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Letter to the editor: Former Ohio State Marching Band director Jonathan Waters entitled to a public hearing

July 30, 2014
Letter to the editor: My name is Mark Greenburg and I am the president of Tresóna Multimedia. Tresóna is the largest issuer of custom arrangement licenses on behalf of music publishers in the world. By virtue of the fact that everything the Ohio State Marching Band performs is performed without woodwinds, our firm issues the custom arrangement licenses that the band needs to legally arrange the music that the band plays and performs. These licenses are not compulsory and can be withheld by the music publishing industry for any reason, without cause or explanation. It is in this capacity that I have come to know former band director Jon Waters… Read more

Letter to the editor: Ohio State Marching Band supports its LGBT members

July 30, 2014
Letter to the editor: As a five-year member of the Ohio State Marching Band (2005-09), I have been deeply upset by the recent events. I am writing, not to only show support for Jon Waters, but to address the overall culture of the group. Jon has been one of the main driving forces of change and inclusion for the band. I feel so strongly about the marching band and Jon Waters that I feel the need to step out of my comfort zone to show my support. As most of my close friends know, the issues I wish to address are not something I bring up in conversation or when… Read more

Opinion: College traditions can become dangerous

July 30, 2014
When I first heard about the scandal surrounding the Ohio State Marching Band, or The Best Damn Band In The Land, I wasn’t surprised. I’ve known several band members during my time at OSU, and each of them has spoken with me independently about the crazy shenanigans that go on when no one is looking. It’s been common knowledge for a while that the band had its own social group and weird traditions. I’ve been told the nicknames can get on your nerves, and that the band’s traditions can be pretty stressful for new members. But at what point can traditions become dangerous? Where is the line that crosses from… Read more

Opinion: Students should avoid summer-term classes

July 30, 2014
Summer school. Say it. Say those two words. Summer school. Stretch out the “s” in a long serpentine sound. Summer school. It rhymes with separation, strangulation and sadism. It was this that I willfully disregarded upon enrolling in classes at Ohio State for summer term 2014. Now the summer final exams are coming in one week and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that these classes have been completely worth the strain. But I’ll never take summer classes again. I enrolled in four summer classes, hoping that it will let me graduate a semester early and get what every other out-of-state student at OSU wants: a… Read more

Letter to the editor: Ohio State officials acted unfairly in firing marching band director

July 27, 2014
Letter to the editor: While I do not officially represent the views of the Ohio State University Marching Band or the TBDBITL Alumni Club, I believe I can speak for a very large and unified group of  former band members and their families, friends and supporters that feel that officials from the Ohio State University have acted harshly, unfairly and without just cause in terminating its director, Jonathan Waters. Many of us personally know Jon Waters, and many of us happen to have been former band members who have spent time under Jon’s leadership as assistant and head director. We want to state loud and clear that, while we do… Read more

Opinion: The James’ hospital sign flashy, ugly

July 16, 2014
Thus far, my favorite summer matchup came weeks before Wimbledon and the World Cup began. Over here in the states, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel kindled a war of words with business mogul Donald Trump. The mayor’s office released a statement in early June stating that the cartoonish billionaire’s iconic “Trump” sign that brands his new, 90-something-story tower in the windy city is “architecturally tasteless” and, therefore, scars the “architecturally tasteful building.” Trump has (thankfully) yet to land his silver thimble on 18th and Neil in the giant Monopoly game that is his life, but that’s not to say OSU doesn’t have its fair share of towers. OSU’s Wexner Medical Center… Read more

Editorial: Print reduction won’t alter The Lantern’s mission

June 30, 2014
LANTERN STAFF Every school year brings new challenges and changes to Ohio State students and organizations, and this year will be no different for us at The Lantern. Our paper was printed at least four days per week last year, but this year, it will only print three times per week at most. That’s a big change for a lot of reasons — there will be fewer pages to lay out, fewer print deadlines to meet and fewer hard copies of our clips to save. But things will mostly stay the same. Our editorial staff will still be working the same days and roughly the same hours, though now, some… Read more

Editorial: Tuition changes mark unequal treatment of Ohio residents, nonresidents

June 10, 2014
LANTERN STAFF For the second year in a row, Ohio State has enacted a tuition freeze for in-state students. And for the second year in a row, OSU is bumping up charges for out-of-state students. Last week, the OSU Board of Trustees approved a plan that keeps tuition the same for in-state and graduate students for the 2014-15 academic year and increases the out-of-state surcharge by 5 percent. For the 2013-14 academic year, in-state tuition was set at $10,010, while out-of-state tuition was $25,726, according to the OSU tuition and fees website. The nonresident tuition surcharge, however, rose 2 percent. In the meantime, OSU hasn’t forgotten to preach its desire… Read more

Opinion: #YesAllWomen offers opportunity to confront inequalities

May 28, 2014
  After about an hour of scrolling through Twitter search results, I felt angry. I felt sad. Most of all, I felt empowered. I was looking at tweets with the hashtag #YesAllWomen. The hashtag was started after a shooting took place at University of California Santa Barbara on Friday that left seven people dead, including the suspected shooter, and several others injured. The suspect had posted a YouTube video about how he was a virgin and hated women for it, planning revenge via a mass killing. The #YesAllWomen hashtag is a response to his frankly sexist attitude, allowing women to voice what they want to say about the way they… Read more

Opinion: Facebook relationship ‘ask’ button is tacky, awkward

May 21, 2014
I do not change my relationship status on Facebook. This nugget of information is tucked away under my private settings. Facebook does not validate my relationships. I respect the option, especially for those in long-term relationships, but I have found it an unnecessary announcement for my own profile. Currently, Facebook offers 11 different relationship status choices, ranging from “single” to “it’s complicated.” But a new feature has been added for those who, like me, do not freely display their relationship: an “ask” button. A person’s Facebook friends can request his or her relationship status by clicking on the ask button on his or her Facebook timeline. After the button is… Read more