do not align with our own. Often those speakers are politicians, professors or other greats in their respective fields. These individuals provide an account of his or her own knowledge and create an environment of learning based on years of experience. Josh Fox is not one of these individuals. Who is Josh Fox? He is the environmental activist and documentarian responsible for “Gasland,” a film that seeks to discredit hydraulic fracturing practices (or “fracking”) through largely anecdotal evidence. It is Oscar nominated, yes, but there is no… Read more

Letter to the editor: People must be responsible for their own safety

October 19, 2014
Letter to the editor: The Lantern has been covering some pertinent stories on crime around OSU. However, it was editor Liz Young writing about the burglary of her apartment in the Sept. 28 Lantern that really got my attention, especially in how she wrapped it up: “I have an endless number of questions and I feel like none of them will be answered anytime soon. So for now, as the police told me, we just have to be extra careful. “Whatever that means.” Good point! What does it mean to be “extra careful”? I’ve read many a crime prevention handout echoing the sentiment: “Be alert.” A recent one I saw… Read more

Letter to the editor: USG forum fosters discussion about climate change

October 17, 2014
Letter to the editor: A few weeks ago, President Barack Obama challenged world leaders to take action immediately to address climate change. But what are we doing here in Columbus — at Ohio State?  It’s no secret that we have a strong commitment to sustainability. From initiatives, like “Out Green the Spartans” and making Ohio Stadium “Zero Waste,” to the construction of LEED-certified buildings on campus, sustainability-centered research and environmentally-focused courses, we try to go above and beyond the stereotypical green commitments. But the climate continues to change. We think we have an obligation to push further, and it has to start with greater collaboration across campus so we can… Read more

Opinion: US should monitor people who treat Ebola patients

October 16, 2014
A nurse flew from Cleveland to Dallas a day before she was isolated for Ebola, a few days after a patient she took care of died of Ebola and a day after one of her colleagues was tested positively for Ebola. She was in direct contact with a highly infective disease, and still flew around the U.S.  A few weeks ago, politicians were arguing on imposing travel bans on affected countries in West Africa. Why, in one of the medically most advanced countries, are people who had direct contact with Ebola during their work allowed to fly through the country during their incubation period? Wouldn’t it make some sort of… Read more

Opinion: STEP Expo was a useful experience

October 16, 2014
With midterm season in full swing, I will be the first to admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be adding anything else to my calendar — the Second-year Transformational Experience Program Expo included. The inaugural expo took place Tuesday from 1-3 p.m. and 4-6 p.m. in the Ohio Union Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom. Weeks ago, I chose the 4-6 p.m. slot. Fast forward to this week: not only did I have a dreaded four-class day, but I had a midterm to take and an essay to turn in for another class — and it was raining. I rushed over to the Union after class, umbrella in hand, not knowing what… Read more

Opinion: No one is safe on- or off-campus around Ohio State

October 13, 2014
I am just your average student. I live off campus in an apartment. I often spend weeknights at the library and weekend nights out around Columbus. And when I finish my homework or leave the party I’m at, I walk home.  Recently I took my usual walk down Pearl Street back to my apartment at about 7 p.m. As I reached the intersection of 17th Avenue and Pearl Street, a cop pulled up next to me and asked me to please be careful walking alone. I was thankful he stopped. I felt protected knowing that a higher authority, this police officer, was looking out for me.  However, when I really… Read more