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Letter to the editor: Ohio State officials acted unfairly in firing marching band director

July 27, 2014
Letter to the editor: While I do not officially represent the views of the Ohio State University Marching Band or the TBDBITL Alumni Club, I believe I can speak for a very large and unified group of  former band members and their families, friends and supporters that feel that officials from the Ohio State University have acted harshly, unfairly and without just cause in terminating its director, Jonathan Waters. Many of us personally know Jon Waters, and many of us happen to have been former band members who have spent time under Jon’s leadership as assistant and head director. We want to state loud and clear that, while we do… Read more

Letter to the editor: Ohio State students should support Chinese workers on strike

April 29, 2014
Letter to the editor:   In Dongguan, China, nearly 50,000 workers employed by Yue Yuen – the world’s largest athletic shoe manufacturer, which contracts with apparel giants such as Nike and Adidas – have been on strike for the last three weeks in the biggest work stoppage in modern Chinese history. The workers called the strike because they believe the company has been substantially underpaying their social security payments over the last two decades. It is estimated that Yue Yuen owes its workers millions of US dollars in back social security payments. Since workers in Dongguan have started the strike, Yue Yuen workers throughout China have also gone on strike… Read more

Letter to the editor: No clear solution to curbing costs of higher education

December 3, 2013
Letter to the editor:   Recently, Harvard announced that all students in the class of 2017 from families with a yearly income of less than $60,000 will pay nothing for their education. Around the same time, the state governments of New Jersey and Oregon announced they would be exploring new income-based tuition repayment plans in an effort to curb ever-rising costs. These developments aren’t as contradictory as they might seem — while college tuition is rising at an unprecedented rate, enrollment as a percentage of the population is also increasing, and Ivy League schools like Harvard continue to expand their endowments. American post-secondary education is beginning to look hierarchical —… Read more

Letter to the editor: Getting wristbands for Mirror Lake jump to make ‘going to the DMV seem like a trip to Cedar Point’

November 24, 2013
Letter to the editor:   I am not ignorant to the dangers associated with the Mirror Lake jump, including the potential legal liabilities Ohio State could face if something tragic happened. But unlike the administrators who passed the single-entrance wristband policy, I have jumped five times and know that these policies will create more inconveniences and dangers than they will prevent. First, the policy requires a valid BuckID to obtain a wristband. This excludes recent alumni and friends of OSU students from closely observing the festivities. What university officials do not realize is that these are the people who frequently hold the belongings of jumpers (e.g., keys, towels, etc.) and… Read more

Letter to the editor: USG unfairly denies funds for Ohio State Palestinian cultural event

November 5, 2013
Letter to the editor:   A few days ago, Students for Justice in Palestine received the news the Allocations Committee of Undergraduate Student Government would not fund their seminal event this year — A People with a Culture. It was set to feature performances by a stand-up comedian and a Palestinian dance group. SJP is a national organization, with branches at schools across the country. The official purpose of the organization at Ohio State is simply “raising awareness and educating the public on the Palestinian struggle for justice and self-determination.” Its events are open to the public, even specially designed to ensure accessibility. I first heard about the organization when… Read more

Letter to the editor: Economic divide in Cairo marked by corruption

November 5, 2013
Letter to the editor:   Growing up in a city like Cairo, one can easily see the rampant poverty that results from widespread corruption. Indeed, the inhumane conditions many have suffered through in Egypt for decades are probably the main cause of revolts, of upheavals, of necessary, and sometimes violent, protests that spiraled from the capital to the rest of the Middle East. The poverty is cruel, well-documented, and powerfully in your face. Unfortunately however, the flip side of corruption is much more subtle, yet almost just as tragic. At a very young age, I quietly realized that if you’re born poor in Cairo, you will die poor in Cairo.… Read more

Letter to the editor: Global warming threat evident in US weather patterns

November 3, 2013
Letter to the editor:   While news of the economy, the recent government shutdown and political frivolities abound, other issues — particularly those concerning the environment — are easily eclipsed by “more pressing” matters. With the recent release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2013 report, the need to change this apathetic mentality grows increasingly clear: global warming is real, it is perpetuated by man, and its effects have and will continue to worsen. Flooding in Colorado, Hurricaine Sandy on the East Coast, record-setting heat waves here in Ohio — while many citizens are likely cognizant of these climatic events, they might not liken them to global warming. The… Read more

Letter to the editor: Language immersion a worthy study abroad experience

October 29, 2013
Letter to the editor:   Although famous for his signature bow tie and occasional practice of dropping in on student keggers, what former Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee is less known for (but for which he deserves no less recognition) is his expressed desire that all incoming OSU students possess a passport. While this was never made an admissions requirement, OSU in recent years has made substantial progress in showing it recognizes the value of the passport as the “driver’s license of the 21st century.” From Global Gateways in China, India and Brazil, to month-long Maymester programs in places as far-flung as Uganda and Hungary, many students have been… Read more

Letter to the editor: Columbus City Schools levy an education ‘reform’

October 22, 2013
Letter to the editor:   I can remember as a student at Bryan City Schools in Bryan, Ohio, when my parents put up signs in our yard supporting the school levies. No one likes budget cuts in schools, and a failed levy often meant school programs being cut, such as art, music or sports. As a member of Students for Education Reform at Ohio State University, I am concerned about the state of Columbus City Schools and I understand how important it is that all schools are funded in a way that gives every student the opportunity to obtain an excellent education. When it comes to the Columbus City Schools… Read more

Letter to the editor: US should consider investing in national infrastructure

October 22, 2013
Letter to the editor:   In their annual report released earlier this year, The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the United States’ infrastructure a D+ rating . The United States, a country once known for its world-class infrastructure, is now trending toward the bottom of the developed world. Many of our competitors are upgrading their nation’s capital stock every year — particularly China — by adding high-speed rail, upgraded information systems and new roads. So why aren’t we? Especially considering all the new technology the U.S. has invented over the past 20 years, why isn’t it being used to upgrade our nation’s capital stock? Why aren’t we building high-speed… Read more