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Opinion: Hubbub over use of B-word seems somewhat absurd

October 9, 2014
Editor’s note: This article contains expletives. “Bitches, get your fierce on.”  It was a phrase I read on a half-page ad featured in the latest issue of Outlook magazine, a Columbus publication with a heavy lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender focus. The advertisement was put out by the Short North Alliance in order to draw attention for the annual HighBall Halloween festival, a Short North tradition.  While seeing the word “bitches” splattered across a glossy magazine page certainly grabbed my attention, I didn’t find it alarming or offensive. In fact, the advertisement was indisputably referring to me (the reader) as a bitch, and I was perfectly OK with it. I… Read more

Short North art exhibition aims to subvert the meaning of material

October 2, 2014
Materialism is an oft criticized ideal in the art world, where many artists work to convey an abstract aesthetic. But for two artists whose work is on display at ROY G BIV Gallery, the material has become their muse. Crystal Gregory, an artist based in Brooklyn, N.Y., is one of those artists and takes inspiration from inverting the meanings and stereotypes of today’s society. With material as a key focus, her work delves into the meanings and roles pressed into material by culture. “Material is very important to me. I use material as vocabulary to explore social norms. My interests have been in the commonness and everyday-ness of the materials… Read more

Printmaking, collage collaborate in ‘New Works’ at the Faculty Club

September 25, 2014
This isn’t the first time alumna Maria Alejandra Zanetta’s art has been a centerpiece in an Ohio State exhibition, although her only other appearance was made 25 years ago. Zanetta, now a professor of Spanish literature and culture at the University of Akron, was one of the first students to be shown in the old Ohio Union’s art gallery Spaces in 1989. Now, her new artwork can be found anew in a current exhibit at the OSU Faculty Club. “I remember it was a big deal for me as a student to exhibit there, and now it is kind of full circle,” Zanetta said. “My works on display now are… Read more

Ohio State football alum tackles shoe, streetwear business

June 4, 2014
Dionte Johnson had dreams of becoming a professional athlete like many who have come through Ohio State’s football program. Instead, he found himself in another field. Johnson, a former OSU fullback who played from 2004 to 2007, owns streetwear store Sole Classics, located at 846 N. High St. in the Short North. After graduation, where he received a degree in marketing in 2008, Johnson attended the Arizona Cardinals’ training camp as a rookie in the NFL but was waived before the season began because of an ankle injury. He realized he needed to begin transitioning away from the game he loved. “(I) ended up getting hurt in camp my first… Read more

Native Cold Pressed provides healthy juice options in Short North

April 10, 2014
Two Columbus natives are attempting to bring a healthful option to the Short North in the form of raw and organic juice. Native Cold Pressed juice bar opened in the Short North in early February by Nicole Salvo and Erin Thacker. “We wanted to bring a healthy, to-go, pick-up product that was raw and organic to the Short North area because it wasn’t here,” Salvo said. Thacker took her experience in the Columbus area opening restaurants and bars and channeled it toward the pair’s new goal of bringing a market for cold pressed juice to the area. “We are both deep into yoga practice and work a lot with intention… Read more

Substance shuts shop in Short North

April 2, 2014
Amid the rows of boutiques and specialty shops in the Short North sits Substance, a clothing store for women and what some local shop owners and workers called a model for shops and workers in the community. It was announced Monday that Substance, one of the longest-standing retail shops in the Short North, is set to close in June as the owner, Christina Getachew, is moving to South Carolina because her husband was offered a job there. Her second store in Cincinnati is also slated to close. “We are a real pillar of the shopping community here,” said Dylan Telerski, copywriter for the store. “This isn’t a decision I’ve come… Read more

Restaurant review: Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse worth posh atmosphere, steep prices

March 6, 2014
Walking into Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse in the southernmost part of the Short North, I didn’t know what to expect. From what I had been told, Hyde Park was notoriously posh and pricey, but well worth every penny in the end. After passing through the doors, it was evident there were two parts of the restaurant — equally nice, but clearly divided and for two different purposes. For our purposes — my father and brother were taking me out for my 21st birthday — the bar-type area might have been more appropriate, but the restaurant was relatively quiet, so we opted for the dining area filled with comfy booths and… Read more

Short North report speaks to an economy ‘bouncing back’

March 6, 2014
Even with having to say goodbye to some businesses, 2013 proved to be a year that added diversity to the Short North business community. The Short North Alliance gained 20 new businesses and lost nine businesses during 2013, with additions ranging from restaurants such as Melt to thrift shops such as Out of the Closet, according to the annual report available on its website. The Short North Alliance is a nonprofit aimed at promoting the Short North neighborhood and supporting business development in the area, according to its website. Betsy Pandora, executive director of the Short North Alliance, said the businesses coming into the Short North were a mix of… Read more

New selection of murals illustrate streets of Short North

February 27, 2014
A woman’s face stares stoically out into the distance, the lines of the bricks on which she is printed barely wrinkling the image of her fair skin. A few blocks down, the glistening blue waters of a koi pond stylized to resemble stained glasswork seem to trickle down onto the pavement. These pieces of public art are only two of the temporary murals installed in the Short North Arts District last week. The sides of 11 privately-owned Short North buildings serve as the canvases on which the works of selected artists are displayed. The public art project, titled “Viewpoints: Murals by Young Professional Working Artists,” is an exhibition organized by… Read more

Review: Columbus has much to offer in brunch spots

February 20, 2014
“Breakfast: the most important meal of the day.” Such is the mantra of anxious mothers everywhere, the call-to-arms of spatula-wielding, toaster-toting fanatics. And yet breakfast, though certainly divine in its own right, is somehow bolstered, somehow tastier when paired with lunch — the ingenious hybrid: brunch. That said, some brunch-loving students might be unaware of the variety of Columbus venues — be they near campus, in the Short North or even downtown — serving up this unmatched meal. I took a look at several venues known for their brunch: Mozart’s Piano Café and Bakery in Clintonville, DK Diner in Grandview and Tasi in the Short North. Mozart’s Bakery and Piano… Read more