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Gossip royalty coming to OSU

April 20, 2010
Dorothy isn’t in Kansas anymore. Well, Perez Hilton isn’t in Los Angeles anymore, but Ohio State students aren’t going to mind because he will be right here in Columbus bringing the news to Buckeyes.He’ll talk about everything from multi-colored hair, partying with celebrities every day, living lavishly while dishing dirty secrets on celebrities and being Lady Gaga’s “BFF” to lecturing OSU students about embracing mistakes and of course, gossiping. According to the Los Angeles Times website, Hilton, formerly Mario Lavandeira, attended New York University for acting, but once “The Insider” proclaimed his blog was “Hollywood’s most-hated website,” his blogging career became a success. The self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” has… Read more

btw’s entertainment of the week: Celebrity resolutions

January 6, 2010
With the new year and the start of a new quarter there are undoubtedly a number of you who, like myself, have made a couple of resolutions. Mine is to learn how to drive in the snow. Being from California, I’ve never had to do such a thing, and if you’ve seen the weather lately, it hasn’t been an easy resolution to put off. So I got to thinking, what are our favorite celebrities doing for their New Year’s resolutions? Working out? Doubt it. They all already have personal trainers. Finding a job? Nope, they’re multi-millionaires. So here are my Top 5 celebrity resolutions, featuring four people that need to … Read more