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Opinion: Black Friday encroaching on Thanksgiving is a bummer

November 24, 2014
Last time I checked, Friday ­— just like any other day — lasts 24 hours: from midnight to 11:59 p.m. But each year, “Black Friday” sales start earlier and earlier, encroaching upon Thanksgiving — a time ideally spent reflecting upon life’s (unmaterialistic) blessings. Sales used to start at midnight, then a few started an hour or two earlier than that to get ahead of their competitors. Now it’s starting to cycle out of control. For instance, Macy’s and Kohl’s are set to open at 6 p.m. (at most locations) on Thanksgiving, according to their respective websites. Last year, their sales started at 8 p.m., according to an article from USA… Read more

Letter to the editor: Ohio State alumnus imprisoned in Egypt deserves more help

November 21, 2014
Letter to the editor: Mohamed Soltan will die soon. If no one with actual power moves to help him, he will die as a result of the last-ditch hunger strike he began in January. Soltan will starve to death, the victim of one government that has lost all respect for humanity, fair laws and justice, and another government that does not care to help one of its sons. Why is no one doing anything? Mohamed Soltan is an American citizen. Where is his country? He’s an OSU alumnus. Why aren’t other Buckeyes speaking up? In September, President Barack Obama met with Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. He was in a… Read more

Letter to the editor: No inappropriate dancing or drinking at marching band dance

November 20, 2014
Letter to the editor: I would like to voice my opinion about the so-called “sexualized culture” and “excessive use of alcohol” of the Ohio State Marching Band. As a former member of the Athletic Band, I’ve had a previous insight into the band culture. When the report initially came out, I was appalled at the accusations made toward this phenomenal group of people.    This past weekend, I was honored to attend the annual Band Dance. As a junior in college, I have attended many club social events and what I observed at this band event somewhat surprised me. Alcohol was not served, which has not been the case at any… Read more

Opinion: Visa policy changes help international students

November 20, 2014
When I woke up on Nov. 10, I opened my WeChat app. One of the first things I noticed was the new American visa policy for China. As an international student and also a Chinese woman, I know how important it is to me, both extending travel visas’ length from a month to 10 years with multiple entry, and student visas from lasting one year to lasting five. This summer, I helped my parents apply for a travel visa to come to the United States for my graduation ceremony.  It was easy, because I had already done it what felt like thousands of times for my F-1 student visa.  For… Read more

Opinion: Scottish haggis hurling a worthwhile cultural experience

November 16, 2014
Haggis is a traditional Scottish food, consisting of sheep heart, liver and lungs — encased into a sheep’s stomach. Despite my study abroad professor’s persistent persuading to get us all to try it while we were in Edinburgh, Scotland, this past May, I admittedly never did. I saw fellow classmates order the dish as an appetizer at a group dinner, but looking at it was enough for me. Good news, though: the Scottish don’t just eat this obscure food (obscure by U.S. standards that is — seriously, it’s illegal here because of the lung), they’ve made a sport out of it called haggis hurling. So, we did it. My study… Read more

Opinion: Magazines give girls a dream to become thin and beautiful

November 16, 2014
A recent Ohio State study found that fashion magazines keep attracting audiences, no matter how thin the models are in those magazines. When I read the study’s summary on OSU’s website, what first came to my mind was, “I am tired of someone saying this, even if the researcher is an admirable professor.”  As a girl living in a society that believes being thin is being beautiful, there seems to be no way we can get rid of the message. No matter how much we tell ourselves that thin is not a good thing and a normal-sized body is better, when we see a girl wearing a dress that we… Read more

Opinion: Going without cellphone, Internet for 24 hours worthwhile but difficult

November 13, 2014
It was 1,440 minutes. I went 1,440 minutes without a cellphone, Internet access, television or radio. That’s two seasons of the Netflix series House of Cards. In the time span that I went without a cellphone, Frank Underwood went from being a senator to ­— well, I won’t spoil the surprise. Sixty percent of college students said they might be addicted to their cellphones, according to a research study done by Baylor University. I am a part of that 60 percent. That same study said some students felt agitated when their phone was not in sight. I was agitated for 24 hours. Ninety-three percent of college students had cellphones as… Read more

Opinion: Father’s second deployment harder than first

November 13, 2014
This time it’s different. My dad was deployed once before — back when I was in fifth grade. It was right in the thick of Operation Iraqi Freedom. At the time, I wasn’t too concerned. Sure, it sucked that my dad was away. It sucked that he missed my birthday, missed Christmas. My biggest concern at the time was how he wouldn’t be there the weekends I came to visit my soon-to-be stepmom and stepbrother. I barely ever got to speak to him — that was mostly over the Internet, and I didn’t know how to use it yet. I was, at the time, shrouded in a mist of ignorant… Read more

Letter to the editor: Blackburn House’s demolition leads to nostalgia

November 13, 2014
Letter to the editor: I listlessly scrolled through my email inbox when this excerpt caught my eye: “Blackburn House demolition in the North Residential District is scheduled to begin Monday (11/10). Demolition will take place over the course of several days and will be carried out by heavy construction equipment. Please understand there may be additional noise and dust in the area during this time.” Nostalgia made me pause — this announcement was eminent, but still stung. I flashed back to moving in on Sept. 15, 2011, my freshman year. Blackburn was my first home in a jungle of diverse people, challenging classes and powerful memories. Since then, I’ve moved… Read more

Opinion: F-Bombs for Feminism video raises awareness in wrong way

November 9, 2014
F-Bombs For Feminism by clothing company FCKH8 — a video of little girls in princess costumes yelling profane words and talking about equal pay, rape and physical appearance to spread word about gender equality — has been the recent hype on Facebook. Many people are empowered by this video. They think that it is sending a great message — people care more about little girls swearing than they do about the female race being treated unequally in society. However, there’s never a time when it is acceptable for little girls to be swearing. I understand that they’re trying to prove it will upset viewers, but these girls are young and… Read more