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Risk of sexual assault increases in certain time frames, environments

September 29, 2014
The beginning of a college student’s first semester, known as the “red zone,” is recognized across college campuses as a time when female students might be at an increased risk of becoming a victim to sexual assault. But there might be other periods of risk that are not covered within the red zone time frame that stretches from the first day on campus until Thanksgiving break, said Bill Flack, an associate professor of psychology at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. Since 2007, Flack has been conducting annual surveys on college campus sexual assault. “All campuses should be doing climate surveys,” he said. “Not that local numbers are perfect, but they are… Read more

Formal wear and big hair: Grad designs bow ties with style, has Plenty O’ Smiles

September 28, 2014
Boy or girl, Alex Copeland has found ways to make the city of Columbus smile. Since graduating from Ohio State in 2013, he’s become a consistent fixture in drag shows around the city and said his female persona, Plenty O’ Smiles, gives him a chance to show a different side. “One of the things on my bucket list was community theater, and I count drag as community theater,” he said. “I say this because you’re putting on a mask and you’re playing a different character, but it’s even better because you’re not just doing one show. It’s an ongoing performance where I constantly play the same role, which I think… Read more

Icy ladies seek revenge, hire hitmen in ‘raw’ Ohio State production ‘The Norwegians’

September 28, 2014
There’s a saying that warns about leaving a woman scorned, and in the Ohio State Department of Theatre’s upcoming production of “The Norwegians,” two women have it out for their exes in a hilarious way. Written by C. Denby Swanson, the play follows two women who hire Norwegian hitmen to take care of their ex-boyfriends. “It’s about two women who have both recently moved to Minnesota, and they kind of find each other, and they’ve gone through some heartache, so they decide to hire some very nice hitmen to take care of their ex-boyfriends,” said assistant director and graduate student Shelby Brewster. Brewster also served as the play’s dramaturg, who… Read more

Costume shop puts campus in Halloween spirit

September 28, 2014
If you haven’t thought about what ghoul, celebrity or humourous pun will inspire your Halloween costume, there’s no need to fear. A new store near campus, Spirit Halloween, carries a large number of items including costumes, accessories, decorations and games dedicated to the holiday.  The company is owned by Spencer’s, a mall retailer known for its gag gifts and clothing. Spencer’s has been opening the Halloween-themed stores for 31 years, according to Spirit’s website, and setting up shop in normally vacant buildings. “Business has been great so far,” said Amanda Flowers, store manager of the campus Spirit Halloween. “We have been steady each day from open to close.” Spirit opened… Read more

Man robbed at knife point in broad daylight

September 27, 2014
A man was robbed at knife point in broad daylight near North High Street and Chittenden Avenue Friday afternoon, according to a Columbus Division of Police web report. The 18-year-old victim told police that as he was walking, the robber came up from behind him and displayed a knife before demanding his property, the report states. The robber then told the victim to get on a bus and leave the area, so the victim did. When the victim got off the bus, he called the police. The report states the suspect left in the opposite direction of the victim, heading southbound on North High Street. The suspect got away with… Read more

Jonathan Waters to sue Ohio State

September 26, 2014
Ousted Ohio State Marching Band director Jonathan Waters is set to file a lawsuit Friday against individuals and the university, according to a release from Waters’ lawyer. The firm representing Waters — Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick LLP — will hold a press conference with Waters, his attorney David Axelrod and former OSU marching band director Paul Droste Friday afternoon to discuss the lawsuit. Transcripts from an audio recording with President Michael Drake and what he said to current marching band members about today’s band culture will also be shared, the release said. Former Ohio Attorney General and Chancellor of the Board of Regents, Jim Petro, has signed onto Waters’ legal… Read more

Fewer arrests for drinking violations on campus

September 26, 2014
Students are either drinking less alcohol on campus or are doing a better job at hiding it. Data from the 2013 annual campus security report and annual fire safety report — the most recent one — show that fewer students were arrested or received disciplinary referrals for illegally having alcohol at Ohio State. The most recent year with compiled data, 2012, showed 172 people were arrested on campus for alcohol law violations. Three were inside residence halls, according to the report. The same year, 1,917 people received disciplinary referrals on campus related to alcohol law violations, 1,891 of which took place in residence halls. Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said… Read more

Each Ohio State football gameday brings in about $7.15M

September 26, 2014
With room for nearly 108,000 people, Ohio Stadium brings in fans by the groves on gameday, and it also brings in their money — about $7.15 million to be exact, an athletic department spokesman said. That money, which is raked in via ticket sales, concessions and parking, has an impact on Columbus’s economy as well, some experts say. Athletic department spokesman Dan Wallenberg said each home game brings in roughly $6.5 million from ticket sales for tickets priced at $79. All individual game tickets are $79 with exception of premium games, according to an OSU website. Earlier this year, OSU expanded Ohio Stadium’s seating by 2,500 seats, making it the… Read more

Potatoes unite for posterity: $55K Kickstarter campaign finally goes from spud to salad

September 26, 2014
Zack Brown was only joking around when he asked for $10 on Kickstarter to make a potato salad. He didn’t expect his fundraiser to go viral and get backed by people around the world. Starting off as a joke between his colleagues at Base Two ­­­— a web development company he co-founded ­­— Brown turned something silly into something serious.  “The idea of a Kickstarter for a potato salad, I mean, I was crying out laughing so hard when we were first talking about it,” he said. “Kickstarter provided a platform for this joke.” In 15 minutes, Brown created the Kickstarter that went viral and received national news coverage. “By… Read more

Carnival kicks off $1M BuckeyeThon fundraising campaign

September 26, 2014
Ohio State’s 24-hour dance marathon benefitting children will kick off fundraising efforts this weekend with nothing short of a kid’s idea of fun. BuckeyeThon is set to host its carnival-style event, dubbed “CarnOval,” on Friday from 4-8 p.m. on the South Oval. All proceeds from the sale of wristbands will be going to the Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, said BuckeyeThon President Jim O’Brien, who is a fourth-year in biology. Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said this was the first year for CarnOval. He was unable to provide a cost for the event. Wristbands can be purchsed for $7 and give access to two… Read more