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Drive for community takes over chicken restaurant

February 1, 2015
At a team meeting Saturday morning before Hot Chicken Takeover opened its doors, the restaurant announced it had 709 pieces of chicken to sell that day. It sold out in four hours. That’s one piece of chicken sold about every 20 seconds. “Shut up and make chicken!” staff cheered before breaking and going to work. Hot Chicken Takeover has resided on the second floor of North Market since mid-December. Before then, it initially started in April in what owner Joe DeLoss described as “a tiny chicken window” in Olde Towne East. But Hot Chicken Takeover’s roots lie south. During a visit to Nashville with his wife, DeLoss said he was… Read more

Condado Tacos giving Columbus a test

November 17, 2014
If one wants to determine if a restaurant can thrive in cities across the country, Condado Tacos owner Joe Kahn thinks establishing it in Columbus will give the answer. His build-your-own taco restaurant is opening this month in the Short North at 1227 N. High St. Although this is the first Condado Tacos, the restaurant’s concept isn’t brand new, Kahn said. In Cleveland, Kahn was co-creator of Barrio, a taco restaurant he described as nearly identical to what he has in store for Condado. Kahn ended up selling his portion of the business and ventured to Columbus to begin his own project. “Same concept, different name,” he said. “In Spanish,… Read more

Rocket Fizz to make Short North sweeter

November 13, 2014
If Coca-Cola and Pepsi are too vanilla for your taste, perhaps the syrupy carbonation of “Martian poop soda” will strike your fancy. Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop is set to open its doors in the Short North this December, offering a large selection of treats in some unusual flavors, such as the aforementioned soda imagined from extraterrestrial feces. Lyndsay Maher, owner of the soon-to-open Short North location, said the store will house more than 500 different flavors of bottled soda and over 2,000 types of imported and domestic candies.  Rocket Fizz is a California-based retail store franchisor that sells its own line of different flavored sodas along with… Read more

Restaurant review: Short North’s The Table offers inventive, diverse menu

October 30, 2014
A heaping portion of Mystery Meat à la carte, a splash of Special Sauce atop a bed of — is that lettuce? Rice? Such is the menu — an eerily tasty blur of mysterious mediocrity — at myriad campus operations. But never fear: If you care about what you’re ingesting, a number of nearby off-campus venues serve up fresh, farm-to-table fare. One such venue? The Table. Driven by the mantra “Fork responsibly,” a commitment to local and environmentally conscious sourcing, this surprising and simple Short North venue serves up high quality food in an intimate, refreshing environment. Situated at 21 E. Fifth Ave., it’s just a quick bus ride down… Read more

Opinion: Hubbub over use of B-word seems somewhat absurd

October 9, 2014
Editor’s note: This article contains expletives. “Bitches, get your fierce on.”  It was a phrase I read on a half-page ad featured in the latest issue of Outlook magazine, a Columbus publication with a heavy lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender focus. The advertisement was put out by the Short North Alliance in order to draw attention for the annual HighBall Halloween festival, a Short North tradition.  While seeing the word “bitches” splattered across a glossy magazine page certainly grabbed my attention, I didn’t find it alarming or offensive. In fact, the advertisement was indisputably referring to me (the reader) as a bitch, and I was perfectly OK with it. I… Read more

Short North art exhibition aims to subvert the meaning of material

October 2, 2014
Materialism is an oft criticized ideal in the art world, where many artists work to convey an abstract aesthetic. But for two artists whose work is on display at ROY G BIV Gallery, the material has become their muse. Crystal Gregory, an artist based in Brooklyn, N.Y., is one of those artists and takes inspiration from inverting the meanings and stereotypes of today’s society. With material as a key focus, her work delves into the meanings and roles pressed into material by culture. “Material is very important to me. I use material as vocabulary to explore social norms. My interests have been in the commonness and everyday-ness of the materials… Read more

Printmaking, collage collaborate in ‘New Works’ at the Faculty Club

September 25, 2014
This isn’t the first time alumna Maria Alejandra Zanetta’s art has been a centerpiece in an Ohio State exhibition, although her only other appearance was made 25 years ago. Zanetta, now a professor of Spanish literature and culture at the University of Akron, was one of the first students to be shown in the old Ohio Union’s art gallery Spaces in 1989. Now, her new artwork can be found anew in a current exhibit at the OSU Faculty Club. “I remember it was a big deal for me as a student to exhibit there, and now it is kind of full circle,” Zanetta said. “My works on display now are… Read more

Ohio State football alum tackles shoe, streetwear business

June 4, 2014
Dionte Johnson had dreams of becoming a professional athlete like many who have come through Ohio State’s football program. Instead, he found himself in another field. Johnson, a former OSU fullback who played from 2004 to 2007, owns streetwear store Sole Classics, located at 846 N. High St. in the Short North. After graduation, where he received a degree in marketing in 2008, Johnson attended the Arizona Cardinals’ training camp as a rookie in the NFL but was waived before the season began because of an ankle injury. He realized he needed to begin transitioning away from the game he loved. “(I) ended up getting hurt in camp my first… Read more

Native Cold Pressed provides healthy juice options in Short North

April 10, 2014
Two Columbus natives are attempting to bring a healthful option to the Short North in the form of raw and organic juice. Native Cold Pressed juice bar opened in the Short North in early February by Nicole Salvo and Erin Thacker. “We wanted to bring a healthy, to-go, pick-up product that was raw and organic to the Short North area because it wasn’t here,” Salvo said. Thacker took her experience in the Columbus area opening restaurants and bars and channeled it toward the pair’s new goal of bringing a market for cold pressed juice to the area. “We are both deep into yoga practice and work a lot with intention… Read more

Substance shuts shop in Short North

April 2, 2014
Amid the rows of boutiques and specialty shops in the Short North sits Substance, a clothing store for women and what some local shop owners and workers called a model for shops and workers in the community. It was announced Monday that Substance, one of the longest-standing retail shops in the Short North, is set to close in June as the owner, Christina Getachew, is moving to South Carolina because her husband was offered a job there. Her second store in Cincinnati is also slated to close. “We are a real pillar of the shopping community here,” said Dylan Telerski, copywriter for the store. “This isn’t a decision I’ve come… Read more