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Concert review: Joy found in Boston’s Columbus performance

August 21, 2014
Concertgoers did not run through the opened gates for Wednesday’s Boston concert at the LC Pavilion. Instead, they walked ­— nonchalantly — as if remembering a similar concert from another time. I was easily outnumbered by baby boomers who proudly wore vintage Boston T-shirts and chain necklaces or nearly-worn-through tie-dye. But this isn’t the ’70s anymore, when the rock ‘n’ roll band started. Once-young faces were aged next to mother-daughter, father-son pairs. Guitarist Scotty Bratcher opened the show with a 45-minute set that boasted guitar solos and long intros. I drowned in the long instrumentals and blues-inspired chord progressions. The humid air that had crawled on my skin all day… Read more

Ohio State Marching Band members show optimism in wake of band scandal

August 20, 2014
Nearly a month after former Ohio State Marching Band director Jonathan Waters was fired amid a wave of controversy, some band members and one interim director have said they expect the band to persevere with or without Waters. “There are going to be challenges, (Waters) was a friend, but we have a great staff to support us, and we have a duty to be the best damn band in the land, and we’re still going to have great shows,” said David Pettit, a fifth-year piano performance major and the marching band’s drum major. Waters was fired July 24 after a two-month OSU investigation into a complaint from a band member’s… Read more

Gallery: Passenger plays at Newport Music Hall

August 20, 2014
Passenger performs for a crowd at Newport Music Hall on Aug. 19. The artist’s most successful single, “Let Her Go,” peaked at No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard “Hot 100” chart early in the year.… Read more

Crime brief: Criminal mischief reported at Ohio State construction site

August 19, 2014
An assistant hall director of a North Campus residence hall reported criminal mischief after two men acted suspiciously at a construction site. The hall director saw the two men sitting in a piece of machinery last Thursday at about 1 a.m. and asked them if they were construction workers. The men said they were but didn’t provide any identification and quickly left the site with two other people who had been playing basketball nearby, according to a University Police report. When an officer arrived at the scene, she found that three vehicles had been entered. Two of the vehicles had lights on or doors open, and the third had paperwork… Read more

Jonathan Waters won’t get his job back, says Ohio State president

August 13, 2014
Former Ohio State Marching Band director Jonathan Waters will not get his job back, President Michael Drake said Wednesday. “We thought carefully about this decision and the decision that we made was that we needed to have a change in leadership to be able to change the (marching band’s) culture,” Drake said to a lunch gathering of the Columbus Metropolitan Club. “We are the best, or among the very best universities in the world, that’s why Brenda (Drake) and I came here,” Drake said. “We have to behave like the very best university in the world.” Drake spoke publicly for the first time since firing Waters for about 10 minutes… Read more

Mirror Lake set to fill as sustainability makeover continues

August 12, 2014
Ohio State’s iconic Mirror Lake is one step closer to being fully functional again following a makeover aimed to improve its sustainability. The OSU landmark is set to refill Wednesday morning with water from an underground well and will be completely full in about eight days, an OSU spokeswoman said in an email to The Lantern Tuesday. The lake was drained in November to allow for work on a sustainability study that aimed to prevent water loss due to leaks in the lake’s structure. The study also addressed maintenance issues related to deterioration of the lake’s walls as well as determine if groundwater is a viable option to keep the… Read more

Pelotonia ‘14 to have record number of riders

August 7, 2014
This weekend, thousands of spoked wheels will take to the pavement as a group of bicycle riders pedal closer to their “One Goal” of eradicating cancer. Pelotonia, Ohio State’s annual grassroots fundraising bike ride, is slated to kick off Friday night at the event’s Opening Ceremony in Columbus. A record number of people are set to ride this year, a spokeswoman for the event said. It will last through Sunday. As of Friday afternoon, more than 7,000 people registered as riders or virtual riders according to a live tracker on Pelotonia’s website. A virtual rider is someone who fundraises but doesn’t ride. Last year, approximately 6,723 people registered, Pelotonia spokeswoman… Read more

Waters speaks: Appears on ‘Today,’ ‘Good Morning America’

August 5, 2014
Ousted Ohio State Marching Band director Jonathan Waters broke his silence following his termination in late July after appearing on two national television shows Tuesday morning. He ultimately said he’d like his job back. “I love Ohio State and I would love an opportunity to work with the university to improve the culture,”  Waters said during a live interview on “Today” when asked if he would seek reinstatement. Waters said the investigation that ultimately lead to his firing was one-sided and inaccurately portrayed the culture of the band during a pre-recorded interview with “Good Morning America.” “The fact that this report makes that the culture is some type of ‘Animal… Read more

Ohio State Planetarium gets new director

July 31, 2014
Ohio State has a new director of its planetarium. Wayne Schlingman was announced to fill the role in a Wednesday release on an OSU website. He was hired as the planetarium’s first official director on July 14, OSU spokeswoman Amy Murray said in an email. His annual salary is set to be $68,004. He will replace Catherine Grier, who was hired as a postdoctoral researcher and planetarium director until a permanent search could begin following the completion of a major renovation in October 2013, Murray said. Her salary was $49,008. Before coming to OSU, Schlingman worked at the Center for Astronomy Education at the University of Arizona where he researched… Read more